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First, here is the debate, in which I oppose the motion: Tweeting is for the birds, not for language learning. The process approach to writing was supported by blogging groups and/or blogging ´buddies’ working in pairs for feedback, editing and redrafting.

Improve Your SEO with Darwin Ecosystem’s Keyword Memes™ Drawn From Tweets

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The Darwin’s organic temporal curation engine improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking by including in real-time collections of correlated tags (Keyword Memes) from current tweets -- You have seen them in action on our  and sites.

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Tweet Jam 2012: The State of the SharePoint Community

Portals and KM

Yesterday I sat in on the Tweet Jam 2012: The State of the SharePoint Community (#SPJam) hosted by Mark Fidelman (, It was sponsored by Mark asked a question and everyone responded with the question identifier such as Q1 in the tweet. Here are the first four questions and what I thought were some of the more useful tweets. I thought that this was one of the better tweet sessions I have attended.

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Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence


Mind you though perhaps on that same context of being a road warrior I will probably be focusing more on tweeting , than plussing, at least, till the overall user experience for Plus Mobile improves quite drastically, including the additional of a native iPad App.

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#e2conf 2011 Highlights – Offline Social Networking Still Rules!


A couple of days before the event I decided I was going to change things slightly on how I would approach attending the conference. In my own case, I have learned to switch gears and move away from that balance and, instead, strike for that work, life full integration.

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Back to Blogging: Fosca (1998 – 2011)


Well, as a starting point, work has continued to increase quite a bit, as we are approaching year end and I am sure most of you folks would understand what I mean with that. Fosca (1998 – 2011) – R.I.P. General Interest Gran Canaria Life Metablogging Work Life Integration

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Links (and Top Tweets) for the Week: May 30, 2009

How to Save the World

BLOG Links (and Tweets) for the Week: May 31, 2009. Basically his argument is that classic American socially atomistic approaches to organizational improvement are not the answer; communitarian. photo by KM colleague and poet-photographer Judith Meskill.

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The FASTForward Blog » Awareness Makes a Smart Move with Its Facebook Integration: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Awareness Makes a Smart Move with Its Facebook Integration by Bill Ives May 5, 2008 at 7:12 am · Filed under Enterprise 2.0 We discussed their recently announced Facebook integration through their Awareness Facebook Application Framework. I have also written about how a number of firms have provided a means to integrate social software (aka enterprise 2.0) You can integrate it with your enterprise environment.

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Mapping the World: the INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange

Making CommunitySense

Knowledge and learning exchanges as well as network building are key components of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services (INGENAES) project.

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Mapping the World: the INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange

Making CommunitySense

Knowledge and learning exchanges as well as network building are key components of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services (INGENAES) project.

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Deep conversation needed on BIG’s Ageing Better community platform. How about asking people in for a coffee?

Social Reporter

Following my Storify of tweets yesterday about the Big Lottery Fund’s Ageing Better online community, Paul Webster helpfully responded “a conv to watch” But how to keep the conversation going? The issues are particularly important – as I’ve argued in more detail in this paper – because the knowledge-sharing and innovation challenges faced by the Ageing Better programme typify those of competitive, centralised, big-spend approaches.

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Online Community Unconference 2009 Wiki Open & Session Highlights

Online Community Strategy

convened this session to discuss how to integrate your community into the organization’s decision making process, even when the community mood is dark. Please feel free to share the link to the wiki, or to link to the source session notes from your blogs / tweets.

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Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All


So in the end employee profiles, blogs, social bookmarks, files, activities, wikis and communities (And now Forums) became all integrated into a single point of entry: Connections itself. Welcome to my 2007 integrated user experience!

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In Connection We Trust

Alchemy of Change

Payment is a big part of buying a shirt on Zazzle, and so Zazzle and PayPal can afford to invest resources into integrating their services for a nice, seamless experience. Tweet.

Facilitation tips for improvisers

Viv Mcwaters

Play with formats, try out new approaches, remembering the constraints of the form. There’s an underlying architecture to different performance types, just as there’s an underlying architecture to facilitation approaches. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have stumbled into improvisation and discovered the principles and practices that now are integral to my approach to facilitating. Tweet This!

