Good and bad facilitation

Viv Mcwaters

The fact that you can find someone in Haiti who wants your old clothes does not mean that sending used clothes to Haiti is a good idea. Be clear about the need for facilitation Facilitation encourages difference – in form, in thinking and in approach.

Social Innovation Meetup: “Exploring Labs for Social Change” – presentation notes

Making CommunitySense

Yes, it’s use has spread way beyond Kenya, e.g. during the Haiti earthquake and the Japanese tsunami the platform was used as an emergency platform. Integrated approaches are key, and an HDL Studio is a good way to start. Design approaches.

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Role of facilitation in disaster recovery

Viv Mcwaters

Some highlights: Haiti-born Suze describing the chronic trauma of Haitian people living in the United States; Scott talking of his experiences as a 9/11 survivor; Erness describing her own immediate denial that there was any urgency to leave as Hurricane Katrina bore down on New Orleans; Mike describing his experiences of living with friends and his coping mechanism of either extreme activity or total inactivity.

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Green Chameleon » From Data, with Love

Green Chameleon

If we share knowledge then we can understand information.&# “Aside from being linked to a particular period of systems thinking approaches, which we are hopefully moving on from, its very culturally specific.

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The HBR List 2009 - How Social Networks Network Best

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Bees, like human beings, are social animals,and evolution has provided them with elegant approaches to group decision making.

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Links of the Month: April 16, 2013

How to Save the World

One Day Everything Will Be Free: A different community but with a remarkably similar set of underlying principles to Brian Fey’s is Haiti’s Sadhana Forest, also in substance a combination of a forest permaculture project and an intentional community.

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Acting resourcefully in a space of community organizing

Chris Corrigan

For example, the revolution in Egypt last month was a result of collective action based on relational strategies which took a transactional approach to shifting power in the state.

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