Central Desktop Using Twitter for Sales, Service, and Brand Monitoring Conversations

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I have written about Central Desktop several times (e.g. Central Desktop Moves Up with Enterprise Edition and How Barack Obama is Using Web and Enterprise 2.0 in the US Primary Campaign Through Central Desktop ). If they saw conversations about Central Desktop or relevant social media issues, they would join the conversation. Finally, the firm called Central Desktop and signed up.

My Reviews of the Collaboration Platforms on the Recent Forrester Wave™

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Atlassian, Jive Software, Socialtext, and Traction Software all approach the market with strong social networking capabilities. Central Desktop is the only pure software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering with a focus on small and medium businesses, as well as enterprise departments.” Central Desktop adds MS Outlook Integration to its SaaS Social Technology Platform and Central Desktop Moves Up with Enterprise Edition.

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News Updates (February 26, 2010)

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Central Desktop 2.0. Central Desktop released a major update to its hosted collaboration service, with a revised UI, an online file viewer, improved wiki navigaton, and more. " In the crowded collaboration software market, Central Desktop remains the only full-featured SaaS collaboration solution designed specifically for the mid-market since 2005. Central Desktop 2.0 Formotus provides mobile device integration with SharePoint.

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Social Software Gaining Greater Traction with the Enterprise and Vendors Respond

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With enterprise social technologies, buyers must now assess vendors pursuing three distinct strategies: commoditization, horizontal and vertical solutions, and integration with adjacent technologies.”   In addition, wiki adoption will approach 50% in 2010 and they are the most popular tool. The many other venders are vendors pursuing “three distinct strategies: commoditization, horizontal and vertical solutions, and integration with adjacent technologies.”

News Updates (June 24, 2009)

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Central Desktop Status Updates. Central Desktop added a Status Updates feature to its collaboration service. Today, we officially launched and released a fully integrated micro-blogging tool into the Central Desktop platform. While the feature is influenced by the functionality of Twitter and Micro-Blogging, we are calling and describing the feature "Central Desktop Status Updates."

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News Updates (December 10, 2009)

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TimeBridge announced an integration with Box.net, to support file and document sharing before, during and after meetings. Fixing the problem will require multiple approaches. There is a new iPhone app for Central Desktop , from Red Oak Technologies. TimeBridge and Box.

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More from Forrester on the Future of Enterprise 2.0 Technologies

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I recently received a review copy of Forrester TechRadar For Vendor Strategists: Enterprise Web 2.0 - How Product Strategists Should Approach A Maturing Web 2.0 I think social bookmarks provide a useful utility that is getting integrated into other tools. I see an increasing movement among vendors to provide integrated platforms that make use of a number of these tools. Deki Wik i and Central Deskto p combine many of these tools with a wiki platform under the covers.

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Collaboration for Funders: Use the Right Tools


If you're going to do something sophisticated, like integrating your grants management system with your grantee community, be sure you have very solid management support, a healthy budget, and a very patient stakeholder group. Here are three broad approaches: Grab a free or cheap tool and get started fast. You can learn a lot, especially about the needs and behaviors of your end-user community, by taking this approach. Approach it carefully, but remember to also have fun.

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Designing for Civil Society: Do communities need boundaries?

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On the other hand, if you are focussed on selling membership services a walled garden approach may be appropriate. Then you can either build your own system - as with RSA Networks - or configure a general-purpose system (like Central Desktop) to meet your needs.

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