Organizations Struggling to Integrate Customer Channels

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Recent research by Pitney Bowes points to the problem of low integration between different marketing channels , and the consequential costs of this: " Pitney Bowes Software (PBS), a global leader in customer data, analytics and communication software and services reveals, through a study of large B2C organisations in UK, France and Germany, that customers are being lost through fragmented and inconsistent communications and failure to integrate marketing channels.

My KM World Notes: Evolve From a Tactical E-Discovery Approach to Search and E-Discovery

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    It is titled:  Evolve From a Tactical E-Discovery Approach to Search and E-Discovery   by  Brian W. During the next 18 months, initiatives to cut costs and rising regulatory demands will drive enterprise e-discovery investments. Lacking an end-to-end approach to gather and filter information, few enterprises report having a holistic approach to e-discovery. At the same time organizations are trying to take out cost.

Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence


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Reflections from 2011 – And Health It Is!


Stay healthy is also going to remain my main wish for everyone out there as we approach the beginning of a New Year: 2012 (Even if it is the last one ). It was getting far too much and I needed to find a way out without being it too costly.

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Overcoming Knowledge Loss: Key Knowledge Retention and Transfer Approaches - KM Edge: Where the best in Knowledge Management come together

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Sign In Home KM Topics KM Overview Case Studies About Us Search Overcoming Knowledge Loss: Key Knowledge Retention and Transfer Approaches Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 In APQCs most recent research on knowledge retention and transfer (KR&T) approaches, the primary lesson is that variety is key. Instead, they leverage an array of KR&T approaches designed to fit specific business situations and the unique cultures of their respective organizations.

The Value of Community Ecosystems

Online Community Strategy

Integrate Community Into The Fabric of the Organization. When most Executives think about customer communities, there is an unfortunate tendency to view them as “cost saving” vs “value producing”. I’ve worked with some form of community my entire career.

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Building Modern Communities #SwarmConf

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My keynote focused on the need for a modern approach to community building in response to the accelerating change and disruption driven by exponential technologies. A New Approach to Community Building.

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Building Modern Communities #SwarmConf

Online Community Strategy

My keynote focused on the need for a modern approach to community building in response to the accelerating change and disruption driven by exponential technologies. A New Approach to Community Building.

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My First Year as a Consultant and what 2016 Holds for Online Communities (I hope)

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The problem with many Digital Transformation efforts is a hyperfocus on the technology at the cost strategy and customer relationships. An approach where: What we thought of as “social” is really the networked marketplace. Sonoma Sunrise in honor of the dawn of 2016.

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Improve Your SEO with Darwin Ecosystem’s Keyword Memes™ Drawn From Tweets

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Our temporal curation algorithm and engine allows us to produce these Keyword Memes on demand and without manual input and costly research. Darwin Ecosystem now offers Keyword Memes for SEO solutions through our API subscription and integration services. 

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Moxie Spaces Enhances Customer Engagement

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Moxie has taken this a step further with an integration of these domains. There are many things now done on the phone can be better handled online, reserving the direct phone contact for when it is really needed and reducing overall operations costs.

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Should You Move Your Email To The Cloud?

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There is also more cost savings, at least up front and likely for the total cost of ownership (but not always). For this reason companies are moving to the “big bang” all at once approach to migration. Migration costs tend to run about.5 Also movement to a new platform with training costs associated with it can raise the cost. The use of communities and employee evangelists can reduce migration costs. Then determine integration requirements.

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Skype as a community platform

Learning Alliances

If you are a technology steward, it’s not only a great tool but it’s also a handy example for illustrating some of the use and integration issues that we have to deal with and be able to talk about. everyone is on Skype, conference calling and group chat are nicely integrated.

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Thoughts On Salesforce & DimDim

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user experience, costs, security, help desk support, change management, development, etc). Integration requires vendor cooperation to deliver a supportable configuration. Application Integration. Organizations have come to expect IM/presence platforms to integrate with desktop productivity tools (office suites, e-mail clients). They also expect integration with enterprise portals. e-learning/LMS integration). Old habits die hard with this post.

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Lotusphere 2012 Notes: Opening Session

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  There are embeded apps to integrate multiple apps into a single place. Suzanne showed multiple examples of integrated with third party apps like SAP and Trilog. We need to integrate the old school systems of record with the new school systems of engagement. 

