Learner support in MOOCs. An alternative perspective

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This is a different way of thinking about learner support, which was largely overlooked in the panel discussion, where the thinking seemed to be about what the ‘we’ the MOOC conveners could do for ‘them’ the learners, which is the approach that seems to have been taken by many MOOCs. Learning in the 21 st century requires some additional and different skills – skills such as being able to: locate, filter and select from vast amounts of information on the web.

Rhizo 14: Emerging Ambiguities and Issues

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This final post will cover some of the issues that are emerging from our research data. Rhizo 14: Emerging ambiguities and issues. (Source of image: Tom Friedman. The statements exemplify some of the emerging alternative perspectives on the learner experience of the Rhizo14 MOOC.

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Guidelines for Group Collaboration and Emergence « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Skip to content emergent by design Home support who’s the architect? The key to our success is in creating the environment where emergent, innovative results can occur. An emergent, adaptive group does not exude these characteristics.

F-Suites for C-Suites: 4 Futures Thinking Toolkits To Help C-Suite Leaders Thrive in a World of Change « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

emergent by design. Comfortable and familiar mental models may feel safe, but pretty much leave us with our pants down when a new system or paradigm emerges that reframes “how things work.” Re-Inventing Finance: An Emerging (Digital) Reformation. Emergence Collective.

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OLDSMOOC is thought by the conveners to be different because it is a project-based MOOC. A point worth noting for our US colleagues is that learning design is considered to involve different thought processes to instructional design, which is thought to be a more linear process.

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Trying to make developmental evaluation easier

Chris Corrigan

One of the things I appreciate about developmental evaluation is its deliberate engagement with emergence. Think of the information needs of two different kinds of athletes. Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Collaboration Conversation Cynefin Design Emergence Evaluation Facilitation

#SOCRMx – Introduction to Social Research Methods MOOC. Week 1

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I have also been interested in how learning emerges in such environments which can be experienced as chaotic. What initial research questions might be starting to emerge for you? I like the fact that this question refers to research questions starting to emerge. Source of image.

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Rawn Shah’s Social Networking for Business: A Review

Portals and KM

IBM has invested over $100 million to develop new businesses in each of themes that emerged such as improved healthcare and work toward a smarter planet. Again he offers a range of different leadership styles and discusses how each relates to collaboration.

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Diversity is hard

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According to Downes, the only way to avoid information cascades is to ensure multiple viewpoints and alternative perspectives from observers with different sets of prior experiences, world views and interpretations. Emergence. And difference does not mean opposition.

The leader casts a long shadow – further reflections on group work

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Reflection on my West Highland Way walk and my recent experience of a cMOOC ( Rhizo14) , have made me reflect deeply on the formation and functioning of groups and the dynamics that emerge. (Source of image: [link] ).

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ModPo – Learn how to undo the way in which we read

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A lot of my work and research focuses on open and emergent learning. I am just making the point that ModPo does not fulfill some of criteria for openness that from my research need to be present for emergent learning.

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About blogging, tunneling visions and knowledge entrepreneurship

Joitske Hulsebosch

In practice things were slightly different. She could not discover an emerging organising vision. (it Rather, ideas went into all kind of different directions. Simply by bloggers a new organising vision does not emerge spontaneous.

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Anecdote: The difference between cooperation and coordination

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

We are interested in when its unhelpful to collaborate, examples of when collaboration has failed, and how collaboration differs from similar terms such as co-operation and co-ordination. So on the question of cooperation vs. collaboration I decided to phone a friend, well Skype chat some friends, and get their gut response to the question: What do you think is the difference between cooperation and collaboration? As I write it feels to me more emergent.

Emerging Autopoietic Communities – Scalability of Knowledge Transfer in Complex Systems

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Emerging Autopoietic Communities –. emergence and development of knowledge-based communities at. different scales up to large distributed enterprises and industry. systems that evolve and mature through the phased emergence of. emerge. To comprehend the impact of emergent behavior within. practice, knowledge management, complexity, emergence. our ideas specifically regarding the emergence, evolution and. Emergence of processes within.

Tapping the Network to Facilitate Innovation « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Skip to content emergent by design Home support who’s the architect? The ideas are not new, but seem to exist currently in different places in different stages. like any prototype, this tool would start out being crude, but i think the potential of it could be incredibly important for humans as we move forward and start understanding the world in a different way – as this huge playground made for co-creation.

Essential Skills for 21st Century Survival: Part 3: Network Weaving « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Skip to content emergent by design Home support who’s the architect? I noticed that different disciplines are having the same conversation, just packaged in the jargon of their field. What if we could cross-pollinate these conversations, allowing for new ideas to emerge?

What Could the Future of Money Look Like? « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Network

Skip to content emergent by design Home support who’s the architect? As capitalism continues to evolve the exchange of symbols also continue to evolve as new technology emerges. A good analogy is the emergence of standards in the IT world.

