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Net-Map Toolbox

Originally posted on BirAlNas : One of the most important aspects of the Bir Al-Nas approach is the integration of social analysis into hydrogeochemical and hydrogeological investigations. Said in other words: a Stakeholder Analysis. For this purpose, within the Bir Al-Nas approach, I’ve chosen to perform a Social Network Analysis (SNA), applying the Net Map toolbox (Schiffer et al.,

2014 98 Connect Integrates with SharePoint

Portals and KM

IDC MarketScape noted in its report, “ Worldwide Enterprise Social Software 2012 Vendor Analysis ,” that, "The ultimate goal of enterprise social software is to support a business' ability to surface information in real time and in context in a way that enables a broader business system of relationship. This integration makes a lot of sense to me and is consistent with the trends I am seeing across the social platforms I have covered before (see New

BroadVision Offers Social Engagement Analysis Consulting Service

Portals and KM

BroadVision has announced its new Clearvale Social Engagement Analysis Service. Here is one of our last conversations ( BroadVision’s Clearvale Offers Integrated Enterprise Social Networking Platform ).

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Integrating Network Analysis into a Social Media/Collaboration Project

Patti Anklam

in which an organizational network analysis (ONA) is used in an integrated way during the development of a collaboration strategy. See Using Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and let us know what you think. Apart from the online course, we work to tailor the content to the needs of the students, that is, we talk about how to integrate an ONA project into the work challenges that they are facing right now.

TIBCO Spotfire: Self-Service Enterprise Data Analysis with a Social Capabilities

Portals and KM

Spotfire has provided a self-service data analysis tool for several years to enable business users to apply their own domain expertise that is not filtered through analytic tool experts. This is what TIBCO has done with the integration of Spotfire 4.0

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Social Network Analysis in the public sector

Collaborative Thinking

In addition, the platform is designed to fit seamlessly into existing environments, supporting standards such LDAP and Google’s OpenSocial , and with integration to mobile devices and corporate email accounts. Interesting application of SNA re: collaboration, transparency, etc. . SAP Innovation: Social Networking at the Service of the French Public Sector | SAP Web 2.0.

7 Pillars Analysis of IBM

Michael Sampson - Currents

The following is lifted from an internal working paper doing a 7 Pillars analysis of IBM: " IBM offers a tremendous range of technical capabilities to support shared access to team data that is stored in its products. Most of the focus, however, is on real-time interaction through Lotus Sametime, and its integration with both telephony systems and IBM’s collaboration products. If I finished my 7 Pillars analysis of the IBM product range, would you be interested in it?

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X-RIME: Hadoop based large scale social network analysis

Collaborative Thinking

Below are some other interesting efforts: X-RIME: Hadoop based large scale social network analysis. A key enabler for this is a cost efficient solution for social data management and social network analysis (SNA). However, most of existing cloud based data analysis solutions are trying to provide SQL-like general purpose query languages, and do not directly support social network analysis. The library could be integrated with other Hadoop based data warehouses (e.g.,

Socialcast Adds Sharepoint and Outlook Integration, New Features, and Enhanced Metrics

Portals and KM

To support this strategy they have made a number of moves, including enhanced features that we will look at: Outlook and SharePoint integration, and increased support for mobile devices. To further support this email integration, Socialcast has integrated with Outlook.

Literate analysis, literate modeling

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

Recently, I've begun using R2wd and may also use Sweave as the application of literate programming ideas to data analysis. In my experience so far, that approach does help organize the analysis process, and it does seem to justify the "reproducible research" moniker. Between the two programs, they can turn a reproducible analysis into your favorite publication format: PDF, ODT, HTML, or DOC(X).

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Leading from the Bottom

Governance in a Networked World

Over a decade and a half of Social Network Analysis (SNA) studies has highlighted to us just how embedded this model is within organisations, though clearly the degree of hierarchical compliance does vary significantly across industries. We have been long term advocates of J.B.

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Another Example Of Facebook Integration

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Cross: The Hidden Power of Social Networks: Understanding How Work Really Gets Done in Organizations David Knoke: Social Network Analysis (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) John P Scott: Social Network Analysis: A Handbook Martin Kilduff: Social Networks and Organizations Linton C. Facebooks primary allure is its ability to integrate other social media platforms.

Did Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Really get it Wrong in Banning "Work from Home"?

Governance in a Networked World

The “canned online training” fell far short of providing the organisational change support required when convincing an end user of the need to move from the comfort of a well-loved legacy system, to a new “integrated” system.

