The Subproject Approach to Personal Kanban in Detail

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You have some choices with the subproject approach when its combined with the personal kanban. Roll Up: The subproject approach can be a roll-up task, tracking the progress of the large project while individual tasks still move through your personal kanban.

Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence


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Telligent Releases an Integrated Suite of Collaboration Tools with High Powered Metrics | The AppGap

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s products also includes enhancements that address the issues that have impeded the adoption of community-driven collaboration technologies in the enterprise, such as integration with existing business applications, manageability, ease-of-use, measurability and ROI. Tom referred to this as 1.5

My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #2


You would remember how I am putting together these short articles based on the Daily #iPad App series I keep sharing over in Twitter, more than anything else as a reference for myself that I can keep mentioning back and forth, whenever people would be asking me about my favourite iPad apps.

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Collaborative Thinking: Sametime 7.5 Asterisk

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& Asterisk IBMs approach to unified communications is anchored around applications, an important distinction from the current state of Microsofts effort which has been more centric to platform convergence. plug-in and integration with Asterisk (an open source PBX).

Effective Collaboration: Chaos in Collaboration: Integrating Collaboration Tools (Part 4 of 5)

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Michael Sampson Improving the Performance of Distributed Teams Navigation Home Resources Library Currents (the blog) Seamless Teamwork Our Approach About Michael Sampson Contact Us « Chaos in Collaboration: The Changing Locus of Collaboration (Part 3 of 5) | Main | Open Text Embraces Enterprise 2.0: Post-Publication Collaboration » Chaos in Collaboration: Integrating Collaboration Tools (Part 4 of 5) This is Part 4 of the Chaos in Collaboration series.

Collaborative Thinking: Building A Robust Feed Syndication Platform

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While this type of scale may not be necessary within an enterprise per se - it does illustrate how such platforms should be approached as a core infrastructure decision. Facebook Developers | Integrating Facebook Chat Everywhere Subscribe to Collaborative Thinking Add me to your TypePad People list Archives May 2010 April 2010 February 2010 January 2010 December 2009 November 2009 October 2009 September 2009 August 2009 July 2009 More.

Overcoming Knowledge Loss: Key Knowledge Retention and Transfer Approaches - KM Edge: Where the best in Knowledge Management come together

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Sign In Home KM Topics KM Overview Case Studies About Us Search Overcoming Knowledge Loss: Key Knowledge Retention and Transfer Approaches Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 In APQCs most recent research on knowledge retention and transfer (KR&T) approaches, the primary lesson is that variety is key. Instead, they leverage an array of KR&T approaches designed to fit specific business situations and the unique cultures of their respective organizations.

The Meaning of Depth and Breadth in Education

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Here, McGilchrist is referring to the breadth and flexibility of attention, rather than of the curriculum. Reference. Sea port with the Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba, by Claude Lorrain (1648). This image is used by Iain McGilchrist in his discussion of depth.

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Hyperfish – Thoughts on Collecting Expertise

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The two similar items – asset registration and personal information – extend Hyperfish’s current approach of asking for information that has a demonstrably correct value.

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Tech steward meet tech mentor

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All the page references in this post are to that book.) Hanging out” refers to friendships and social interactions that are oriented to local networks. Messing around” refers to exploring, playing, cruising around, “finding stuff” – intermediate between the other two categories.

Tech steward meet tech mentor

Learning Alliances

All the page references in this post are to that book.) Hanging out” refers to friendships and social interactions that are oriented to local networks. Messing around” refers to exploring, playing, cruising around, “finding stuff” – intermediate between the other two categories.

The changing role of the online teacher

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It was thought that teaching online would require a different approach, but what should that approach be? Ultimately the Edinburgh team referred to Nel Noddings’ observation (Ross et al., References. A feminine approach to ethics and moral education.

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Enterprise 2.0: A Transition From Destination Site To Platform Services

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More accurately, we might describe this type of platform as a social network site ( Reference Architecture For Social Network Sites ). This effort will not go to waste since these types of integration capabilities (e.g., And if you have a lot of really interesting information locked up in that platform, it’s pretty natural to want to integrate that information within other systems where it can be helpful. integration with CRM, ERP, supply chain, etc).