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BAN FORMS! IT just can't keep up with business networks

Governance in a Networked World

Recently I read an account of an incoming CIO into a well known telecommunications company bemoaning the fact that customers on the legacy, rather than new system, were being charged extra for the extra work this legacy system was costing the company!

Recommind Supports End-to-End eDiscovery

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This reflects a more proactive approach that is being adopted by many Recommind customers. This broader approach means that content collection is not an isolated activity but one that is integrated into an enterprise’s total information management system on an ongoing basis.

Curing Business Ecosystems Blindness

Partnering Resources

However, the ecosystem approach goes beyond the traditional supply chains to examine the more complex web in which a company operates. Trainers, resellers, developers, and system integrators all benefit from their association with Microsoft. Evolution into business ecosystems.

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Skype as a community platform

Digital Habitats

If you are a technology steward, it’s not only a great tool but it’s also a handy example for illustrating some of the use and integration issues that we have to deal with and be able to talk about. everyone is on Skype, conference calling and group chat are nicely integrated.

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Notes on “Deployment of SharePoint 2013 document, records and collaboration solution at AUT” (Alan Marshall, Stephen McWilliams, Shelley Tasele)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Plus various AUT wide information, events, and processes. - … … governance included decisions around authentication, integration with other systems at AUT, etc. - … … using RecordPoint for records management. Day two of the New Zealand SharePoint Conference is starting.

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“Square” Pegs Mobile Payments – Round Hole Still Not Filled

Alchemy of Change

It’s been predicted for years, but we are finally starting to see real progress in integrating payment processing with near field communications (NFC). It’s a smart approach to facilitating commerce – and it definitely makes Square a company to watch.

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What is Next for Desktop Productivity Tools?

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These evolving productivity tools will help enterprises transform to a fit-to-purpose approach to productivity, establishing the foundation for the next wave of productivity that's focused on aligning tools with employee needs. In the words of the report, “ The next wave of  productivity will see today’s innovations dissolve into expected features, creating integrated touch points for content-related activities tailored to fit a business purpose or workforce segment.”.

Community Input: SharePoint 2010

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Atlassian, NewsGator) whose products integrated into SharePoint in ways that alleviated some of the worst functionality (e.g., Burton Group research on enterprise social networking in 2008 found that organizations were tired of tool-by-tool approaches when it came to social tools (blogs, wikis, social networking). There are more integration points however, and a lot of cross-dependencies, and inability to really substitute components.

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Blog>> Trends in Knowledge Management

Green Chameleon

Traditionally, KM was more often than not a top-down driven approach. This open doors to informal and contextual learning; a more costs effective training. suggest the the new trends are processes integration, reduction of information overflow, and integrating tools into a few applications. For example, document taxonomies and knowledge sharing procedures were defined; identified experts shared their knowledge in defined communities.

Technology Review Finally Talks about SharePoint - But Gets the Data Wrong

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MIT Technology Review has been looking at collaboration approaches and tools during March, and has finally devoted an article to SharePoint. " For example, Outlook/Exchange have calendaring capabilities, and so does SharePoint 2007 and 2010, but the integration is terrible. For more, see The Cost of SharePoint = License Fee x9 (It's a Microsoft Figure) and What Does It Actually Mean to Offer a "Platform"?

2011 126 Expands Its Social Email Offering to Include Lotus Notes

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Their new Notes edition now enables Lotus customers, many of whom have deployed SharePoint, to bring SharePoint functionality into the email environment for Notes users, without a costly migration to an all-Microsoft platform.

Media Trust launches Newsnet site and network

Social Reporter

With newsnet our approach is focused on collaboration with established citizen journalists, as well as identifying others who could benefit from the resources newsnet offers.

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Introducing Lobbi – with bold aims to change politics locally and globally

Social Reporter

Steven is particularly informative on the hard slog of achieving an inclusive approach , which may come more by knocking on doors and using email lists than new social tech functions. The more ambitious you are, the more the costs and management issues increase.

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UC And ROI: Round2: IBM's Truth And Fiction Example

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the total cost of ownership is not clearly outlined, a reasonable TCO model would establish a timeline (say 3 years) and include the total costs, including various weighting factors for planning, operational support, integration costs, help desk, change management, and so on.". They provided data on their 3 year costs including things like education and support. Their return was 9 times costs. times costs was actually fairly conservative.

