#SOCRMx: Week 4 – Discourse Analysis

Jenny Connected

In this post I will share my notes from watching Sally Wiggins’ video introducing Discourse Analysis. Discourse analysis is not a method I have used, but it seems to be relevant to the research I have done and my interests. Foucauldian discourse analysis.

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#SOCRMx Week 5: Data Analysis

Jenny Connected

In this second half of the Introduction to Social Research Methods course the focus shifts from data generation and research methods to data analysis. Introduction: common threads among techniques of data analysis. Handbook of data analysis (pp.

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Tools for social network analysis from beginners to advanced levels

Joitske Hulsebosch

This year I''ve been drawn to the power of social network analysis. Tomorrow I have a webinar with a group of people interested in social network analysis, interested in the tools. It''s good to distinguish between EGOnetwork analysis and whole network analysis.

Primer on Organization Network Dynamics & Analysis

Partnering Resources

Partnering Resources’ founder Maya Townsend contributed “Organization Network Dynamics and Analysis” to the book. How to conduct a network analysis, including defining project scope, gathering data, creating network visualizations, and analyzing data. Using value network analysis to map complex, open systems like ecosystems and issues-based initiatives. Email now to receive your free preview copy of “Organization Network Dynamics and Analysis chapter.”

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Big Data Analysis Continues to Grow

Portals and KM

IDC reveals in its 2013 Worldwide Study of HPC End-User Sites that two-thirds of high-performance computing sites are conducting big data analysis as part of their HPC workloads. The use of Big Data continues to get headlines.

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Making the invisible visible with social network analysis

Joitske Hulsebosch

Together with Koen Faber , Josien Kapma and Niels Schuddeboom we have an informal dutch group who want to learn about social network analysis. For instance I signed up for the MOOC about social network analysis which started 4 weeks ago and which is interesting but also very scientific.

Social Analysis in Progress…

Net-Map Toolbox

Originally posted on BirAlNas : One of the most important aspects of the Bir Al-Nas approach is the integration of social analysis into hydrogeochemical and hydrogeological investigations. Said in other words: a Stakeholder Analysis. For this purpose, within the Bir Al-Nas approach, I’ve chosen to perform a Social Network Analysis (SNA), applying the Net Map toolbox (Schiffer et al.,

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Organising Knowledge » Facet Analysis on Sesame Street

Green Chameleon

www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Facet Analysis on Sesame Street A nice example of facet analysis in action and a subtle dig at facet-analysis-paralysis (there’s a message for metadata maniacs here!).

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BroadVision Offers Social Engagement Analysis Consulting Service

Portals and KM

BroadVision has announced its new Clearvale Social Engagement Analysis Service.

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The Darwin Trend Analysis Offering

Portals and KM

We now live in a complex and inter-connected world where reliance on simple explanations based on surface analysis no longer allows an organization to remain competitive. In addition to providing real time discovery of emerging trends and issues, the Darwin Awareness Engine™ has an ability to support the comprehensive analysis over time of complex underlying patterns in markets and the events that affect these markets.

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Instant Customer Data Analysis using Excel: worked example

The Bumble Bee

In this article I will share with you a simple 7-step plan based on a fully worked example of Customer Data Analysis using Excel. Before you start any data analysis it's always a good idea to identify a number of questions you want answers to. Step 3 - Perform the Basic Analysis.

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Ethics in Social Network Analysis

Net-Map Toolbox

One general ethical issue that I have seen come up with social network analysis is that most people don’t understand how the answers they give will be analysed, what they will be turned into. Interviewees should be open because they feel safe - not confused.

Can Sentiment Analysis Be Effectively Automated?

Portals and KM

Sentiment analysis is a growing component of the tools to assist in this effort. Sentiment analysis is defined by the Wikipedia as “the application of natural language processing , computational linguistics , and text analytics to identify and extract subjective information in source materials.” However, sentiment analysis is also attracting its doubters. Automated Sentiment Analysis is Only a Piece of the Brand Awareness Puzzle.

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Illuminating the Invisible: Mapping Austin’s Adolescent Health System Using Value Network Analysis

Partnering Resources

“ Illuminating the Invisible: Mapping Austin’s Adolescent Health System Using Value Network Analysis ” provides a case study of how we used a specific technique to paint a holistic picture of how the system works from service provider and youth perspectives.

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The Taoist farmer and SWOT analysis

Chris Corrigan

” This morning I was in a conversation about SWOT analysis and strategic planning. I told this story as an example of why SWOT analysis has extremely limited application to planning. Do you know the story of the Taoist farmer and his son? There once was a Taoist farmer.

