Three Days in Norway at an End; Now onto London

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My three days in Norway are at an end. This is my third time to Norway since March, and the previous two times have been flying visits - in and out of the country in under 24 hours each time. It was a privilege to share my learning and experience, and to assist the client in both capability building and developing their user adoption approach. It's been great to be here.

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Europe Tour: SharePoint Roadmap Masterclasses (Norway with EDB, Sweden with Acando, Denmark with IntraTeam)

Michael Sampson - Currents

I am presenting the SharePoint Roadmap Public Masterclass in three countries: - Norway, in Bergen, with EDB Consulting Group , on October 6. Remember, the masterclass is not about teaching features of SharePoint; it’s about exploring the right approaches of planning and governance to make SharePoint a success inside your organization. I leave for Europe next Friday. for two weeks of presenting workshops, speaking at conferences, and hosting masterclasses.

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Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

and it was ringing away as we approached. The Scandinavians from Denmark, Sweden and Norway are excellent, as are students from Hong Kong. Many of us who travel come home with memory cards full of travel pics. The majority will show the places that we have been to.

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The HBR List 2009 - How Social Networks Network Best

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Bees, like human beings, are social animals,and evolution has provided them with elegant approaches to group decision making.

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