Organizations Struggling to Integrate Customer Channels

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Recent research by Pitney Bowes points to the problem of low integration between different marketing channels , and the consequential costs of this: " Pitney Bowes Software (PBS), a global leader in customer data, analytics and communication software and services reveals, through a study of large B2C organisations in UK, France and Germany, that customers are being lost through fragmented and inconsistent communications and failure to integrate marketing channels.

Moxie Spaces Enhances Customer Engagement

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Spaces converges customer communications with employee collaboration into a single offering that I think is a great idea. Moxie has taken this a step further with an integration of these domains. We began with a discussion of enhancements to their customer support capabilities.

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Integrating Transactions and Interactions: A Fable

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In the last two days, I wrote about: Integrating the Interactions with the Transactions, and Maybe Enterprise 2.0 I this post I want to share an example of an early success with this type of integration using old school tools. On average they paid out far more than they took in so simply getting more customers was not the solution. This approach was new, as the people had never been asked this question.

Understanding Your Online Customer's Moves with TeaLeaf

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At the same time, the Web is perhaps the only form of business where you can’t actually see or interact with your customers on a personal basis at the point of transaction. I have worked extensively in a past life with customer service in call centers and their monitoring systems.

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Enterprise 2.0 Conference Notes: Three Approaches to Social Computing Platforms

Green Chameleon

It had a large software firm - Microsoft (Lawrence Liu) a small firm - Jive (Sam Lawrence), a custom effort, - Sabre for travel (John Samuel), and a company that includes consulting and software, nGenera. I think there are markets for each of the three approaches on this panel. (I Audience Question - Jive and MOSS customer where people are using other wikis - how to support these people? I went to an interesting session at the Enterprise 2.0

2014, The Year That Was


Do them in March to get people out of their homes right as spring kicks in or by November before everyone hides for the remaining of the year as winter approaches fast and furious. Apparently, as a customer, that’s not important. And nearly four months later… I am back to blogging.

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Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence


This would apply mostly to my business travelling, whether to customer events, workshops, meetings, or conferences, seminars, summits, hotel rooms, etc.

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Collaborative Thinking: Building A Robust Feed Syndication Platform

Collaborative Thinking

While this type of scale may not be necessary within an enterprise per se - it does illustrate how such platforms should be approached as a core infrastructure decision. Solution Overview [link] Customer Size: 65 employees Organization Profile Based in Denver, Colorado, NewsGator Technologies develops and markets solutions for the aggregation and viewing of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.

My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #9


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The Value of Community Ecosystems

Online Community Strategy

The focus of the community was to support customer onboarding and product usage. In my opinion, ground zero for community analytics has historically been measuring the value of knowledge generated in online communities, particularly in the context of customer support.

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Collaborative Thinking: Social Media & Financial Services

Collaborative Thinking

Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Lingering Privacy Doubts Over Facebooks Beacon | Main | Social Media & Pharmaceuticals » December 04, 2007 Social Media & Financial Services An article worth reading that outlines the approach taken by two organizations: Wells Fargo entered the social media game when it launched Stagecoach Island in May 2005. " Banks Are Creating a New Kind of Customer Intimacy With Web 2.0

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Organising Knowledge » Getting Visibility into Taxonomy Evolution

Green Chameleon

They have lots of customers who buy their reports, and they have lots of analysts and researchers writing their reports. They have a blog and have just started what they say will be a series of posts describing how their taxonomy evolved , from baby, internal steps, to starting to become an integrating tool for internal as well as external use. I have the same approach but in my experience 7 groups… By Tim Suoer great, such a fun United Nations group.

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The FASTForward Blog » Awareness Makes a Smart Move with Its Facebook Integration: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Awareness Makes a Smart Move with Its Facebook Integration by Bill Ives May 5, 2008 at 7:12 am · Filed under Enterprise 2.0 We discussed their recently announced Facebook integration through their Awareness Facebook Application Framework. I have also written about how a number of firms have provided a means to integrate social software (aka enterprise 2.0) Awareness builds a branded Facebook application for each customer.

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Building Modern Communities #SwarmConf

Online Community Strategy

My keynote focused on the need for a modern approach to community building in response to the accelerating change and disruption driven by exponential technologies. A New Approach to Community Building.

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Building Modern Communities #SwarmConf

Online Community Strategy

My keynote focused on the need for a modern approach to community building in response to the accelerating change and disruption driven by exponential technologies. A New Approach to Community Building.

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My First Year as a Consultant and what 2016 Holds for Online Communities (I hope)

Online Community Strategy

Launching Structure3C on February 4, 2015 to help brands create successful customer communities and crowdsourcing initiatives. Holding the closing workshop at the Crowd Companies 2015 Main Event in SF – (you can download my custom workbook from the event).

