Telligent Releases an Integrated Suite of Collaboration Tools with High Powered Metrics | The AppGap

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s products also includes enhancements that address the issues that have impeded the adoption of community-driven collaboration technologies in the enterprise, such as integration with existing business applications, manageability, ease-of-use, measurability and ROI.

Collaborative Thinking: Sametime 7.5 Asterisk

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& Asterisk IBMs approach to unified communications is anchored around applications, an important distinction from the current state of Microsofts effort which has been more centric to platform convergence. plug-in and integration with Asterisk (an open source PBX).

Collaborative Thinking: Building A Robust Feed Syndication Platform

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While this type of scale may not be necessary within an enterprise per se - it does illustrate how such platforms should be approached as a core infrastructure decision. Facebook Developers | Integrating Facebook Chat Everywhere Subscribe to Collaborative Thinking Add me to your TypePad People list Archives May 2010 April 2010 February 2010 January 2010 December 2009 November 2009 October 2009 September 2009 August 2009 July 2009 More.

Collaborative Thinking: Social Media & Financial Services

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Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Lingering Privacy Doubts Over Facebooks Beacon | Main | Social Media & Pharmaceuticals » December 04, 2007 Social Media & Financial Services An article worth reading that outlines the approach taken by two organizations: Wells Fargo entered the social media game when it launched Stagecoach Island in May 2005.

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Overcoming Knowledge Loss: Key Knowledge Retention and Transfer Approaches - KM Edge: Where the best in Knowledge Management come together

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Sign In Home KM Topics KM Overview Case Studies About Us Search Overcoming Knowledge Loss: Key Knowledge Retention and Transfer Approaches Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 In APQCs most recent research on knowledge retention and transfer (KR&T) approaches, the primary lesson is that variety is key. Instead, they leverage an array of KR&T approaches designed to fit specific business situations and the unique cultures of their respective organizations.

WebCenter Vision and Strategy Session

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Bring social computing into portal to solve this problem. and portals: integrated multi-channel user interaction environment, unified access to tools, information, etc. Protect/leverage portal investment. Note: I don't disagree with Oracle's portal-centric approach - clearly, you should be able to surface portal elements within a portal. designed for business users, pre-integrated with Composer, can be extended by IT, etc.

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Enterprise 2.0: A Transition From Destination Site To Platform Services

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related solutions will expand from social network sites to social applications hosted on the social network site itself and social networking services capable of adding social context to productivity suites, collaboration tools, enterprise portals, business processes, and mobile applications. This effort will not go to waste since these types of integration capabilities (e.g., productivity suites, collaboration tools, enterprise portals, business processes, and mobile applications).

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Moxie Spaces Enhances Customer Engagement

Portals and KM

Moxie has taken this a step further with an integration of these domains. But this is a product that is integrated with the externally facing one. Tom said that they have seen very diverse sets of markets adopt this tool and approach.

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Are We In A "Post E2.0 Era"?

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Other technologies such as portals, search, content management, instant messaging and presence tools helped round out the typical collaboration manifest (even though they were not technically collaboration tools per se). Portals represented the best-in-class capability back then to enable contextual collaboration since application and collaboration portlets could be composed into a single, integrated user experience.

2012 168 Brings Greater Context to Enterprise Collaboration

Portals and KM

  I have long been a proponent of this approach going back to building process-aligned knowledge management systems beginning in the early 90s. Now Qontext has taken the approach a step further with its pinning concept.

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The Art Of The Possible

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Need all pieces in order to send complete systems (Oracle's assertion that justifies Fusion - could debate that re: standard interfaces, protocols, etc - owning all the parts just one model/approach not the only one). Sun Oracle Database Machine (leverage setup form last night - Oracle's version of an iPod re: integrated hardward/software device - maybe Oracle should call it the Oracle "dataPod" - would make a funny graphic (a person with earbuds plugged into their enterprise data.).

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Saba Social Left Out Of IBM Deal

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It allows IBM to sell Saba's learning solution directly (augmenting the value proposition of WebSphere Portal via a learning accelerator). One technical/tactical workaround would be for Saba to deliver modules that integrated within Lotus Connections (via a plug-in/widget of some sort, or through Connections' REST and other programmable interfaces). Overall, it still strikes me that this deal makes it harder for Saba to sell its own social networking approach into IBM shops.

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Understanding Cisco's Collaboration Strategy (Part 4)

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Some strategists include content management, search, portal, and Enterprise 2.0 However, there are strongly related segments such as unified communications (a segment Cisco knows well), content management, search, portal and Enterprise 2.0 Developers have been an integral part of IBM’s and Microsoft’s success in the collaboration market. Cisco needs to articulate its broader direction concerning content management, search, and portal.

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Inspiring students through research-based education

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Ideas such as negotiated outcomes, student autonomy, collaborative learning and student/staff integrated research communities all need much unpicking and discussion – to make meaning through dialogue and working across boundaries. UCL Teaching and Learning Portal.

