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Social Innovation Meetup: “Exploring Labs for Social Change” – presentation notes

Making CommunitySense

How do they help accomplish social change? There are many tough global problems, like climate change, for which there are no clearcut solutions.

2013 28

Behavior change strategy cards (from Artefact)

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

change. changing people’s behaviors. To use the cards Identify a behavior you’d like the change. Influence of fantasy ability on attitude change through role playing. Those who played persuaders, and actively argued against smoking, were more likely to change their own. to change the way they actually.

2014 18

Climate Change, Poverty and The Great Horse Poo Debate of 1898

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

TITLE: Climate Change, Poverty and The Great Horse Poo Debate of 1898. DISCUSSING CLIMATE CHANGE. Solar power? Wind farms? For posterity.

2013 21

Trust and Networks

Alchemy of Change

When people trust each other, it’s easier to respond to change in a smart, coordinated way. Trust makes networks work. In Trust We Trust.

2011 155

Bebé boomers: Mas Media's Raul Medina on America 2050

Endless Knots

" Here's a taste: So if we. circle back (or zoom ahead, as it were) to 2050 when. Hispanics will be younger than the general population.

Alchemy of Change Weekly Links (weekly)

Alchemy of Change

The Secret to Virgin America’s Social Business Success (an Infographic Comparison). Social Business is about using the data — social media monitoring data — to make mission critical decisions. What Virgin is doing is listening and integrating that feedback back into their company. Consider a company that does listen and respond.

Alchemy of Change Weekly Links (weekly)

Alchemy of Change

Gallup estimates the cost of America’s disengagement crisis at a staggering $300 billion in lost productivity annually. Digital Social Grooming (Ed Batista). And while I agree with Boyd’s basic premise–i.e. Do Happier People Work Harder? – In a 2010 study, James K. tags: AOC TED work soul Happiness.

‘The New World’. Fact and Truth in 2017

Jenny Connected

This is a series of programmes examining the major forces that are changing the world around us. Source of image. Fact and truth.

2017 64

Change Management, Etienne Wenger, Matt Moore Visits America, Auditing Lessons, What Got You Here Won't Get You There

John Tropea - Delicious Community

I asked the question that you posed and his answer was twofold - first, he mentioned that the growing popularity and ease of blogs has the potential to slightly change the way community of practice practitioners interact. KM Blog of the Week America by Matt Moore I have decided to go to the United States of America in May.

KM 0

How Twitter Changes Everything at Enterprise 2.0

Endless Knots

Which brings me back to my title - and our panel next week at Enterprise 2.0: "How Twitter Changes Everything," on Tues, June 23, at 3:30. Together, we can add our collective intelligence to understand how very short bursts of information can support massive change in "businesses," even the business of statehood.

The Heart of the Occupation

Alchemy of Change

A Bigger Frame for Social Change. America’s “professional” social change community is not driving the Occupy Movement.

2011 96

What is liminality and what has it to do with behaviour change?

Viv Mcwaters

Among other things, they work with corporate America to surface and tackle racism. Good question. You be the judge. That can be hard.

Green Chameleon » Concession

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Concession A very generous concession speech from John McCain just now, asking his supporters to reach out and work with President-Elect Barack Obama to reach common ground and fix America’s problems. Hope indeed. Thank you Edgar for your post!

The one reason not to bother with lists about ‘community’


You don’t have to spend time in Northern Ireland to appreciate that, I believe there are plenty of places in north America where the ‘communities’ are quite strong enough thank you.   Cohesion and diversity Mobility and change Space and placeIt’s based on this previous article by Scott Doyon. That has to be accommodated.

How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations


Now imagine you swap the wordings ’ teaching ’ for ‘learning’ and ‘our schools’ for ‘ our workplaces ’. Read it out loud again, please. Slowly. Yikes!

2016 72

About Full Circle | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Please note: I don’t directly employ any of these people. They act, when called, as subcontractors or contractors directly to clients!) I founded Full Circle in 1997 to allow me to to tap both my and my network’s breadth of skills, knowledge and interest in a productive and creative way. To learn — from every client and encounter.

Bloggers Are Not Journalists – But They Are Abducted, Imprisoned Tortured and Assassinated the Same #HowManyMore

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Time to change a few laws. By the way, in America it’s illegal to stop a staff member criticising their employer on social media, here it’s big trouble if you don’t dob in a mate doing exactly that! AG George Brandis ‘I don’t regard bloggers as journalists.’ It’s actually Social Media. Syria?

2015 100

Name Change: The Final Decision Needs Your Wisdom

Hildy Gottlieb

If you are new to the issue we are addressing in this post – changing the name of the Community-Driven Institute – come up to speed here.

How Online Collaboration is Changing Scholarship


Wulf shared a personal example of how online collaboration has positively changed the way his daughter, Karin, works. Bill Wulf. What say you?