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Did Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Really get it Wrong in Banning "Work from Home"?

Governance in a Networked World

The “canned online training” fell far short of providing the organisational change support required when convincing an end user of the need to move from the comfort of a well-loved legacy system, to a new “integrated” system.

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System of Systems


IBM Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Social Computing Work Life Integration

Collaborative Thinking: Framing Contests: Putting Decisions In Context

Collaborative Thinking

Facebook Developers | Integrating Facebook Chat Everywhere Subscribe to Collaborative Thinking Add me to your TypePad People list Archives May 2010 April 2010 February 2010 January 2010 December 2009 November 2009 October 2009 September 2009 August 2009 July 2009 More.

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Overlapping communities by multiple group membership: quantum behavior in social networks

Bas Rues

In social network analysis, a network often looks quite simple, when you zoom in to a certain section. Showing and integrating their networks would be a great challenge. online collaborative spaces self-organization social network analysis visualization networks quantum sna

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Collaborative Thinking: WebEx Connect: Tough Decisions Ahead For Large Enterprises

Collaborative Thinking

As web conferencing becomes more of a function rather than a distinct product, on-premise solutions from Microsoft and IBM that integrate Avaya, Cisco, Nortel and others are likely to marginalize WebEx over time.

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Collaborative Thinking: Analytics: Key To Understanding Social Media

Collaborative Thinking

Sentiment Analysis: A Focus on Applications Published: February 19, 2008 Text analytics can be applied to extract and analyze attitudinal information from sources as varied as articles, blog postings, e-mail, call-center notes and survey responses. Last month, I looked at Sentiment Analysis: Opportunities and Challenges , promising a follow-on focus on applications.

Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Unified Communications & Collaboration Keynote

Collaborative Thinking

New: Ericsson integrating with Sametime - click on a name and start a call and then move call into a conference, onto a mobile phone or traditional phone, etc. New: NEC also integrating its telephony server with Sametime. Nortel will see and integrate Sametime as well.

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Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Social Computing Chess Match

Collaborative Thinking

Previously, Microsoft had integrated with Socialtext as well. Yes, IBM has wiki technology and you can integrate Notes, QuickR and Sametime with Connections - but for purposes of this post, Im looking at Connections in a turnkey way.

2008 130

Green Chameleon » Who Makes Policy?

Green Chameleon

One of the key enablers in organisation-wide KM implementations is having your policies relating to information management, records management, IT security, privacy, knowledge sharing, etc, all integrated and aligned with each other.

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Organising Knowledge » Information Sharing Isn’t Data Management

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Information Sharing Isn’t Data Management From Dale Meyerrose, US associate director of national intelligence, this clearly stated piece about the importance of an integrated metadata strategy for the enterprise.

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Mapping the social innovation ecosystems around public libraries together: the Czech connection(s)

Making CommunitySense

Underlying the approach is a solid methodology, of which the CommunitySensor methodology is becoming an integral part. Public libraries are cornerstones of civil society.

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Sense-making: from blogging to research methodologies


As I experienced the flexibility of organising my thinking with the weblog, as well as the fun and added value of the social nature of it, it became more and more difficult to use conventional data analysis methods and tools. More and more though, I find the challenge of writing for public consumption adds something of an edge to the process of analysis so many of the recent posts have been to this blog rather than my private one. Integration methodology Chapter 2.

analyzing the uptake of chances to patterns using cultural phylogenesis

Taming the spaces

Since Emanuele and i have discussed much how the individual chance-seeking events can at some moments become integrated to the cultural patterns, it seems the phylogenetic analysis may enable also to reversely find out when, from where and at what conditions the chances may become part of […]. Emanuele Bardone shared with me an interesting paper.

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Could This Be Your All-in-One Social Network?

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Long time innovator Marc Canter has made a proposal for a system to let users integrate all their social networks from around the web into one central dashboard. Tags: Analysis

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Green Chameleon » Wisdom - The Question for Every 64-Year Old

Green Chameleon

Wisdom arose during the 8th and final stage of psychosocial development which is “ego integrity over despair&#. She identified 3 general aspects of human activity that were central to wisdom – the acquisition of knowledge (cognitive) and the analysis of that information (reflective), filtered thru the emotions (affective).

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Protecting Mobile Devices

Michael Sampson - Currents

The potential of the device to enable new ways of working has to be safeguarded from that which could undermine both current execution and the integrity of long-range plans. Current Intune customers can get 50 free licenses for 18 months from BETTER Mobile, to try out the integration.