The changing role of the online teacher

Jenny Connected

It was thought that teaching online would require a different approach, but what should that approach be? During this lecture, Sian spent some time talking about the work she and her team have been doing with Twitterbots, i.e. automated responses to students’ tweets.

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Social Business Is People to People Business – The Movistar Story


It’s all about personal experiences, it’s about putting your customers right at the centre, it’s about understanding how that customer centric approach is going to make you much more successful and profitable at large.

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12 Ways to DO and NOT DO a Social Media Press Release – MSF Medecins Sans Frontieres

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Share This, Tweet This, don’t you want to save the world? I found no social media elements other than the usual “social media is another broadcast channel” approach.

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Inspiring students through research-based education

Jenny Connected

Ideas such as negotiated outcomes, student autonomy, collaborative learning and student/staff integrated research communities all need much unpicking and discussion – to make meaning through dialogue and working across boundaries. See tweets here ).

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Jimmy Fallon Continues to Link Twitter and TV and a new Potential for Innovation Management

Portals and KM

He got thousands of tweets from his audience showing the power of TV to integrate with social media. I can see many business applications of Jimmy's approach. I have been following the convergence traditional media and social media for a while and wrote about Jimmy Fallon in this context (see Social Media is Changing Late Night TV Landscape and Much More ).

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How helpful is journalism for People Powered Change? Further thoughts.

Social Reporter

Dave Briggs blogged that Localism needs bespoke, not scale and tweeted: “I’m thinking that the incorporation of the journalism angle into community media is unhelpful&#.

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Various ways to use social media as a facilitator or trainer

Joitske Hulsebosch

2) Integrated model: social aspecten are integrated with the content of the training. Social media form an integral part of the learning trajectory. The strength of the second model is a seamless integration of online and f2f learning.

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Twitter is Not a Social Network

Alchemy of Change

If you’re like most people, you already know that Twitter is more of a passive experience and that Tweets are something you read rather than post. Share Tweet Amazon , eBay , Facebook , Google , social netowrks , social network utility , Twitter Share this post!

Ten propositions about digital technology later in life

Social Reporter

While the main aim of the exploration has been to develop a consensus to guide development and investment in the field, the open nature of the approach yielded a lot of insights into who is doing what in the field, and how more might be achieved. More could be achieved by integrating digital technology into services, and supporting carers in their use of technology.

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Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange

John Tropea - Delicious Community

My ability to watch TV does not exclude my reading abilities, just as my ability to tweet does not exclude my ability to have a decent conversation at the dinner table. In his free ebook ‘ One Tribe at a Time ’ he talks about an “acceptable level of integration.”:

Realising the knowledge assets of research for the rest of us – how about a set of recipe cards?

Social Reporter

Over the past four years the programme has run some 150 events, developed publications, blogged and tweeted, involved older people and influenced regulations, good practice and product design.

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Conference networking at Online Information 2008: report and lessons learned

Platform Neutral

Integrating the platform with the booking system wasn’t easy, as there is no process to support this so as the booking process proceeded, not all delegates received invites to the platform. This integration element (both technically and socially) is clearly something that will improve.

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Teachers & Web 2.0 – A Beginner´s Guide to Webs 1,2,3, x

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Tweet This! Even if teachers are using some of these tools themselves they may still not see how exactly they can be integrated into their normal practice. fits in well with a communicative, collaborative approach to teaching and learning. Subscribe to the comments for this post?

Travelling a different road

Viv Mcwaters

As we approached Machapuchare Base Camp I was in awe of the scenery. Tweet This! Facilitation as integration In his book Mindsight, Dan Siegel writes about integration as.

“Square” Pegs Mobile Payments – Round Hole Still Not Filled

Alchemy of Change

It’s been predicted for years, but we are finally starting to see real progress in integrating payment processing with near field communications (NFC). It’s a smart approach to facilitating commerce – and it definitely makes Square a company to watch. Tweet.

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BlueIQ at IBM Finally Goes External!


