Is Social Media Reaching a Plateau in America's Largest Companies?

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Nora Ganim Barnes and Justina Andonian at the Center for Marketing Research, Charlton College of Business, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth recently released a report on The 2011 Fortune 500 and Social Media Adoption: Have America's Largest Companies Reached a Social Media Plateau? This is another in the great series of studies on social media use in business and elsewhere (see for example, Social Media Use Continues to Expand in US Higher Education ).


Networks, gender and race in job-searchers in rural America (Missouri)

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case studies notes from the field Other people's work Social Networks gender Jenine K. How do the networks of black and white, male and female job-seekers differ? And: Does that makes some of them more successful than others in finding a job?


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Media and Mining vs Social Media and GetUp

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And taking out injunctions to stop social media “crowdsourcing” about her, her family and her business. That would be a berak through and give to Australia as it has for America a proper dose of free market thinking. Social Media and Mining.


How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations


They, actually, come from a letter written to Roger Schank by a 15 year old girl in Central America protesting herself about the poor state of the education system in her own country and the very few choices she has got to change the situation herself on her own.


Huffington Post Sells for $315m Social Media Revenue

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I often write on social media revenue – how social media sites like blogs and forums and social networks monetize. The Huffington Post just sold for $315m to AOL (America Online). Yes, Virginia, social media and blogs CAN make money.


The Number One Fear of Enterprise Social? Mutiny! - Forbes

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Log in with your social account: Or, you can log in. Americas Richest Women. The Number One Fear of Enterprise Social? As partners with the tibbr enterprise social network, I was there with my Teamly hat on showing our wares and what we bring to the platform.


Occupy Wall Street – The Revolution is Twittervised

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Why Governments Fear Social Media – the Demise of Representational Democracy. Social networks were widely used by gangs to co-ordinate the riots across the country. Cleveland and Washington DC are trying to ban these social media organised demonstrations too.


Take that, Gladwell: Vinegar, onions, social networks, and soccer nuts a revolution do make

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For anyone who still doubts ( Malcolm Gladwell ) the role of informal communication, aka social media, in bringing about monumental change before the whole world's very eyes in Egypt, see today's lead story (headlined in print version) of NY Times, " A Tunisian-Egyptian Link That Shook Arab History." Also, see Nicholas Kristof's " What Egypt Can Teach America " in yesterday's NY Times. *


Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

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Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship. link] Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship danah m. To emphasize this articulated social network as a critical organizing feature of these sites, we label them "social network sites."


Differentiating Between Social Media and Community Management

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The Community Roundtable A peer network for community managers and social media practitioners. In low complexity markets and use cases (think Sharpie pens ) the focus is on social media because the relationships desired between Newell Rubbermaid and Sharpie customers does not need to be that deep – and the business model cannot support deep relationship development (i.e. I took a stab at articulating the primary responsibilities of social media managers and community managers.


Social Media and Ad:Tech Tokyo

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I spoke on how Japanese companies were doing in social media overseas. Japanese people on the panel talked about online community and social media marketing at home, and I focussed on how it was working for Japanese companies in America, Europe, Australia etc.


Bloggers Are Not Journalists – But They Are Abducted, Imprisoned Tortured and Assassinated the Same #HowManyMore

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If you remember that our Prime Minister considers all social media as “electronic graffiti” you can see why the Department of Digital Economy focusses less on bringing Australia into the global collaborative economy and more on spying on citizens and Google Adwords taxes. Social Media is THE voice of the Australian people, the Australian voters. Social Media is NOT electronic graffiti, or really anything other than people talking about what concerns them.


Civic Crowdfunding vs Tax – Collaborative Government #Gov2

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Social Media and Government: With the Australian Budget being handed down yesterday, I got to thinking again about civic crowdfunding and how it probably will be the future whether the Government allows it or not. Slactivism & social distribution. Social Distribution or Slactivism.