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Inspiring students through research-based education

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Ideas such as negotiated outcomes, student autonomy, collaborative learning and student/staff integrated research communities all need much unpicking and discussion – to make meaning through dialogue and working across boundaries. References.

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Notes on “Deployment of SharePoint 2013 document, records and collaboration solution at AUT” (Alan Marshall, Stephen McWilliams, Shelley Tasele)

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Plus various AUT wide information, events, and processes. - … … governance included decisions around authentication, integration with other systems at AUT, etc. - … … using RecordPoint for records management. Day two of the New Zealand SharePoint Conference is starting.

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Teambuilding 2.0

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Recently I ran across a New York technnology company GoCrossOffice pioneering a more novel approach. GoCrossOffice integrate both virtual and physical elements into their team games.

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Blog>> Trends in Knowledge Management

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Traditionally, KM was more often than not a top-down driven approach. suggest the the new trends are processes integration, reduction of information overflow, and integrating tools into a few applications. Graphic representation of data is already very common in financial applications, referring to e.g. balance scorecards. For example, document taxonomies and knowledge sharing procedures were defined; identified experts shared their knowledge in defined communities.

Consequential Ideas for 2009

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To decrease exposure to systemic risks, local communities are adopting a "loosely coupled" approach to the global system - remaining integrated, but ensuring that basic needs in energy, security, food, communications and transportation can still be sourced locally.

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Social Innovation Meetup: “Exploring Labs for Social Change” – presentation notes

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The presentations were brief and intense, relaying a flurry of interesting ideas and references. We bring in eight people for “deep collaboration” We use a “Noah’s Ark” approach: you can’t talk to everybody. Design approaches.

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Tech steward meet tech mentor

Digital Habitats

All the page references in this post are to that book.) Hanging out” refers to friendships and social interactions that are oriented to local networks. Messing around” refers to exploring, playing, cruising around, “finding stuff” – intermediate between the other two categories.

Ethical behaviours online

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When we started this research we were concerned about how to deal ethically with the data we were collecting and shared our thoughts with Rhizo14 participants , before determining how we would approach this. My Evernote Notebook has quite a few references to Ethics Guides (e.g.

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SpringCM Moves Beyond Content Management

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Christopher referred to this as the consumerization of IT and it has far reaching effects. Spring CM refers to this capability as dynamic adaptive case management. To facilitate the use of the case management approach, SpringCM has implemented a checklist model. 

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Should Companies Block Access to Digital Tools?


A few days back my good friend, the always inspiring and thought provoking, Dan Pontefract , put together a rather interesting blog post which is just a beautiful story of a conversation he recently had that I could see myself behave and react pretty much in the same way that he did.

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Clarizen Moves Beyond Online Project Management

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  In response Clarizen has adopted a design approach of what they term “robust simplicity” and extended functionality beyond the planning phase. Clarizen also developed email integration so team members could work where they tend to spend much of their time. 

organizational responsiveness

Taming the spaces

Milliken and colleagues noted that: “shared organizational values provide important reference points and lenses for interpreting the significance and interconnectedness of environmental changes (1990). distinctiveness) and integration (i.e.

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Dan Pontefract’s Flat Army: A Review

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The book offers an integrated framework integrating collaboration, open leadership, technologies, and connected learning. He explains the title as not a reference to war but to a medieval Latin term, armata, used first in 1533 to depict a fleet of things moving together.

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Realising the knowledge assets of research for the rest of us – how about a set of recipe cards?

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I’DGO examines what Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors means for older people, and Smart2 has created a personalised self-management system – “an integrated system for use in the person’s own home, consisting of a touchscreen ‘home hub’ and a mobile device.”

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From “ecological theory of concepts”

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The approach implies a view of mind in which the union of perception and environment drives conceptualization, forging a web of conceptual relations or ‘ecology of mind’. Gärdenfors (2000a, b) has introduced a provocative geometrical approach to concepts. He defines domain as a set of integrable dimensions that are separate from all other dimensions. The property ‘red’ is a convex domain in a region defined by the integrable dimensions hue, saturation, and brightness.