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Introducing Lobbi – with bold aims to change politics locally and globally

Social Reporter

This is created through the ever-growing power of social media, with a Facebook/Twitter-esque interactive forum and information portal. Why should politicians and officials engage in a system that may not integrate with the ones they already have in-house?

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Are We In A "Post E2.0 Era"?

Collaborative Thinking

Other technologies such as portals, search, content management, instant messaging and presence tools helped round out the typical collaboration manifest (even though they were not technically collaboration tools per se). Portals represented the best-in-class capability back then to enable contextual collaboration since application and collaboration portlets could be composed into a single, integrated user experience.

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Circling Around To Enterprise 2.0 Again

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If you go back to its early-days, SharePoint Team Services and SharePoint Portal Server are the root products. In 2003, the first iteration of a "platform mashup" occurred with SharePoint 2003 that joined Windows SharePoint Services (the evolution of STS) with portal. The 2007 release was arguably the first concerted effort to deliver an integrated platform, adding additional components along the way.

Prescient Releases the Social Intranet Study

Portals and KM

Portal Solutions (e.g. The ‘build it and they will come approach” will most likely lead to poor returns.    As I have written a number of times, social media needs to be integrated into work process to really be successful (see for example, Putting Social Media to Work ). Prescient Digital Media will be officially releasing their report on the Social Intranet Study at the Intranet Global Forum conference in NYC, Nov 9-10.

Intelligent Learning Extended Organization (IntelLEO) project progress

Taming the spaces

PEDAGOGICAL APPROACHES FOR INTELLEO. Ontology-based approaches to context modelling. ICT ARCHITECTURAL AND INTEGRATION ASPECTS. Software Development and Integration. We will use the combination of Elgg advancements in teacher portal Koolielu ( the draft version ) and LeMill collaborative learning object creation repository as the basic distributed software platform where the competence-management and learning-path creator will be added.

IBM Connect 2013: Ed Brill on Reinventing the Inbox

Portals and KM

Within IBM as an organization, Connections has replaced the portal as the first place people go. IBM Docs also has integrated social features. This is another in a series of my notes on IBM Connect 2013.

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IBM Global CMO Study: Highlights

Portals and KM

The new IBM Customer Experience Suite provides CMOs with the ability to manage and integrate all types of data on their web sites and then analyze it for deeper insight into customer buying patterns and sentiment.  The software suite pulls together IBM's enterprise portal , web content management , forms , and enterprise social networking software  into a single view. In the changing digital world this integration is critical for success

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Breakfast with Alistair Rennie in Sydney - Some Notes

Michael Sampson - Currents

Research finding: companies who outperformed their industry are more than 3X as likely to have adopted smart work practices - faster at being able to build skills to new markets, more likely to identify people with needed skills, more likely to gain insights and losve problems by rating and commenting, more likely to integrate and deliver data from multiple sources. Some Microsoft shops are putting in the Lotus Sametime platform for integrated presence and interaction modalities.

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Activity Streams: Moving Beyond Event Aggregation

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I'm also optimistic that the effort can be aligned and integrated into OpenSocial. Facebook, Twitter) although FriendFeed is often cited as the reason for a standardized approach. FriendFeed harvests information from a variety of sources (music, photos, status messages), forcing the company to develop/maintain custom integrations for many different publishers and slowing down the ability to add new publishers.

Lotusphere 2011 Notes: Opening Session

Portals and KM

They have been doing this approach for some time.    AFL uses a portal a single point of entry that provides a role-based content. They are now going to expand the portal with analytic capabilities and allow each team have more capability.

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Lotusphere 2012 Notes: Social Business for SMBs

Portals and KM

They have several WebSphere portals. Ken said their goal is to make sure people are productive and take a very social approach that is different from the legal industry in general. This is another in a series of my notes on Lotusphere 2012.

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IBM Connect 2013: My Opening Session Notes

Portals and KM

I would add that application integration is an important part of this connection. File Sync allows you to integrate with iPad, Mac, Windows, etc. This undermines their traditional face-to-face selling approach. Once selected an on-boarding portal streamlines the process.

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Notes on CUST119 Prudential: Thinking about Social Business Adoption? Don't Forget Enterprise Social Governance

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PROFS in 1982, Notes from 1994 (60,000 users, 6400+ applications), Sametime in 1999, WebSphere Portal in 2002, and Connections in 2010 (about 25,000 users currently). Approach: - feedback workshops with the Law, Compliance, and Business Ethics organization. develop a governance structure and approach. Integration into current tools helped a lot. Jean Balbo from Prudential Financial is talking about enterprise social governance.

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The Seven Habits (??) of Highly Effective Collaborators - Think Organizations, Not People

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They tended to reply on traditional telecom, mobility and web portals for collaboration to the exclusion of social business software and content management solutions. build a social life (integrated with your enterprise collaboration approach). - Hyoun from Aberdeen proposes a list of seven habits that highly effective collaborative organizations enact: ". we focused on the plight of the Laggards: the bottom 30% of our respondents.