I Think I May Have Just Experienced The Future…


As a road / air warrior, I get to travel a fair bit and visit not just mainland Spain, but a bunch of other countries in Europe, and North America. Social, for me, while on the road, has taken a new meaning.


Trust and Networks

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These are the underlying principles of one of the most marvelous political innovations in history – the founding of the United States of America. Democracy & Social Change Engagement, Relationships & Connection Networks & SystemsTrust makes networks work.


Ten Reasons Your Corporate Social Network Should be an Innovation Social Network

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Innovation Management Products Customers Partners News Center Blog About Us The Leader In On-Demand Innovation Management Categories Current Affairs Innovation Tips Archives April 2009 March 2009 December 2008 Subscribe to our RSS Feed Ten Reasons Your Corporate Social Network Should be an Innovation Social Network Posted by Matthew Greeley at 10:48 AM, March 24, 2009 1. If your social networking platform is generic, beware, you may be fighting with one hand tied behind your back.


What America has lost because Van Jones quit

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Last year, when Obama was elected I thought immediately of him as a member of administration , the kind of person that crosses boundaries, that proposes new ways of addressing the old problems of social inequity, economic disparity, oppotunity inequality, global environmental crises and local public health and justice issues. I had hoped that he would represent the best chance for real change in America, but now it’s clear to me that change will never come from Washington.


Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

The idea is that I intend to build the social network of people that we meet or connect with as we travel to new places over a 40 day period. There is a connection to ‘Social Business’ here. This is all grit for the mill for the social scientist.


A Bright Start to the New Year: Welcome Eric Weaver to Ant’s Eye View

Ant's Eyeview Blog

A true pioneer in digital marketing, Eric began his 20-year career in 1991 as a Community Manager and Content Curator at America Online, and since then he’s helped drive awareness, revenue and loyalty for household brands across North America.


Everything Is Connected to Everything


How long before the business world understands that all of these collaboration, open knowledge sharing and social networking are all about sharing stories and that the more passionate you are about them when you share them across the more inspiring they would get? Science.


The Primal Forces that Drive Social Networks | Digital Tonto

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The Primal Forces that Drive Social Networks 2009 September 6 tags: Albert-Laszlo Barabasi , Chris Andersen , Duncan Watts , Long Tail , Mark Granovetter , Network Theory , Réka Albert , Social Media , Steven Strogatz by Greg Social Networks are revolutionizing how we view our world. As with any transformation on a grand scale, a plethora of consultants, gurus, blogs, and how-to books have risen to meet the demand for information about the social revolution.


METEOR: Not For Broadcast #media #socialmedia #geminid

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This caught my eye and it’s all a bit odd… (part of ABC Network America). Either: Not a verified source (even with a video), not in the “must call” list (likely) or what’s social media? Media social media ABC Arizona bang geminids reporters


List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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Social Networking goes mainstream I was recently asked by a buddy to name off some social networking platforms that could be branded or changed as needed (that’s where that term ‘white label’ has come from). Web Crossing Social networking and collaboration suite.


Internet Evolution - Executive Clan Editor's Blog - Social Net-Based Onboarding Boosts Productivity

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Click here for our mobile site Home | Video | Tutorials | Webinars | Message Boards | Join | Login | About Us Social Net-Based Onboarding Boosts Productivity Written by Michael Singer 4/23/2010 7 comments Login to Rate DISCUSS Digg


Bank Transfer Day

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Kristen Christian was sick of Bank of America. Several big credit unions and the vendors who supply their technology told Credit Union Times last week they have seen a surge of new memberships that began when Bank of America declared its $5 a month debit fee in late September. “


The Heart of the Occupation

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One thing is clear, however: this movement represents a critique of modern life in the United States of America, of our systems of economic and political power. A Bigger Frame for Social Change. The Occupy Movement means different things to different people.


