The five most fabulous Moodle 2.0 features

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Moodle is now well into its second generation, with Moodle 2.2 For anyone still hanging onto a first generation Moodle (version 1.9 seems popular), it is well worth considering an upgrade to Moodle 2. New themes in Moodle 2.0 What version of Moodle are you using?

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How to get the Moodle motor started?

I collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate

Our experiences with Moodle in a learning trajectory on Capacity Development In the past six months we (PSO) experimented with Moodle, an online learning- and working environment we used in an action learning trajectory on ‘The how and what of capacity development’. The approach to action learning we adopt assumes that the participants remain responsible for their own learning and for developing answers to their own organisational questions in between sessions.

How our learning theories shape how we use technology for learning

Joitske Hulsebosch

The knowledge skills and attitude distinction is also used within this approach. In addition, online learning based on a cognitivist approach is focused on a learner’s working memory and sensory system.

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(Microlearning) tool of the month: Guidiance

Joitske Hulsebosch

Personally, I use the word microlearning as a didactic approach, I hear that many people also use 'microlearnings' as a noun, then it's about the content, the bite-sized chunks. For instance, using a newsletter by mail and Moodle.

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What can you learn from a chatbot?

Joitske Hulsebosch

From a performance approach chatbots are very suitable for just-in-time support, such as help in dealing with a new tool. Or "MOODLE chatbot". I have my office on the first floor of our house and therefore I use a Wifi homeplug to strengthen the WiFi signal from the groundfloor.

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#fslt12 MOOC – first reflections

Jenny Connected

I hadn’t realized that despite the ‘hands off’ approach that they appear to adopt, quite how much hard work goes on behind the scenes. Tomorrow we have our first Review Meeting – we being the team – about the FSLT12 MOOC experience. There is every intention to run the MOOC again next year.

First Steps to Planning a MOOC

Jenny Connected

who want to move into HE/FE, Educational Developers who want to know more about Oxford Brookes University’s approach/resources. We think we will use Brookes’ Moodle site. We started planning for this MOOC last week – I blogged about it here – [link]. There has already been a lot written about planning and running a MOOC. Stephen Downes has written a lot of blog posts about this and done many presentations. (See See for example, [link] ; [link] and [link] ).

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FSLT13 Reflections on teaching

Jenny Connected

My current approach to ‘teaching’, if you can call it that, is a strong belief in learner autonomy and negotiated meaning and a belief that learning is emergent and cannot be controlled by the teacher whether or not it is prescribed.

Finding the perfect learning platform in 5 steps

Joitske Hulsebosch

The shortlist that I currently have for tools that are relatively easy to implement are Elgg, Moodle, Ning, Drupal, Bloom Fire, Buddy Press for wordpress, and Social Engine.

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#PLENK2010 The relevance of learning theories

Jenny Connected

The Moodle discussion forums have been much quieter – but perhaps this is because it is Week 4 of the course. This cognitivist approach also helps children who get the answer wrong – as they begin to examine their own thinking. As a science teacher (in the past) I was always interested in the constructivist approach to teaching and learning. This approach, for me, acknowledged that learners have prior experiences which influence how they think about new learning experiences.

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Getting used to online interfaces | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Maria Jorge – Friday, 5 September 2008, 03:57 AM Hi all, I think this second time (I participated already in the first KS) I am more excited about interacting with people and benefit from their experiences… I also want to browse through the moodle and learn a few extra tools.

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New ways of learning about the new Africa- an online interactive learning trajectory

Joitske Hulsebosch

An individual learning approach was not favored and besides, current developments and policy issues are changing constantly, think of the fact that we have a new government in the Netherlands.

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#Change11- Half way point reflections

Jenny Connected

I realize that I am all the time slowly learning more about how to participate in MOOCs and each time I approach it a bit differently. That very same group has now approached me to work with them on designing a course on MOOC principles. Well it’s time to take stock a bit – not the ideal time – with Xmas looming and everything that entails and needs thinking about – mostly food. Every year I cannot believe how much food is consumed.

Reflective Learning and the Glass Half Empty

Jenny Connected

I may not actually do this activity but it’s interesting to think about how I might approach it if I did? I have been told twice, very recently, and quite often in the past – that I am a glass half empty person.

Various ways to use social media as a facilitator or trainer

Joitske Hulsebosch

Hybrid learning trajectory : You work for a long time with a group of project managers and have an online learning platform (Ning, Moodle, Elgg) designed to promote learning in between the face-to-face sessions.

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CCK11 Learner autonomy

Jenny Connected

Past courses have had Moodle discussion forums – but this course is taking a true distributed learning approach.

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#PLENK2010 Curation and Balance

Jenny Connected

End of Week 1 Notes (based on listening to the recordings of the two live sessions, having read a couple of references from the list and commented here – having kept an eye on the Daily and Twitter stream – and popped in on the Moodle forums – but not read much). This for me is getting at what we need to be thinking about, if we are considering introducing this approach to learning in more traditional settings.

Reflecting on #socialartists and #change11

Nancy White

There are some quasi-centralized discussion outposts on Facebook, Google+ and Moodle, but most of the action seems to be on blog posts/comments and Twitter. I think this approach (using such graphical tools) is excellent for the participants.

Teachers talk too much

Jenny Connected

George stated that he wanted a less didactic style for the CCK08 ‘course’ where he and Stephen would become less prominent as the course progressed - but this ‘hands off’ approach isn’t something that just happens. The CCK08 round up was an interesting meeting. It seems like it was held at a difficult time for some and clashed with their teaching commitments, so a few familiar faces were not present. There was quite a lot of talk about assessment.

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Help! Testing a network mapping exercise | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I’ve altered the instructions here so we can do it right in the blog, but it will actually be done inside a Moodle installation. Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Mar 17 2008 Help!

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How I use social media

Nancy White

The history approach also shows that while the term “social media&# was not in play when I jumped in, the social use of online media has been growing for many years - well before my online time.

How I use social media | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

The history approach also shows that while the term “social media&# was not in play when I jumped in, the social use of online media has been growing for many years – well before my online time.