Media and Mining vs Social Media and GetUp

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

That would be a berak through and give to Australia as it has for America a proper dose of free market thinking. Which is mining and media.

2012 109

Radical Connectedness and the Evolution of Business

Alchemy of Change

The Internet changed all that. This summer, my wife and I took our two boys to visit the famous Ford Rouge Complex in Dearborn, Michigan.

2011 128

The Number One Fear of Enterprise Social? Mutiny! - Forbes

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Americas Richest Women. We are moving into a world where the market changes quicker that organisations can. or sign up. using Forbes.

2013 36

Why We Can't 'Afford' to Prevent Climate Change

How to Save the World

BLOG Why We Can't Afford to Prevent Climate Change. They also produce an addiction to debt (for most of us, total assets have doubled in the last forty years, but that increase has been totally financed by debt -- net worth hasn't changed at all, so the 'wealth' is all illusory). G rowth is unsustainable. Period. It merely decelerates.

What you learn looking down on it all

Chris Corrigan

And I think probably the biggest personal change was a loss of the sense of the line between us and them. Being Community

2014 23

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Almost no one inNorth America calls him/herself lower-class or upper-class, and peoplewho describe themselves as middle-class (a class which really nolonger exists in North America) do so hesitantly. The principal determinant of ones class in America, andthe hermetic worldview that comes with it, is education. Collaboration.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Almost no one inNorth America calls him/herself lower-class or upper-class, and peoplewho describe themselves as middle-class (a class which really nolonger exists in North America) do so hesitantly. The principal determinant of ones class in America, andthe hermetic worldview that comes with it, is education. Collaboration.

Civic Crowdfunding vs Tax – Collaborative Government #Gov2

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

And no change on the horizon. Education needs to change to support participatory government. Let’s have a look at. Crowdfunding.

2014 89

Returning to the Basics

Chris Corrigan

Our Beyond the Basics team is about to host our last gathering of the current cycle of offers, back in North America. TS Eliot. Theory helps.

2015 23

Bank Transfer Day

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I don’t mean gone, I mean changing at a subterranean level, and when it implodes it will be with a whimper not a bang. Bank Transfer Day.

The urgency of the moment: why need matters

Chris Corrigan

Here is a section of his speech which is much more infrequently quoted: We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of Now. And there will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights. Good change work goes to die on the rocks of busyness and apathy.

2016 11

Internationalism is not globalization

Chris Corrigan

What I think needs to change is globalization. In North America we are entirely helps within global trade agreements with very little internationalization. I’ve been reflecting on the UK referendum results obsessively for the past couple of days. What I love is internationalism. It leaves a devastated result in its wake.

2016 17

TIBCO Upgrades tibbr with GEO and Other New Capabilities

Portals and KM

You filter on customers, customers in North America, government customers in North America, etc. Is About the Technology). had HTML5. 

2012 34

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

I nthe last five years, the price of gasoline in North America has roughlydoubled. So the real problem is not that gasoline prices are too high, or that they are too low, its that we think the price of gasoline is thereal problem, and that changing that price will solve it. Let-Self-Change & Self-Experimentation. Collaboration.

Engaging Vetrans with CRM

Alchemy of Change

This is a friend, Sam Dorman describing a project he worked on with the folks at Biro Creative and Etherios for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). Well worth looking at… If you liked " Engaging Vetrans with CRM ", subscribe to Alchemy of Change for more good stuff. Warning: Geek alert! Tweet.

Dealing with your slaves and seeing the world

Chris Corrigan

There is no simple solution, there is a frustrating degree of progress and even large shifts in public consciousness (think land mines or climate change) are met with initial enthusiasm but later are eroded by commercial or power interests that have a stake in the status quo and way more influence than activists. So what to do?

2014 17

On Twitter and in the Workplace, It's Power to the Connectors - Rosabeth Moss Kanter - Harvard Business Review

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

America in the 20th century was called a " society of organizations." This changes the nature of career success. Dont be one of them.


The Divine Right of Capital: A Little Rebellion

Alchemy of Change

We must return to America’s founding ideals; among these include: the liberty of states to control corporations. Chapter 7: Waking Up.

The Intercession of a Thousand Small Sanities

How to Save the World

diagram from my earlier blog post explaining what complex systems are and how they differ from ‘merely complicated’ systems.

2012 37

SXSW Notes: Coding the Next Chapter of American History

Portals and KM

This is the keynote session "Coding the Next Chapter of American History" by Jennifer Pahlka, founder and executive director of Code for America. Challenging the tech community to change the world for the better is a big part of the core mission of SXSW Interactive. But this is changing. Only you can change government.

Why the Metamovement Will Ultimately Fail

How to Save the World

Loathing government has always been popular and acceptable in North America (which is why most elections are about which party is hated more).