The Principled Approach 2

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But research studies aside, the million dollar questions for teachers are: How do I to integrate technology into my classroom? Most classrooms had IWBs (Interactive Whiteboards), but teachers were having difficulty moving away from a teacher-centred lecture approach with these.

The Principled Approach

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A study from the University of Lancaster was carried out in 2003 among 17 schools in the UK, and was designed to look at how the use of ICT in classes affected learning outcomes, behavior and school attendance. They seem particularly well suited to the process approach to writing.

Integrating a 1-to-1 tablet initiative at primary level

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In this guest blog post Dimitris shares his experience from Doukas school in Athens which integrated ICT into the syllabus (one tablet PC per student) in 2009 and has become a Microsoft Case Study for adopting this approach. ICT educators: Dimitris Primalis. Image by gterez.

The 1-minute guide to integrating technology into teaching

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One of the biggest challenges facing EFL (and other) teachers today is how to integrate technology into our classes in a meaningful and principled way. Integrating technology is not just finding a great new tool or idea and then trying it out. Photo by retro traveler.

Mapping the social innovation ecosystems around public libraries together: the Czech connection(s)

Making CommunitySense

The Tilburg Public Library is known for its groundbreaking library innovations, such as the recently opened LocHal , which is truly a “ world-class urban living room for Tilburg in an iconic former locomotive shed of the Dutch National Railways” More about that in a future post.

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Collaborative Thinking: Building A Robust Feed Syndication Platform

Collaborative Thinking

While this type of scale may not be necessary within an enterprise per se - it does illustrate how such platforms should be approached as a core infrastructure decision. With only three enterprise-class vendors in this space ( Attensa , KnowNow and NewsGator ), I remain amazed at how poorly large vendors (e.g.,

Overcoming Knowledge Loss: Key Knowledge Retention and Transfer Approaches - KM Edge: Where the best in Knowledge Management come together

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Sign In Home KM Topics KM Overview Case Studies About Us Search Overcoming Knowledge Loss: Key Knowledge Retention and Transfer Approaches Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 In APQCs most recent research on knowledge retention and transfer (KR&T) approaches, the primary lesson is that variety is key. Instead, they leverage an array of KR&T approaches designed to fit specific business situations and the unique cultures of their respective organizations.

10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

This is the traditional “someone at the top has said this needs to happen” approach, usually accompanied by a cascade, a change initiative, communications and engagement plan, brown-bag presentations, training programmes, mugs and mouse mats.

Facilitation tips for improvisers

Viv Mcwaters

Play with formats, try out new approaches, remembering the constraints of the form. There’s an underlying architecture to different performance types, just as there’s an underlying architecture to facilitation approaches. If you go to improv classes to learn or hone your improv skills, also consider facilitation classes to hone your facilitation skills.

Inspiring students through research-based education

Jenny Connected

Ideas such as negotiated outcomes, student autonomy, collaborative learning and student/staff integrated research communities all need much unpicking and discussion – to make meaning through dialogue and working across boundaries.

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Notes on "Social Business: Moving the Business Needle Forward" at AusLUG 2013 - Chris Crummey, IBM

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For social areas - social networking, social analytics, social content, and social integration. It's integrated and seamless by design. -. integrating Connections into Notes 9 Social Edition, Microsoft Outlook and Office, and Mobile Clients. Various Microsoft customers say, "IBM integrates better with Outlook and Internet Explorer than Microsoft does." Want to integrate other applications into there.

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Making Conference Calls Sound Better - Dolby and BT Conferencing

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The trial promises to improve business communication by combining Dolby expertise in core signal processing and human psychoacoustic perception with BT's world-class capabilities in the field of unified communications. This approach creates the impression that sounds are coming from unique points in space (as they would in real life), so call participants can easily identify who is speaking and what they are saying.

Are We In A "Post E2.0 Era"?

Collaborative Thinking

Portals represented the best-in-class capability back then to enable contextual collaboration since application and collaboration portlets could be composed into a single, integrated user experience. While there were plenty of technology limitations, it’s important to historically note that today’s siren call to integrate social tools into business apps and processes is not a new idea.

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Preventing Privacy Breaches or Constraining Collaboration: The Internal / External Sharing Decision in IBM Connections Next

Michael Sampson - Currents

One of the most eagerly anticipated capabilities for the next version of IBM Connections – due to be released on May 21 – is integrated support for external collaboration.

