IBM Connections Conversations - 3: Analytics + Social

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In this post we will look at the new analytics capabilities, as well as the advantages of being able to work both inside and outside the enterprise through the same platform. What is exciting here is the integration of social capabilities and analytics. They can adjust campaigns on the fly. For example, the fully networked organizations had almost twice as such integration of social aspects into the employees day to day work and a greater improvement in benefits.

Adobe Offers a New Collection of Digital Marketing Capabilities

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It combines social publishing and engagement with monitoring, social ad buying and analytics that can attribute social activity to business results. Adobe Social builds on the social media management technology Adobe acquired earlier this year as part of the Context Optional/Efficient Frontier acquisition, as well as the social media monitoring and analytics of Adobe Social Analytics.

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Facebook Course – Sydney – February 2017

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Curriculum of the Facebook course (Sydney Feb 2017): Are you interested in: Facebook Analytics , Insights, KPIs and writing Measurement reports? We do go quickly through the basics on day one but speedily move into intermediate areas of Ads and Analytics, Algorithms and so on. .

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May 2011: Social Media Course

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

We cover the basis of a 5-step social media campaign and then use the computers to gain hands on practical use of social media tools which the student can continue to use after the course. Learn how to integrate Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and Flickr into your website (new or old).

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Social media training on Foursquare Google Plus Pinterest Facebook Training for June and July 2012

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Use Google Plus for identifying Leads and using analytics. What can be added to Google Plus to integrate it with Facebook and Twitter and your website? Will Google dominate social media by integrating all Google services into Plus. See how it integrates Docs, Gmail, YouTube, etc.

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ZAAZ Hiring Community Managers

Web Social Architecture

Enact brand campaigns in social media. Conversant in SEO/SEM, web analytics, web technology, mobile campaigns, community, creative/brand. Ability to integrate with virtual teams across agency and client organizations. Few interactive agencies understand how to utilize web analytics in delivering rich, creative and thoughtfully designed brand experiences optimized for measurable results.

ZAAZ Hiring Community Managers

Web Social Architecture

Enact brand campaigns in social media. Conversant in SEO/SEM, web analytics, web technology, mobile campaigns, community, creative/brand. Ability to integrate with virtual teams across agency and client organizations. Few interactive agencies understand how to utilize web analytics in delivering rich, creative and thoughtfully designed brand experiences optimized for measurable results.

Lotusphere 2012 - Opening General Session

Michael Sampson - Currents

Social business - social networking, content in motion (social content systems), and an insight-driven culture (analytics around processes, sentiment, the market, etc). Email is also integrated into the home page, along with calendar entries. The new mail integration works with both Domino and Exchange. Links with Polycom for video integration, and Plantronics for headset support. To win - need to deliver seamlessly integrated support across multiple channels.

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Webtrends Moves Toward Greater Openness for Products and Company

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On the data extraction side they allow for integration of their data into other tools within the enterprise. This helps Web analytics to get out of silos and into executive dashboards for greater visibility. As marketing people need to work across a broader array of channels, Webtrends wants to provide for better campaign management and coordination across all of these channels. Last week I attended the Webtrends Engage 2010 event in New Orleans. 

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Collaborative Thinking: YouTube + Digg + Obama = YouBama

Collaborative Thinking

This can democratize the campaign process. The best part about the site is that it has nothing to do with the official Obama campaign. Says Pedregal: There are a lot of things the Obama campaign can’t say or can’t do.

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Collaborative Thinking: Time-out for a festival.

Collaborative Thinking

The top videos, seen here, will be integrated into the organizations recruiting efforts.

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Collaborative Thinking: Social Media: Sometimes Its All About The Contest

Collaborative Thinking

For example, YouTube doesn’t hand over any data to marketers about how their video ad campaigns perform. With Votigo’s next step, though, the contest could be turned into a marketing campaign on other sites that Victoria Secret can then manage itself.

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Conversations With a Wonderful Client

Full Circle Associates

Intuitively I believe it is, but taking a more analytical stance is useful. You and I also discussed the possibility to use the new corporate values which have been developed in a very inclusive process, as a means of achieving integration, dialogue and team cohesion.

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Collaborative Thinking: From Star Power To Network Power

Collaborative Thinking

Sounds simple - but organizations needs to take the time to observe and learn how to interact with the audience and become a participant of sorts to avoid being perceived as a traditional marketing campaign. And some resorts are spending as much as $50,000 for campaigns that interact more directly with members by using features such as mobile blogging widgets and RSS feeds.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

This is software you can brand and integrate tightly into your existing domain. Awareness builds these features into complete communities for companies, or customers use the Awareness API and widgets to integrate Web 2.0 This is still one of the top viewed posts according to analytics.

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10 Community Manager Responsibilities that Don't Involve Twitter.


Look at Boring Stats — and Make Them Interesting This has a little to do with the Social Media platforms, but mostly with analytics. The same way you create different landing pages for different ads, create specific phone numbers relating to specific campaigns.

NewsGator Offers Social Sites ™: A Comprehensive Enterprise Social Networking Suite | The AppGap

John Tropea - Delicious Community

NewsGator has always been close to Microsoft as their RSS reader integrates with Outlook. and Ashley walked me through the many components of Social Sites that can be integrated with SharePoint.

Online Community Expert Interview: Ryan Holmes, CEO/Founder, Invoke

Online Community Report

Since 2000, Invoke has grown to a talented 26-person powerhouse focused on new media disciplines such as online advertising, viral campaigns and social application development. A: I think that the more interesting usage has been around scheduling of tweets and RSS feed integration. The RSS feed integration is also powerful because it allows someone to easily add a bunch of content feeds around a specific interest niche.

Social Media Targeting for People and Businesses

Online Social Networking

Marketers need to learn how to focus their social media efforts by applying rigorous standards and analytics to new media marketing campaigns. They may also try to understand why the competition is doing what it does, and if a campaign is used over and over, they’ll will assume that the campaign is profitable. In social media you are an integral part of your brand. Marketing is often as important to people as it is to businesses.

CongressCamp: Where the Hill Meets Web 2.0


Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook) without integrating them into their existing web presence, aside from home page cross-link placement. Web analytics likewise are not being leveraged to the extent possible to provide feedback on the effectiveness of social engagement and the amplification of the office message. Political campaigns and nonprofits are fueling the push to transform digital communications on the Hill.

Collaborative Thinking: Getting Started With Web Conferencing

Collaborative Thinking

It is likely that a CSP will offer additional capabilities in terms of audio, video, integration with instant messaging systems and mobile support. The repackaging often includes a customized front-end and a unified back-end administration and billing system that integrates with what the carrier is offering to its customers as part of an overall voice/data solution. Integration with survey tools might also be needed if there are any type of testing requirements.

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Collaborative Thinking: Tagging Beyond Content: Applications & People

Collaborative Thinking

Tag Clouds could be integrated with applications as well, functioning as an alternative navigational technique. a tag cloud could categorize call types in a call center so operators could get a sense of “customer service hot topics” or whether inbound calls were related to a marketing campaign.

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Implementing the Cisco Collaboration Framework

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to integrate packages of tools into a single. Networks ideally should support: • Voice over IP (VoIP) to provide fully integrated. available through the corporate network • Integration with internal systems for. Awareness and educational campaigns, for example, play important roles. Cisco on Cisco Implementing the. Cisco Collaboration. Framework IntroductionExecutive OverviewContentsForeword A Guide to Accelerating Business Value with.