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10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

This is the traditional “someone at the top has said this needs to happen” approach, usually accompanied by a cascade, a change initiative, communications and engagement plan, brown-bag presentations, training programmes, mugs and mouse mats.

The Visualness of Microsoft Planner with the Rigour of Microsoft Project #office365

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Microsoft, while late to the game, has integrated Planner into Office 365. Until recently, Microsoft offered no integration between Project and Planner, despite owning both assets. That may change in the future, but today the integration is non-functional.

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Google+ Hints at a Social Media Marketing Revolution

Alchemy of Change

In other words, circling back people on Google+ helps page owners do the single most important thing in marketing: listen to customers. . And by the way, these aren’t just any customers. Connecting Google+ to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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Hyperfish – Thoughts on Collecting Expertise

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The two similar items – asset registration and personal information – extend Hyperfish’s current approach of asking for information that has a demonstrably correct value.

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Google Opens Apps Marketplace and Zoho Joins with CRM and Project

Portals and KM

The Google Apps Marketplace makes it easier for more than two million Google Apps customers to discover, purchase and deploy integrated business applications and related professional services. By integrating with user account and application data stored in Google Apps, these cloud applications provide a simpler user experience that can increase business efficiency and reduce administrative overhead.

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Notes from the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

Getting smarter - for employee engagement, and customer experience. - communities - an integrated meeting room. -. Foresee in Germany, have integrated Connections with a full touch capable table. -. Notes 9 Social Edition - integrates social capabilities into the inbox. -. FileSync capability for integrating / synchronizing across multiple devices. decided to go for a holistic approach, bringing people together internally and externally.

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Notes on "Social Business: Moving the Business Needle Forward" at AusLUG 2013 - Chris Crummey, IBM

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For social areas - social networking, social analytics, social content, and social integration. It's integrated and seamless by design. -. integrating Connections into Notes 9 Social Edition, Microsoft Outlook and Office, and Mobile Clients. Various Microsoft customers say, "IBM integrates better with Outlook and Internet Explorer than Microsoft does." Want to integrate other applications into there.

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Companies need an executive responsible for integrating the enterprise — a Chief Collaboration Officer (CCO). Increasingly, companies are embracing collaboration as part of their strategy to grow, by cross-selling products to existing customers and innovating through the recombination of existing technologies. Collaboration can be integral to these activities, or not. Morten Hansen and Scott Tapp asked recently, Who should be your Chief Collaboration Officer?

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BAN FORMS! IT just can't keep up with business networks

Governance in a Networked World

Recently I read an account of an incoming CIO into a well known telecommunications company bemoaning the fact that customers on the legacy, rather than new system, were being charged extra for the extra work this legacy system was costing the company!

State of Social Media Marketing 2012

Portals and KM

Tighter integration between social and rest of marketing and business overall. As I mentioned in another Awareness report, How to Kick-Start Your Content Marketing - A Seven-Step Approach to Delivering Success , - You need to start with defining your business objectives and build your program and metrics around those goals. The good results include the tighter integration between social media marketing and the rest of the business and the measurement of what matters.

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IGLOO Software Embeds MicroStrategy BI Tools for Social Insight

Michael Sampson - Currents

IGLOO Software announced a partnership with MicroStrategy , for the integration of MicroStrategy's business intelligence tools into IGLOO's social business suite: " The solution will allow IGLOO customers to track user participation, influence, activity and engagement in a social intranet or extranet. IGLOO will integrate MicroStrategy's BI platform into the IGLOO administrative console in order to enrich the community management and reporting process.

How to Strengthen Your Organization’s Influence Mapping

Alchemy of Change

Doing so is an integral aspect of their ability to exert influence and change the world around them. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases are the logical information systems in which to manage organizational influence maps.

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Thoughts On Salesforce & DimDim

Collaborative Thinking

Integration requires vendor cooperation to deliver a supportable configuration. Application Integration. Organizations have come to expect IM/presence platforms to integrate with desktop productivity tools (office suites, e-mail clients). They also expect integration with enterprise portals. UC platforms also need to offer a profile card of users that can be integrated and displayed across a variety of applications. e-learning/LMS integration).

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Preventing Privacy Breaches or Constraining Collaboration: The Internal / External Sharing Decision in IBM Connections Next

Michael Sampson - Currents

One of the most eagerly anticipated capabilities for the next version of IBM Connections – due to be released on May 21 – is integrated support for external collaboration.