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Social network analysis: how to use it for online networks using social media?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Social Network Analysis seems to be the Venn diagramming of the online world. I know Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a whole field producing all these impressive diagrams, but I''ve never done an SNA because somehow it seems complex and time-consuming.

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Boston E20 Notes: Got Numbers? Community Metrics and Analysis

Portals and KM

Community Metrics and Analysis led by Jillian Bejtlich, Community Manager, Autodesk. Will someone be doing further analysis? I am pleased to be back for my sixth Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. Here is a link to a summary of last year’s notes. This is another of my notes for this year. There will be more to follow. I attended session - Got Numbers?

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Social Media Analysis Site Offers Directory of Software Firms

Portals and KM

Social Media Analysis, run by Nathan Gilliatt , is a useful site covering the “business of monitoring, measuring, and understanding social media.” A description of the company and its social media analysis products and services, provided by the company itself. Links to recent news items on Social Media Analysis that mention the company. It also notes that to be listed, companies are expected to provide products or services for social media analysis using their own technology.

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NetBase Partners with SAP Expanding Social Media Analysis Across the Enterprise

Portals and KM

Why not move social media analysis beyond the marketing department to provide its benefits to other groups within the enterprise? Now the predictive value of social media analysis can be applied to help with decisions through the enterprise and not simply be a marketing analysis tool.

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Blog>> Taxonomy: Error Cascades in Semantic Analysis

Green Chameleon

Here’s an interesting piece from the New York Times on the effort to develop intelligent machine categorisation. Most interesting is the way that early mistakes in the computer’s interpretation of content leads to mistake “avalanches&# because prior learning is used to make inferences about future learning. “When Dr. Mitchell scanned the “baked goods&# category recently, he noticed a clear pattern.

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Analysis Paralysis – or: Being clever doesn’t always help

Net-Map Toolbox

A friend of mine calls this state of affair: Analysis Paralysis. But with each step of analysis you find there is another mystery hidden behind the curtain that needs to be analyzed as well and you get more paralyzed the more you know. Now tying this back into social network analysis: One widely researched issue is that of homophily: People tend to develop networks with others who are similar to them.

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Organizational Network Analysis - A Great Session at KM World 2010

Michael Sampson - Currents

I talked to him this morning my time (4am in Norway, 11pm in DC), and he said that he had attended an "excellent" session on organizational network analysis as a pre-conference workshop. The workshop, W13 - Organizational Network Analysis and Tools was presented by Patti Anklam. " My colleague Eric Mack is attending and speaking at KM World in Washington DC this week.

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Who is good at qualitative network analysis?

Net-Map Toolbox

It’s hit and miss, either they get it or not… Qualitative network analysis is one of these things. And I have found that training in quantitative network analysis greatly helps in being able to detect patterns and structural issues, even if you don’t do the actual quantitative analysis. I’m struggling with this. And learning while I struggle.

TIBCO Spotfire: Self-Service Enterprise Data Analysis with a Social Capabilities

Portals and KM

Spotfire has provided a self-service data analysis tool for several years to enable business users to apply their own domain expertise that is not filtered through analytic tool experts. They can also save an analysis to a discussion thread where others can see and discuss it. 

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Powerful new tools for Value Network Analysis

Portals and KM

Value Network Analysis (VNA) is one of the sense-making tools that I emphasize in my book, Net Work. The units of analysis in a VNA are (1) a role, for example, technical writer, software developer, or end user and (2) exchanges.

7 Pillars Analysis of IBM

Michael Sampson - Currents

The following is lifted from an internal working paper doing a 7 Pillars analysis of IBM: " IBM offers a tremendous range of technical capabilities to support shared access to team data that is stored in its products. If I finished my 7 Pillars analysis of the IBM product range, would you be interested in it?

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Social Network Analysis in the public sector

Collaborative Thinking

Interesting application of SNA re: collaboration, transparency, etc. . SAP Innovation: Social Networking at the Service of the French Public Sector | SAP Web 2.0. Alexis Naibo of the SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center gave a demonstration of the SNA technology, explaining how it can import data from a wide variety of sources including internal business applications, corporate databases, and external interfaces.

February 18th-23rd: All the Network Analysis Gurus and a Net-Map training in Tampa, Florida

Net-Map Toolbox

The International Network for Social Network Analysis ( INSNA ) is hosting their annual Sunbelt conference, 750+ paralell talks , training workshops in all kinds of network tools, a rainy Florida beach and all the big names will be there. T’is the time of the year again.

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Regression Analysis Tips

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

There are myriad articles and books giving advice on good regression analysis practice, not all of which is consistent. Second, David Hogg posted a link to his 55-page Data analysis recipes: Fitting a model to data , written with Jo Bovy and Dustin Lang. Finally, for a more complete reference, see Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models by Gelman and Jennifer Hill. Part of my work involves regression analyses.

