OutStart’s Learning Content Management System Automates Key Components of Content Development

Portals and KM

I recently spoke with Mike Gregory about OutStart’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS).  As a disclosure I am helping OutStart with their blog and Twitter efforts. This is different from the traditional artisan approach of hand building learning content one instance at a time. OutStart’s mobile platform, Hot Lava , is one of the many delivery channels that can be used (see OutStart’s Hot Lava Provides Flexible Mobile Communication Platform ).

Review of Kate Pugh’s Sharing Hidden Know-How

Portals and KM

This approach was developed by Kate and uses human interaction to capture unwritten insights, and position them to provide business value. I did a brief review on the OutStart blog but will go into more depth here. As the book states it, “shows how to scope topics, foster the correct tone, conduct a knowledge capture event, and integrate found knowledge into the organization.”

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