The Waves of Enterprise Social Networking at eBay (Ramin Mobasseri, eBay) - Share 2012, Atlanta

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for wave 3 (August to November 2012) - social and email integration, and contextualization of social networks. - a "hub and spoke" approach is the most commonly used approach for spreading ideas and reality around social business. or can use a tag cloud and find people. With NewsGator, it will give a visual indication of the people who are interested in that tag. -. integrating LinkedIn with the profile part of The Hub. -.

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Conference networking at Online Information 2008: report and lessons learned

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Before the event: The first thing we did was read the lessons learned from our work at 2gether08, where David had used Crowdvine (the event social networking platform ) intensively and Ed had worked on an early knowledge networking experiment called ‘ tag surfing ’.

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Collaborative Thinking: Tagging Beyond Content: Applications & People

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Tags (and related tools like social bookmarks) offer another option that has some interesting possibilities. Tag buttons added to browsers could be used to tag application-related data in the same manner that they are used to tag content. Similar tag functions could be added as client-side plug-ins to traditional desktop applications. account number, product information) to aid in locating and recalling what was tagged or bookmarked.

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Response to "SharePoint 2007: Gateway Drug to Enterprise Social Tools"

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That is, it is a philosophical approach to work practice and information creation and dissemination, which can be supported to varying degrees through various tools. Eg, Thomas writes " The new approach is toward embracing the shift toward horizontal organizations, open sharing, self-organizing groups around subjects that matter to individuals as well as the organization. " Tags: SharePoint

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Notes on "Apply Strategy and Governance to Social Computing Initiatives" (NewsGator)

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A second way to find an expert in Social Sites is to use the Knowledge Explorer, a tag cloud driven way of finding people.]. It depends how much validation is required -- eg, GE does not require any validation for its new application cloud. Measurement approach. -. is about integrating work with personal stuff. It can be integrated with Twitter.]. Tags: Enterprise Collaboration

NewsGator Offers Social Sites ™: A Comprehensive Enterprise Social Networking Suite | The AppGap

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NewsGator has always been close to Microsoft as their RSS reader integrates with Outlook. and Ashley walked me through the many components of Social Sites that can be integrated with SharePoint. You can see aggregated tag clouds, relevant/popular content and active users.

Lessons on the hard job of designing communities in the organization | Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

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Most organizations are not comfortable with this approach. program, they only seem to be changing their approach to communities). cf CISCO) • Light integration and structure : chancy business value but acceptable cost (“traditional&# community management&# ).

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Comparing tools for cross-organizational collaboration | Future Workspaces

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It would be great if you would consider adding our powerful pm and collaboration tool – [link] (available in Dutch with integrated Google Translation) VA:F [1.1.5_471] Peter Smulders says: October 5, 2009 at 10:41 Two wrongs on BaseCamp: 1. wiki working across boundaries work life balance work location workplace workshop WP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better.

33 things to know about those who make your online social spaces live | Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

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He can be externalized but, in this case, time will be needed to integrate him in order he can “live&# the organization, understands its codes and values. Tags: community management

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Wikinomics» Blog Archive » Is your Organization Talent Ready?

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This requires leaders to approach the goal setting and performance management processes in a very different way. requires that we simultaneously take a global and local approach and mindset to work and talent. Early 21st century: Social integration of global forces = flat world ? Exploring How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything with Don Tapscott , Anthony D. Williams , and the Wikinomics Team.

Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks : a conceptual framework

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data collection and a process for integrating these indicators into a meaningful account of value. The idea of this framework is to provide the foundation for an evaluation process that can integrate. Rather we view communities and networks as integral aspects of the social fabric of. They provide a simple way to integrate data across all. intertwined and integrated, how do they contribute to the cohesion and functioning of the group, and.

Tapping the Network to Facilitate Innovation « emergent by design

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Tapping the Network to Facilitate Innovation February 21, 2010 tags: design thinking , folksonomy , human capital , influence , innovation , knowledge management , learning , reputation , social business design , social capital , social network analysis , whuffie by Venessa Miemis A few weeks ago, I noticed a contest on Stowe Boyd’s site to receive a free entry to the Social Business Edge conference coming up in April in NYC, and a chance to share the idea on stage.

Collaborative Writing Tools And Technology: A Mini-Guide

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You can subscribe to documents via RSS to be notified of changes and keep your writings organized with Backpack integration. Near-Time integrates blogging, wikis, calendaring, email, file sharing, RSS output, tags and more. While often impractical and unproductive, this approach is understandable and usually justified; collaborative writing is a slippery concept.

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IBM SJ 46-4 | A model for CIO-led innovation

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A series of unique open conversations among employees resulted in a new approach to collaborative innovation. It led to subsequent Jams focusing on a range of topics, such as management, the integration of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting (following its acquisition by IBM), the on demand transformation of IBM itself, and the IBM core values. is users add value , which is consistent with our approach to collaborative innovation.

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Full Circle Associates " Notes from the Seattle Online Community Meetup

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Pleased how they approached and levered online what we do in the offline. Gave you a set of predefined personality tags. You name tag/badge has your big picture from your profile, so can connect online and offline. When people add a forum post, now we ask them to tag.