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What are you doing with SharePoint? Overall Analysis

Michael Sampson - Currents

Last week I closed the What are you doing with SharePoint? survey. My thanks to the 239 people who filled out the 3 minute, 3 question survey. It was much appreciated. Here is the overall picture. across industries, based on 239 responses. Some comments, looking at the chart above: Supporting team collaboration and Publishing Intranet content are the two most widely used areas of SharePoint today.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

I've used exploratory data analysis (EDA) in my work and in my thinking about situations ever since discovering it years ago. A year or two ago, I discovered John Behrens' Principles and Procedures of Exploratory Data Analysis , which seems to contain principles and some of the common procedures. I've used paper and pencil, XLISP-STAT, R, ggobi, and other tools. I've read a number of the books.

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More Exploratory Data Analysis

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

To get a better explanation of what that means, see Andrew Gelman's A Bayesian Formulation of Exploratory Data Analysis and Goodness-of-fit Testing.I'd I missed two items in my last posting on EDA. First, there's another tool I use: J. Over time, I seem to oscillate between R and J. J, at least when I don't let myself get rusty in expressing ideas in J, is a powerful and concise way of thinking. R has an enormous library collection.

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Green Chameleon » Ethics and Social Network Analysis

Green Chameleon

Posted by Patrick Lambe on 09/01/08 at 12: 16 PM | Categories: KM Applied , Social Network Analysis | Permalink 1 Comment so far Graham Durant-Law Hi Patrick.

X-RIME: Hadoop based large scale social network analysis

Collaborative Thinking

Below are some other interesting efforts: X-RIME: Hadoop based large scale social network analysis. A key enabler for this is a cost efficient solution for social data management and social network analysis (SNA). However, most of existing cloud based data analysis solutions are trying to provide SQL-like general purpose query languages, and do not directly support social network analysis. X-RIME: Hadoop based large scale social network analysis.

Cognitive Analysis for Sentiment of Project Reports – Level35 and IBM Watson

Michael Sampson - Currents

Level35 provides a cloud-based project portfolio management platform.

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The State of Social Network Analysis in Business: LINKS Workshop Report

21st Century Organization

June 7- 11 I had the good fortune of taking a deeper dive into social network analysis (SNA) at the University of Kentucky's Links Center Summer Workshop. . Patti Anklam also contributed a before and after network analysis of participants in the Facebook Groups in Business Investigation 2008.)

Mapping Our Friendships Over Time and Space: The Future of Social Network Analysis

Collaborative Thinking

Mapping Our Friendships Over Time and Space: The Future of Social Network Analysis. What new things could we discover if social network analysis took time and space into account, in addition to the raw connections between people? In most cases, social network analysis today is limited to discovering friend connections, community leaders and outlines, influential people and personal friend recommendations - in a static or snap-shot kind of way.

Who ‘We’ Are: An Existential Analysis

How to Save the World

I f there is a consensus in the responses I have received to my recent posts about being unhappy and ‘ un-present ‘, I think it would be: I should be grateful (and ‘get over myself’). I should stop thinking so much and just be.

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Annotated list of social network analysis software

Net-Map Toolbox

My colleague Rick Davies has started a list of SNA software especially from the perspective of practitioners and consultants who want to use the software without spending a scholarly life of studying them first. Very interesting. With positive and negative aspects of different packages. If you know have experience to share, he’d appreciate comments.

Data, personal learning and learning analytics

Jenny Connected

el30 artificial intelligence Data data analysis Learning Analytics personal learning personalized learning Yet AnalyticsThis week’s topic for Stephen Downes’ E-Learning 3.0 MOOC is Data.

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Share2011 - SharePoint Governance and Analysis - You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure (Andrew Jolly, OBS)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Andrew Jolly, a Principal Consultant at OBS, is talking about SharePoint governance and analysis. Key points: - There are a lot of measurement and analytics tools in SharePoint, for the infrastructure people. But there are things for business users in SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

2011 142

Social Network Analysis Workshop

TNT - The Network Thinker

Valdis Krebs will be presenting a 1/2 day workshop on practical applications of social network analysis [SNA] at the upcoming Sunbelt Social Network Conference sponsored by INSNA -- International Network for Social Network Analysis.

New White Paper on “Organisational Network Analysis: Beyond Business Process Mapping”

Governance in a Networked World

In this paper we position Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) between Social Network Analysis (SNA), Business Process Mapping (BPM) and Value Network Analysis (VNA). We illustrate the approach with a case study. We suggest that its application is appropriate for organisations looking for a quick and inexpensive method for gaining broad based organisational insights or looking for areas of focus for applying the more detailed BPM or VNA techniques.