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Activity Streams: Moving Beyond Event Aggregation

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I'm also optimistic that the effort can be aligned and integrated into OpenSocial. Facebook, Twitter) although FriendFeed is often cited as the reason for a standardized approach. FriendFeed harvests information from a variety of sources (music, photos, status messages), forcing the company to develop/maintain custom integrations for many different publishers and slowing down the ability to add new publishers.

Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange

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In his free ebook ‘ One Tribe at a Time ’ he talks about an “acceptable level of integration.”: The organizational change management approach caters for 4 different elements. We just need another new way to approach it and help each other. Management Innovation eXchange.

Blog>> Getting Started on Your Intranet

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What’s been missing is the big picture, the integrated view, a simple approach to a complex job, presented in one easily comprehended sweep. James provides references to deeper resources that will help you through the detail of the different areas of work.

The Divided Brain: Trying to be Sane in an Insane World

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In his growth and individuation, he has taken a big step toward integrating his shadow within himself. Instead of allowing things to balance by taking a more circular approach to life, we follow linear targets. Authors and Philosophers referred to during this session.

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Binding affordances and GIS in hybrid places

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Modeling places with affordances integrates cognitive and engineering aspects, therefore leading to a knowledge-representation that comes closer to the user. The integration of affordance-based models of places into future GIS will lead to a better communication between users and systems. The concept of place has to integrate both its location and its meaning in the context of human action.

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Prescient Releases the Social Intranet Study

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Remember these numbers refer to use through the enterprise intranet, not use on the Web. The ‘build it and they will come approach” will most likely lead to poor returns.    As I have written a number of times, social media needs to be integrated into work process to really be successful (see for example, Putting Social Media to Work ).

Poor Mental Models fail teams before they even start?

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Here is another example of mental models applied to teams - the cartoon at the top of the article refers! Swarmteams enables groups to be more responsive and agile by fully integrating their mobile phones and the web with bioteam working techniques.

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Travelling a different road

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I have to refer to my notes for the other stuff. As we approached Machapuchare Base Camp I was in awe of the scenery. Facilitation as integration In his book Mindsight, Dan Siegel writes about integration as.

Enterprise Collaboration Architecture from Cisco that Goes Beyond Technology

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Cisco provides a Collaboration Services Group that is not tied to Cisco products but helps clients with a vendor independent approach. The paper does not reference any Cisco products and is written to promote “an appreciation that technology is simply an enabler of collaboration, not the genesis of it.”. One of the issues I found helpful was the distinction between collaboration-enabled applications and collaboration-integrated applications.

Jive Engage Platform: Collaboration Inside and Outside of the Enterprise

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This morning I spent a few hours trawling around the Jive Software web site , getting an update on current thinking and approaches coming out of Jive. The bi-directional integration between Jive and SharePoint looks clean. Also from a user adoption perspective, I saw reference to a "New User Wizard," to help a new user with setting up their profile and so on.

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Emerging Autopoietic Communities – Scalability of Knowledge Transfer in Complex Systems

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organizational integrity and address organizational imperatives. The present paper provides an overview of an approach we. integral and inescapable aspect of autopoietic systems. rationalist approaches as well as by natural selection to. 23], as illustrated with Boyd’s OODA loop referred to. REFERENCES. [1] Popper, Objective Knowledge: An Evolutionary Approach. Pattee, “Evolving self-reference: matter, symbols, and semantic.

Recommind Supports End-to-End eDiscovery

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Craig said it was initially used in a more narrow sense to refer to the process of preserving, collecting, reviewing, analyzing and producing relevant documents after a legal process has begun. This reflects a more proactive approach that is being adopted by many Recommind customers.

Community vs. Social Network - Lithosphere Community

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Many communities can have social network integrations (as you mentioned with Yelp). In fact our own community platform is also developing Twitter and Facebook integration to enable social networking capabilities in communities. We certainly dont refer to people that way. That is the scientific approach to this problem. I know Mark Newmans work quite well, and I really like his approach.

Social Business Is People to People Business – The Movistar Story


It’s all about personal experiences, it’s about putting your customers right at the centre, it’s about understanding how that customer centric approach is going to make you much more successful and profitable at large.

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