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The Seven Habits (??) of Highly Effective Collaborators - Think Organizations, Not People

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build a social life (integrated with your enterprise collaboration approach). - one of the sharpest divides among maturity classes was in how companies defined their collaborative ROI. Only 20% of the Industry Average indicated that collaboration provided accelerated product development compared to 84% of Best-in-Class companies. " Hyoun from Aberdeen proposes a list of seven habits that highly effective collaborative organizations enact: ".

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Mobile learning #4: On the move

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Although mobile learning can be integrated strategically in the classroom (see this earlier post for more ), the easiest way to start using mobile learning with learners may be not use it in the classroom. In a subsequent class, get them to report back again, this time more briefly.

From “ecological theory of concepts”

Taming the spaces

Traditionally concepts have been viewed as internal structures that represent a class of entities in the world. The approach implies a view of mind in which the union of perception and environment drives conceptualization, forging a web of conceptual relations or ‘ecology of mind’. Gärdenfors (2000a, b) has introduced a provocative geometrical approach to concepts. He defines domain as a set of integrable dimensions that are separate from all other dimensions.

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The Future of Collaborative Networks

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

This new class of enterprise software, dubbed social business software, intends to create enterprise social networks and deliver new social tools for creating conversations and providing one to one interactions. " This approach to software development does not work.

12 Ways to DO and NOT DO a Social Media Press Release – MSF Medecins Sans Frontieres

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I found no social media elements other than the usual “social media is another broadcast channel” approach. I don’t have a problem with this type of TV show online – good on them – but let’s not talk about “socially integrated” shall we?

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Teachers & Web 1.0 – A Beginner´s Guide to Webs 1,2,3, x

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And this needs to be in a principled and consistent way, not just bunging some technology into a class for the sake of it. Talk through a list of prepositions/idioms/example sentences in tense x beamed up for the class in a Word document. Subscribe to the comments for this post?

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Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange

John Tropea - Delicious Community

In his free ebook ‘ One Tribe at a Time ’ he talks about an “acceptable level of integration.”: The organizational change management approach caters for 4 different elements. We just need another new way to approach it and help each other. Management Innovation eXchange.

Clarizen Moves Beyond Online Project Management

Portals and KM

Since I last spoke to them, Clarizen has undertaken some innovative moves to extend this class of applications.    In response Clarizen has adopted a design approach of what they term “robust simplicity” and extended functionality beyond the planning phase.

Are We In A "Post E2.0 Era"?

Collaborative Thinking

Portals represented the best-in-class capability back then to enable contextual collaboration since application and collaboration portlets could be composed into a single, integrated user experience. While there were plenty of technology limitations, it’s important to historically note that today’s siren call to integrate social tools into business apps and processes is not a new idea.

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Teachers & Web 2.0 – A Beginner´s Guide to Webs 1,2,3, x

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Even if teachers are using some of these tools themselves they may still not see how exactly they can be integrated into their normal practice. fits in well with a communicative, collaborative approach to teaching and learning. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Tweet This!

“Square” Pegs Mobile Payments – Round Hole Still Not Filled

Alchemy of Change

The second class of early adopters are slightly bigger, independent businesses that already have credit card payment solutions but are looking to save money and get better functionality than what’s available from today’s payment processing machines.

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Twitter is Not a Social Network

Alchemy of Change

Twitter’s growth has been fueled largely by the company’s more open approach to its data, embracing third-party developers and encouraging them to make cool shit with its API. That’s an interesting approach.

Social Network Marketing Campaigns: Features Attributes

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

If they aren’t and they take a neutral approach, they are journalists reporting other people’s news, facts not passion, promotion, self-marketing.

IBM Global CMO Study: Highlights

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Finally, shifting demographics are occurring around the world from the expanding middle class in India to the rising proportion of Hispanics in the US. The new IBM Customer Experience Suite provides CMOs with the ability to manage and integrate all types of data on their web sites and then analyze it for deeper insight into customer buying patterns and sentiment. In the changing digital world this integration is critical for success

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News Updates (December 16, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie is a brilliant technologist who has not achieved anything approaching brilliance in his time at Microsoft. HyperOffice Update. HyperOffice released a beta edition of its new cloud computing collaboration service.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

In Jan 2009 I’ve now published a Forrester Wave which segments the leaders that provide solution (service, strategy, and support) for enterprise class marketers (aka customer communities for the big brands). This is software you can brand and integrate tightly into your existing domain.

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OutStart’s Learning Content Management System Automates Key Components of Content Development

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This is different from the traditional artisan approach of hand building learning content one instance at a time. One of the main benefits of the modular approach is the ease in which personalized learning can be provided. OutStart’s LCMS integrates with Microsoft office, enabling the ingestion of SME created or legacy content for reuse and repurposing. The LCMS can integrate with a variety of LMS’s, including the LMS that OutStart offers.

Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Is ChinesePod setting industry standards?

Ken Carroll

Examples of these theories in an integrated format, in practice are not common. An integrated learning 2.0 The approach we took has certainly been organic. But IMHO the learner sometimes needs guidance from experts or a progressive approach.

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5 Tips for Knowledge Gardeners: How to Grow a Collaborative Learning Community by Josh Little : Learning Solutions Magazine

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

Using this analogy, free tools aren’t free if they require time to customize, integrate, or work around. She was assigned to a ninth-grade teacher and students, to help the students succeed in their classes so that they can stay on (or get on) a college-bound track.

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The Ping Pong Effect

TNT - The Network Thinker

Others point the finger at the "banksters" -- greedy Wall Street investment bankers extracting wealth from the working classes. I approach this map as a social network analyst and my initial hunch is to look for central players.

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What Social Media and Enterprise 2.0 Can Bring to HR Processes

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To fill the real business need addressed by the 2006 report, a new class of tools has emerged such as Bitrix that are designed to do what the MIT CIO did but with many more business capabilities available out of the box, and much more alignment with business requirements such as security. We are also seeing more integration of capabilities within a single tool set.   Others have taken similar approaches.

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Fast Forward Summit Notes – Andrew McAfee

Green Chameleon

Andrew then switches the class coverage to enterprise 2.0 - these tools are exactly the opposite - these tools allow you to get out of the away and let ideas emerge. The dominant verb in this section is "emerge.” Andrew thought students would find this uncomfortable - he was wrong on both counts - they loved the second one - liked emergence - He likes this outcome as it ends the class on a high note. (I

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Online Educa Berlin 2010 Keynote: Building Networked Learning Environments


TLE is the Local Authority's integrated approach to education for 0 to 19 year olds. the awareness, attitude and ability of individuals to appropriately use digital tools and facilities to identify, access, manage, integrate, evaluate, analyse and synthesise digital resources, construct new knowledge, create media expressions, and communicate with others in the context of specific life situations, in order to enable constructive social action; and to reflect upon this process.” .

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Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Are podcasts inferior to text?

Ken Carroll

With SpanishPod, for example, you have the Intro Dialog Translation Commentary Dialog repetition Cultural Observations Ending A standardized approach to the audio design means that users know the times where they find each of these elements after 2 or 3 listens. I actually believe that audio and visuals are the great new frontier that, when integrated with text, will open all sorts of new learning possibilities. Ken Carroll networks, languages, and learning 2.0

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Are We In A "Post E2.0 Era"? (Collaborative Thinking)

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Portals represented the best-in-class capability back then to enable contextual collaboration since application and collaboration portlets could be composed into a single, integrated user experience. While there were plenty of technology limitations, it’s important to historically note that today’s siren call to integrate social tools into business apps and processes is not a new idea. Media Studies MA Class. Collaborative Thinking.

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Green Chameleon » Doing KM One Person at a Time

Green Chameleon

The idea of a clinic came up because we realised that out of a class of 35, not all of them can figure out on their own how and where to apply those tools. If I were to run the same programme again, I’d definitely make the clinic an integral part of it. I have the same approach but in my experience 7 groups… By Tim Suoer great, such a fun United Nations group.

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Recognizing Barriers to Collaboration :

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Today, I’d like to take an unusual approach to exploring collaboration. I’ll integrate them into this article and repost it for you to refer to online. Also, I’m wondering if there is a gender dynamic to this as, not to over generalize, but women tend to gravitate toward a more collaborative approach and men more of a status/competition approach to work. Integral Longevity. Monday, December 19, 2011. About. Products. Free Resources. bookstore.

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How Procter & Gamble Got Employees to Use Social Networking at Work - - Business Technology Leadership

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Subscription Services » Reprints » ); Practice Made Perfect How Procter & Gamble Got Employees to Use Social Networking at Work Procter & Gamble drove adoption of social networking tools by integrating them with existing with work processes. Why It Was Unique: P&G is deploying the tools with groups that demand them and integrating them with the ways people work.

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Blog Cases from 2005: Jim McGee on Knowledge Work

Portals and KM

  Before successfully launching his blog Jim had been experimenting with several other approaches to using web technologies as part of knowledge management when he was the Chief Knowledge Officer for Diamond Technology Partners, a strategy consulting firm he helped found in 1994. Other times, it may be a comparison or integration of topics that he saw as a result of items being juxtaposed in his aggregator.

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