Collaborative Thinking: Burton Group Catalyst Speaker Submissions

Collaborative Thinking

Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Wikis, Sensemaking & Advocacy | Main | Social Networking: For Better Or Worse?


Green Chameleon » Concession

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Concession A very generous concession speech from John McCain just now, asking his supporters to reach out and work with President-Elect Barack Obama to reach common ground and fix America’s problems.


‘The New World’. Fact and Truth in 2017

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Two-thirds of Americans now get their news from social media and this is an increasing trend in the UK. We live in filter bubbles seeing echoes of our own opinions, amplified by social software’s algorithms (e.g. Source of image.


Australia: Senior Citizens on Facebook over 55’s

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Australia too has a massive increase in seniors in Facebook and social networks generally in the last year or two. Figures show that the number of older users of Facebook increased nearly tenfold in America last year, while university-age users declined by 55 per cent.


Weekend Reading 18.11

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Work and the Loneliness Epidemic (Vivek Murthy) … “There is good reason to be concerned about social connection in our current world. Today, over 40% of adults in America report feeling lonely, and research suggests that the real number may well be higher.”


Change Management, Etienne Wenger, Matt Moore Visits America, Auditing Lessons, What Got You Here Won't Get You There

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We discussed social learning theory, game theory, developmental theory, the nature of the firm - free agent nation, CPsquare , and of course communities of practice. Second, he mentioned the hope for an increased social focus on the combination of individual trajectories and the care for domain within the next 2 years. Finally, back to social learning theory, Etienne mentioned that social learning theory is currently lacking a relationship to developmental theory.


How to add Friends to Groups or Lists or Filters in Facebook

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Networks and old filters - Facebook had about 12 inluding school friends, colleagues and “Hookups&# which must mean something less racy in America than it does in Australia! wink* Dont forget to add my Facebook profile to the ‘uber witty intelligent and funny social media’ list that you are going to create. . Tags: social media Online Communities social networks groups friends howto filters profile lists tutorial Facebook


Ant’s Eye View and Badgeville Partner to Bring Gamification to the Fortune 500

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One of the distinguishing features of a socially engaged enterprise is a company’s ability to programmatically identify, engage and activate its most avid customers.


How I use social media

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This afternoon I’m spending a half hour on a Skype video conversation to share a bit of how I use social media. I figured it would be good to exercise my memory a bit and unearth some of the key stories that led me to to my social media use today, and perhaps surface some of my patterns.


Fanpages: List of top 100+ Australian Facebook Fan Pages

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Please don’t confuse volume with being “good&# at social media. Nothing to see here, move along, this is for my social media classes. I use this list to teach classes on social media. Some non-brand but fan sites with large numbers (demonstrating the brands above for the most part aren’t playing enough) are: “Do you Ride Kangaroos in Australia?&# “No,Do you ride fat people in America?&# Social Media: Facebook blogs marketing course (2).


The social media I use

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Recently I wrote a post that received a lot of attention - more than I would have expected: How I use social media. At the end of the post, I promised to write about WHAT social media I currently use. I started making a list of all the social media I use. Social Network Sites.


Social capital/ism


One issue that intrigues me is whether there is a direct link between the more humane, social capitalism that is being called for at the macro-level and the idea of social capital being one of the engines of dynamics in communities at the micro or meso-level.


Social Media in Intl. Dev: Dr. Steve Eskow

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Finally, I have grabbed a few minutes to add the next couple of podcasts in the series on Social Media in International Development. Previous & Related Podcasts: Social Media in Intl. Social Media in Intl. Social Media in Intl. Social Media in Intl.


From Social Insights to Social Business Innovation: MIT Enterprise Forum

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It was part of their Innovation Series:  From Social Insights to Social Business Innovation. Here is the event description: “The rapid growth and usage of social media by consumers and businesses has created a seismic shift that affects every aspect of our lives today.    We predict that this social movement will have the same impact on society and business as Guttenberg had over 600 years ago.