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Three Ways Human Networks Can Help Drive Change

Partnering Resources

An analysis of the informal system showed what no one knew: New members were having difficulty integrating into the community. The new members quickly integrated into the organization with the help of their mentors.

2014 236

Community mapping with Kumu: making sense of your community network

Making CommunitySense

To make and share the maps, I use Kumu , a powerful tool for network visualization, analysis, and sharing. Social network analysis options to, for example, determine what the hubs of activity are. Collaborative sensemaking.

2016 205

Dispatch from the 2017 Association of Change Management Professionals Conference

Partnering Resources

Perform an impact analysis. I was delighted by the enthusiasm and thoughtful questions posed during “ The Next Frontier in Change Management: Using Network Analysis to Find Influencers, Populate Change Teams, and Create Social Systems that Support Change.”

2017 153

My App Gap Posts for December 2012

Portals and KM

Connect Expands SharePoint Integration. BroadVision Launches Social Engagement Analysis Service. The AppGap posts began toward the end of January 2008.    Here, I am primarily doing product commentaries with a few other things thrown in. Below are the ones for December. There will be more in January. Igloo Provides Comprehensive Social Business Platform. Moxie Software Partners with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Badgeville brings Gamification to Jive.

2013 116

Information Protection in Windows 10 and OneDrive

Michael Sampson - Currents

The above forthcoming integration with Storage Sense in Windows 10 will mean that content from OneDrive that is not used often can be removed from local storage, reducing the potential information protection disclosure surface.

2018 116

Blog>> Knowledge Sharing Activities in People’s Daily Work

Green Chameleon

In my previous entries and at many other locations we discussed that it would be significantly beneficial if knowledge sharing activities of people are not an additional task but an integral part of their daily work. Integrating knowledge sharing into people’s daily work would be without doubt a strong driver for user adoption. How to integrate knowledge sharing in the daily routine? Integrate the platform into the e-mail system; one access point and one password.

My First Year as a Consultant and what 2016 Holds for Online Communities (I hope)

Online Community Strategy

Integration of platforms, systems and customer data that create internal efficiencies, better customer experiences, and put the customer in control of their experience, relationships and data. Sonoma Sunrise in honor of the dawn of 2016. Honestly, I wasn’t going to do this.

2015 54

Igloo Offers Comprehensive Platform for Social Business

Portals and KM

  Set up is easy as it integrates with Active Directory and provides a comprehensive means for application integration that I will cover later. There are pre-packages integrations with widely used tools like Salesforce and SharePoint.

2012 198

Weekend Reading 02.12

Michael Sampson - Currents

LinkedIn and Office 365 (Jeremy Thake) … More on the initial integration between LinkedIn and Office 365. “ …When a user opts-in to the integration, the organization cannot leverage the data, only the user can.

2017 116

R and Google Spreadsheets (and the context)

Learning Alliances

The context of data and of analysis. I can’t find the exact quote, but I’m sure that somewhere Tukey said that “ Domain knowledge is essential for data analysis.” Analysis – understanding what kind of data reduction or analysis is relevant or customary.

2015 176

Change Leadership Challenge 4: Meaningful Employee Participation

Partnering Resources

You can use surveys to help gauge how well employees are adopting new behaviors, applying new procedures, integrating change into their daily work, or progressing over time. 2) The review group conducts an impact analysis of the idea and decides whether to implement it. (3)

SharePoint 2010 - Recent News

Michael Sampson - Currents

My analysis : With much better wiki capabilities in SharePoint 2010, organizations that previously had to look elsewhere for enterprise wiki capabilities will think twice. Yammer integrated its micro-blogging service with SharePoint. - The integration is via a Web Part; it supports WSS and MOSS 2007. There is integrated search too. - My analysis : Don't forget about the upcoming IBF Webinar on SharePoint 2010.

2010 120

Online Community Unconference 2009 Wiki Open & Session Highlights

Online Community Strategy

convened this session to discuss how to integrate your community into the organization’s decision making process, even when the community mood is dark. Social Network Analysis (in excel!). Cross-posted from the Online Community Report.

2009 51

Enterprise 2.0 Summit: Learning from Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, Yves Caseau, BASF & More "How People Matter"

21st Century Organization

The slide points to a participation dynamics analysis project Bell Labs (part of Alcatel-Lucent) is undertaking to understand levels and types of employee engagement as a foundation for future development. Surrounded by really smart, disciplined business thinkers, Enterprise 2.0

2012 169