Lessons ( Which covers “Keep the eye on the prize”, “Teach tasks, not tools, and help people learn socially”, “Engage your peers”, “Showcase executive participation”, “Use a deliberate approach”, “There is no “finish”" ).

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News Updates (November 19, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Drug companies are exploring collaborative approaches to bringing better drugs to market faster. " [The] linear, trial-and-error method is no longer a sustainable model for big pharmaceutical companies. Drug Company Collaboration.

2009 148

Gnip Continues To Push For A Real-Time (Data) Web

Collaborative Thinking

This new offering leverages the Gnip SaaS Integration Platform but is provided as a complete white-label and embeddable solution adding real-time push to an existing infrastructure. Real-time Data Delivery: Complete white-label approach allows for company defined URLs to be enhanced for real-time data delivery. The new push service lets companies filter and white-label the stream so the technology is fully integrated into the business’ infrastructure.

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Teachers & Web 1.0 – A Beginner´s Guide to Webs 1,2,3, x

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Tweet This! teachers should also be integrating some of the tools offered by Web 2.0. technology/approaches in the language classroom can you share here? Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Facebook. Add this to Google Reader. Email this to a friend?

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Community vs. Social Network - Lithosphere Community

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Many communities can have social network integrations (as you mentioned with Yelp). In fact our own community platform is also developing Twitter and Facebook integration to enable social networking capabilities in communities. I just wanted to expand on the question that I had tweeted to you a few days ago - "Can you not have communities within your social networks and social networking within your community?" That is the scientific approach to this problem.

My KM World 2010 and Enterprise Search Summit 2010 Notes: Peter Morville on Making Maps for Knowledge Discovery

Portals and KM

What we find changes our approach if we are sensitive to our discoveries.  Federated search is an interesting approach as it is both a solution and a symptom of things that need to be addressed. There needs to be tighter integration of different content types. They are moving from a federated search model to an integrated search. This approach blurs browsing and searching as you can browse the facets. There is a lot of cross media integration.

2010 130

Circling Around To Enterprise 2.0 Again

Collaborative Thinking

I commented extensively on Twitter last evening and thought I'd share the "tweets" below: - SharePoint clearly has issues but it's a bit over-the-top to say not viable as a blanket statement. - The 2007 release was arguably the first concerted effort to deliver an integrated platform, adding additional components along the way. Few organizations back in 2003 adopted a formal enterprise-wide, top-down approach. If you go back to my tweets - Enterprise 2.0

News Updates (February 15, 2010)

Michael Sampson - Currents

We’re learning that just like the Facebook app for BlackBerry, Twitter for BlackBerry does not cache tweets, so you have to wait a few seconds every time you access Twitter for BlackBerry for the stream of updates to load. With Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft takes a fundamentally different approach to phone software. Microsoft After RIM. Is Microsoft about to make an acquisition of RIM?

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Online Community Unconference 2009 Wiki Open & Session Highlights

Online Community Report

convened this session to discuss how to integrate your community into the organization's decision making process, even when the community mood is dark. Jill Finlayson of Social Edge led a discussion on a holistic approach to Twittering: figure out how the whole organization can get value.

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Lotusphere 2012 Notes: Social Business for SMBs

Portals and KM

Ken said their goal is to make sure people are productive and take a very social approach that is different from the legal industry in general. Roxanne said they like the integration with a single vendor and will go with IBM even if not top rated on that app as long at it is near the top.

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Mobile learning #4: On the move

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Tweet This! Although mobile learning can be integrated strategically in the classroom (see this earlier post for more ), the easiest way to start using mobile learning with learners may be not use it in the classroom. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Facebook.

KMers – Let Go of Control: Encourage and Monitor


KMers 4:23 pm swanwick: External #SM sites often harder to integrate with internal tools/processes unless IT does some integration work. KMers 4:31 pm VMaryAbraham: @stangarfield There were early media reports of companies tweeting financial information.

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[KMers] Training Community Managers and Facilitators


There will be plenty of gems shared along, so to help you speed read a bit, I have marked in bold some of the most interesting tweets that were shared across, so that you would have a good chance to putting those aside to help you further with your efforts as a successful community facilitator.