Collaborative Thinking: Another Example Of Video In The Classroom

Collaborative Thinking

» February 29, 2008 Another Example Of Video In The Classroom Shades of things to come: Carleton University in Canada has created a video portal for students, according to Campus Technology , which allows them to share, annotate, search, index, and even remix class lecture videos. Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Getting Started With Web Conferencing | Main | Time-out for a festival.

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#OpenedMOOC Week 6: The Triumph of the Immaterial

Jenny Connected

He warns that there is no visibility on how data is being used and that it’s important for the OER movement to understand and explore the algorithms in analytic systems. Phoebe Cummings has created a piece of work that she expects to be reused, reworked, remixed and redistributed.

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Edinburgh University’s updated Manifesto for Teaching Online – 2015

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Remixing digital content redefines authorship. Algorithms and analytics re-code education: pay attention!

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Notes from the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

Three big enablers - (a) technology - cameras, laptops, video online, social networking, (b) community - started small, and grew gradually / organically, and positive feedback for the people doing great work, and (c) remix - needing to overcome the premium of "my original work," and allowing people to build on the ideas of other people. Applying analytics for predicting the right teams for client engagement - this IBM technology will be integrated into Kenexa. -.

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Open courses in January 2011

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Three have captured my attention are: Learning and Knowledge Analytics (LAK11). It is fun just to look at the assignments that have already been submitted – a wonderful example of the talent and creativity that can be tapped into on the net and also a wonderful example of the four key activities of connectivist teaching and learning in action, i.e. aggregation, remixing, repurposing and feed forward. The net seems awash with open courses at the moment.

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Innovation Happens at the Intersections

TNT - The Network Thinker

Art, dance, music, theater and technology remixed through a long weekend: July 19th - 22nd. analytic data visualizations as art. Innovation happens at the intersection. of two or more different, yet similar, groups. Where.

Twelve best practices for online customer communities | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

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