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News Updates (November 19, 2009)

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Drug companies are exploring collaborative approaches to bringing better drugs to market faster. " [The] linear, trial-and-error method is no longer a sustainable model for big pharmaceutical companies. Drug Company Collaboration.

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Notes on KEY101 Industries Get Social

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the four "I's" - How we Interact, how we become Informed, how we Integrate the supply chain. Have been working on a new approach to health care plans since 2006. Four years ago started the journey with using IBM portal technology. Social business approaches impact governments. a smarter travel approach - eg., The second day of IBM Connect 2013 is just beginning. First up for most people is the keynote on the main stage.

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News Updates (December 16, 2009)

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Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie is a brilliant technologist who has not achieved anything approaching brilliance in his time at Microsoft. HyperOffice Update. HyperOffice released a beta edition of its new cloud computing collaboration service.

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Circling Around To KM

Collaborative Thinking

search, content management, portals. It began with search and content management systems, then portals, and now it's rooted in social software (if one limits social software to blogs, wikis, tags/bookmarks, feeds and social networking). Asked to describe how they made a decision after the event they will tend to provide a more structured process oriented approach which does not match reality. Rather, it is an integral part of what is learned.

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News Updates (March 10, 2009)

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The Breeze environment integrates an intranet, portal, and extranet and contains more than forty-plus business applications and processes that flow across 7 departments of an organization. Since the conferencing is integrated into TimeBridge's scheduling process, all attendees are automatically provided conferencing information via email and in their calendars. The expected benefits to GM of a unified global approach are greater efficiency and lower costs.

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KM World and Enterprise Search Summit 2010 Notes: Designing Social Search in the Enterprise

Portals and KM

There is a problem with this approach since personal networks may be narrow.  The Local InfoCoud can have many components such as colleagues, social software, and portals.   It is an enterprise micro-blogging tool that I have covered a bit (see  Socialcast Adds Sharepoint and Outlook Integration, New Features, and Enhanced Metrics ).   You can easily package the results and share them but it does not easily integrate into enterprise search engines.

2010 148

Cisco WebEx Connect Questions

Collaborative Thinking

Integration. Will SharePoint integration include Web Parts (similar to what Awareness has done with its SaaS solution)? What about portlets for integrating WebEx Connect with other portal platforms? What about integration with Lotus Connections, Lotus Notes/Domino, Lotus Quickr? Recommendation: People should be examining Cisco's announcements this week more broadly that just a SaaS Collaboration/Web 2.0

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Collaborative Thinking: Google FeedServer

Collaborative Thinking

We hope that the approach weve taken is helpful to those who would like to create read/write Atom feeds for existing data sources.

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Notes on "Apply Strategy and Governance to Social Computing Initiatives" (NewsGator)

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Although the call was about "social computing", Stacy started talking about intranet and portal governance. 1) A clear connection between intranet/portal/social technology and the business strategy and goals. "we Measurement approach. -. is about integrating work with personal stuff. It can be integrated with Twitter.]. Greg) Yes, it's all integrated into the core SharePoint search capabilities, regardless of what you are using.

Collaborative Thinking: Innovation Has Its Own Personality

Collaborative Thinking

This is an extreme approach to fostering innovation in an otherwise relatively static office environment that was proposed by Robert I. Reorganizing staff can fuel new approaches to engaging everyday problems.

Notes on ASK102 Ask the Product Managers

Michael Sampson - Currents

Social integration features are great. Ditto re social integration. - (name?) - Domino Server. Focus on SAP integration, and IBM Forms. The current iNotes approach isn't ideal for XPages. With Connections Content Manager, will provide a migration tool for moving documents from Quickr (on Domino/Portal) to Connections. In the third-to-last slot at IBM Connect 2013, the Ask the Product Managers session is kicking off.

2013 117

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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This is software you can brand and integrate tightly into your existing domain. Awareness builds these features into complete communities for companies, or customers use the Awareness API and widgets to integrate Web 2.0 approach !

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News Updates (June 30, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

of SmartSearch, with Gmail integration, better Mac support, and mobile device support. Gmail integration is another popular enhancement for SmartSearch users and mobile recruiters. Oliver on the Enterprise 2.0 Conference. Oliver comments on the recent Enterprise 2.0 conference.

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Collaborative Thinking: Microsoft UC (OCS) Presentations and Demos

Collaborative Thinking

Facebook Developers | Integrating Facebook Chat Everywhere Subscribe to Collaborative Thinking Add me to your TypePad People list Archives May 2010 April 2010 February 2010 January 2010 December 2009 November 2009 October 2009 September 2009 August 2009 July 2009 More.

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Collaborative Thinking: Peter Saint-Andre on Presence

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I have no qualm with SIP at all but remain convinced that SIMPLE is fundamentally flawed, is being used by vendor to advance their own agendas, and should not the one-basket-for-all-eggs direction pursued by the industry when it comes to approaching "presence" in a broader sense.