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IBM Connect 2013: Ed Brill on Reinventing the Inbox

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Helps you quickly locate the people and content you need through integrated access to social tools from IBM Connections and IBM Lotus Quickr® software, including profiles, activities, team places, and content libraries. IBM Docs also has integrated social features.

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UC And ROI: IBM's Truth And Fiction Example

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On average - using suggested retail prices, it would cost approximately $450K to purchase 5000 Sametime licenses including maintenance, two hardware servers, pay someone to plan and install the software and servers, and pay an administrator to maintain the system. IBM is being very selective (almost dismissive) of the costs to introduce, deploy, and maintain the system. . These figures are based on our experience from similar deployments as well as IBM's own measured cost savings.

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Share2010 Session: Mike Rawson from DB Breweries on "The Art of SharePoint"

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At DB, Mike is responsible for all integration between systems. Worked with Gen-i (a Telecom NZ systems integrator) on the project. Ensuring that the risks, costs and management of the process leads to adoption and improved usefulness for the enterprise. " SharePoint is integrated into many systems - SAP BW Reports, BizTalk 2007 and 2007, PerformancePoint, Microsoft Project Management, InfoPath, and Nintex. "We Would you do the big bang approach next time?

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IBM Connections Conversations - 3: Analytics + Social

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What is exciting here is the integration of social capabilities and analytics. increasing speed to access knowledge, reducing communication costs, and increasing speed to access internal experts) and outside the enterprise (increasing effectiveness of marketing, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing marketing costs). I see the new capabilities within Connections covered in these three posts to further support this integration of social into business.

News Updates (October 21, 2009)

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The IBM Client for Smart Work ([link] based on IBM productivity and collaboration software, helps organizations save up to 50 percent per seat on software costs versus a Microsoft-based desktop, in addition to avoiding requisite hardware upgrades. Jive Gets $12 Million.

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Lotusphere 2011 Notes: Future of Social Business – Rest of the Story

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Charlie said a major part of his role is to make it easy to integrate Lotus technology and add more social to apps.  Tighter integration is one of the key aspects. IBM is benefiting from this approach internally. This is another in a series of my notes on Lotusphere 2011.

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Education Technology Action Group consultation


The common theme here is that at the level of policy relating to schools, the use of technology for education is being perceived as a separate, specialist area, rather than an effective and integral range of approaches and tools to support learners and learning communities. This isn’t, of course, to say that there is any shortage of schools and school staff making effective and creative use of innovative approaches that are supported, or made possible, by the use of technologies.

Reclaiming Work

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workplace has become an investor-driven market, a place where workers are treated as disposable cogs who are costs to be minimized rather than capabilities to be maximized on-the-job, Weddle says. But they do need to identify their talent – their innate capacity for excellence – and take a proactive approach to integrating it into their career. I receive many story pitches every day, and ignore most of them as being irrelevant. This one stood out today.

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The Future of Collaborative Networks

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

" This approach to software development does not work. The resulting application suites are monolithic, inflexible, not extensible, expensive to scale and are invariably difficult, if not impossible, to integrate with other enterprise technologies.

News Updates (December 16, 2009)

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Hosted online, the HyperOffice suite delivers to SMBs the power and productivity of costly corporate collaboration products – for a low monthly subscription fee of about $7 per month, per user, secure, and hassle free. HyperOffice Update.

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12 Ways to DO and NOT DO a Social Media Press Release – MSF Medecins Sans Frontieres

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I found no social media elements other than the usual “social media is another broadcast channel” approach. I don’t have a problem with this type of TV show online – good on them – but let’s not talk about “socially integrated” shall we?

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Ten critical foundations for successful collaborative networks

The Bumble Bee

Each of these virtual enterprise projects involves a specific subset of members from the community and typically focuses on either winning new business contracts, implementing shared services (cost reductions) or new product adoption and development.

How the Client Experience Defines the New ROI of Social Business – Finally, A New KPI in the Making


There is also an opportunity to rethink how we approach these KPIs. So, who wants to jump the shark and move into the 21st century to become a successful Socially Integrated Enterprise? At all costs.”. .

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News Updates (February 2, 2010)

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Encore's Attorney Document Review Service is part of its fully integrated discovery services offering spanning the entire discovery lifecycle and is designed to help clients materially reduce the cost of discovery without sacrificing quality. 12Sprints, which will be renamed once it becomes generally available, takes a "radically open" approach to integration and access, said David Meyer, senior vice president of emerging technologies. Apps Store for Google Apps.

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