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2012 Social Marketing and New Media Predictions eBook Now Available

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I have covered them several times on the TheAppGap (for example see: Awareness Summer 08 Release Brings Sharepoint Integration and New Features ). As we move away from customer relationship management to customer managed relationships, we need new approaches to marketing, new ways of organizing our resources, and flexible, scalable technology to get our customers’ attention and ensure their engagement.”

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Notes from INV301 IBM's Social Business Strategy

Michael Sampson - Currents

Here's my notes: - Will be talking about some of the thinking within IBM about the forces that are changing the marketplace, and what IBM should do to help customers succeed. social media - marketing and HR (new customer interaction, increased insight, and new customer segments). monitoring and analytics for customer care and insight. -. driven by process integration - process efficiecy, process accelation, accelerated engagement, business culture of innovation. -.

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The Art Of The Possible

Collaborative Thinking

Transition from just sending customers pieces of technology they had to put together themselves to a mode where vendors deliver systems that work together. Need all pieces in order to send complete systems (Oracle's assertion that justifies Fusion - could debate that re: standard interfaces, protocols, etc - owning all the parts just one model/approach not the only one). Run through customers, business units, verticals (PeopleSoft, Retail).

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Cisco Expands Its Cloud Collaboration Strategy

Portals and KM

Here Cisco is taking an integration and partnership strategy. In the lower right is Information Management where they have also adopted with same integration and partnership approach. There is also integrated calendaring and scheduling.

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Online Community Unconference 2009 Wiki Open & Session Highlights

Online Community Strategy

convened this session to discuss how to integrate your community into the organization’s decision making process, even when the community mood is dark. A session about managing customer relationships across multiple domains, convened by Ajay Ramachandran of SourceN.

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Technology Review Finally Talks about SharePoint - But Gets the Data Wrong

Michael Sampson - Currents

MIT Technology Review has been looking at collaboration approaches and tools during March, and has finally devoted an article to SharePoint. " In paragraph two of the article, it says " customers like the fact that it works well with other widely used Microsoft products, such as Exchange e-mail and the Office software package. For example, Outlook/Exchange have calendaring capabilities, and so does SharePoint 2007 and 2010, but the integration is terrible.

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Notes on SW101 Building a Smarter Workforce

Michael Sampson - Currents

enable them to better serve their customers. -. is my company internally integrated, to offer the best value end-to-end for customers. theatres with a good approach here earn more than theatres without on. -. Have now integrated Connections into the internet. user adoption approach - kick off with top managers, mobile and social drivers user adoption, hired students to visit 800 people for one-to-one coaching, story telling.

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Have you discovered the power of Serendipitous Collaboration yet?

The Bumble Bee

The most common approach to business collaboration ( Planned Collaboration ) involves prior analysis of the participants to try to identify shared interests in collaboration (e.g. The problem is that this approach does not really work.

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Breakfast with Alistair Rennie in Sydney - Some Notes

Michael Sampson - Currents

There are transformational opportunities - a new way of working, place independent working, customer service and intimacy. Research finding: companies who outperformed their industry are more than 3X as likely to have adopted smart work practices - faster at being able to build skills to new markets, more likely to identify people with needed skills, more likely to gain insights and losve problems by rating and commenting, more likely to integrate and deliver data from multiple sources.

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IBM Global CMO Study: Highlights

Portals and KM

Social platforms have put customers in the driver’s seat and require that marketing efforts become two-way communication.  To meet these changing demands, IBM has announced two web experience software suites, the IBM Customer Experience Suite and the IBM Intranet Experience Suite. Web data has evolved today to include social media, videos, and web-based forms, as well as traditional enterprise data such as financial, customer and order data, and transactions.

2013 130

“Square” Pegs Mobile Payments – Round Hole Still Not Filled

Alchemy of Change

For these small businesses, Square represents a much easier payment solution than having to have customers run to the ATM for cash or even writing out a check. The even bigger draw for these merchants though is better management of their sales data and better connections with customers.

2011 270

Enterprise 2.0: A Transition From Destination Site To Platform Services

Collaborative Thinking

This effort will not go to waste since these types of integration capabilities (e.g., If you have a platform that delivers generic functionality (profile, social graph, tagging, blog, wiki, community, etc), an enterprise will want to customize and extend that general-use platform to better met specific organizational needs. integration with CRM, ERP, supply chain, etc). You may come out with a validation of the current approach – or you may not.

2011 157

Are We In A "Post E2.0 Era"?

Collaborative Thinking

is the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers. Portals represented the best-in-class capability back then to enable contextual collaboration since application and collaboration portlets could be composed into a single, integrated user experience. That said, we do have better tools, integration methods, architectures, etc to accomplish this goal in a more comprehensive manner.

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