Communities & Technologies finally meeting Community Informatics

Making CommunitySense

Emergence of communities : the potential of communities to take a form and articulate itself, often in response to an external opportunity or threat. What are alternatives? Represent many different communities, a great context to work with. I’m currently in Siegen, Germany.

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Trust and security in open networks

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In our research into emergent learning, trust is one of the factors we consider to be essential for emergent learning in open learning environments. The second topic (unit) of the ccourses MOOC (Connected Courses. Active Co-Learning in Higher Ed) is Trust and Network Fluenc y.

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The 10 Key Principles of Change Management

The Bumble Bee

Don't let this side-track out into thrashing about switching strategies and trying lots of different things. However if after a few months you are still not seeing the leading indicators of change emerging then this is the time to review your strategy and try something different.

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February 2015. Light and Shade.

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An emerging light for me is that some of the issues that were raised by the paper are being discussed, which is surely a better outcome than the paper being ignored. Alternative perspectives are welcome and differences of interpretation are inevitable.

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Next steps in rhizomatic learning research (Rhizo14)

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They were also asked to comment on a set of statements which relate to the themes currently emerging from the data we have gathered. Some respondents have the view as stated whilst others have a very different or even opposite view. (Source of image: [link] ).

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Papers on mobile assisted language learning (MALL)

e-Moderation Station

Audio translation apps, augmented reality, and just-in-time learning approaches are providing alternatives to those with neither access nor time to learn a language. Some Emerging Principles for Mobile-assisted Language Learning (Glenn Stockwell & Philip Hubbard).

Caught in Our Own Words

How to Save the World

The two sides cannot meaningfully converse because they have totally different worldviews that come from irreconcilable beliefs about how the world really is and what drives human behaviour.

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Critical Examination of MOOCs by Jeremy Knox

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He argues that despite the differences between xMOOCs and cMOOCs, ultimately they both promote humanist assumptions of universalism, essentialism, autonomy and transcendental subjectivity. difference) is seen as problematic.

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My Pen, Our Pens: Engagement through Participatory Visualization Workshop

Full Circle Associates

Then we’ll progress through a series of exercises and experiments alternating with reflection and harvest. We will provide with a drawing journal, a set of marker pens, a sketchnote pen and 2 different colors of pan pastels with a sponge.

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Our Enterprise 2.0 Boston 2011 Submission: Enterprise Awareness and Weak Signal Sensing

Portals and KM

Recognizing this potential a large number of tools have emerged to try to make sense of this data through such means as sentiment analysis, popularity ranking, and semantic technology. At Darwin Ecosystem we take an alternative approach to enabling Weak Signal Sensing with the Awareness Engine™. technologies are capturing information that emerges from collaborative discussion, deliberations and ideas that are now stored in systems. 

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Green Chameleon » Blog comments

Green Chameleon

We ask participants to collect all the different ways they organise their music CDs. So far I think we’re up to 20 different ways, including one guy who organised his music in order of the girlfriend he was going out with at the time he bought it.

Literature Review: Improving Work Practices in Times of Change

Collaborative Thinking

occurs by how social tools foster what McAfee refers to as “emergent collaboration”. communities), emerge and evolve over time. Object centered sociality” is an alternative way to examine networking dynamics since objects (e.g., The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration.

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Social Business Begins by Unleashing Your Business Talent


TAP, that surely has served the good purpose of providing a test ground for innovators and early adopters to push the limits on their development and adoption efforts of new emerging technologies.

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Scenarios 2011 to 2022 – Media/Military Complex: New Year Resolve

21st Century Organization

Decline of the nation state happens for different reasons – devolves to “low grade war all the time”, “power [emerges] for systems to create their own institutions.”. There is no denying that we are in an interconnected, emerging global future.

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A Cynical Guide to Power and Organizational Dynamics

How to Save the World

Paradoxically, when these systems collapse, the propensity of most people (being change-averse and ignorant of any alternatives) is to try to recreate what has been irreparably broken. from GapingVoid.com by Hugh Macleod.

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Several Short Sentences About Learning

How to Save the World

Because our culture is so pervasive, it’s hard to imagine a real alternative to today’s institutional educational systems, programs and processes. . The only useful learning experiences I have ever had have been at least initially self-directed and exploratory.

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Beyond Assessment – Recognizing Achievement in a Networked World

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ePortfolios and Open Badges are only the first wave in what will emerge as a wider network-based form of assessment that makes tests and reviews unnecessary. This was the third in a series of 3 talks that Stephen Downes gave in London this week. Jul 11, 2014.

Two Brazilian Net-Map studies: Fair Trade and Cotton

Net-Map Toolbox

The Fair Trade has emerged as a proposal for inclusion of players with limited potential of insertion in the conventional market, aiming not only the economic viability, but quality attributes and other dimensions that are not valued by market mechanisms.

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Twitter is Not a Social Network

Alchemy of Change

Yes, Facebook is doing some things to change this, but this is a pretty fundamental difference between the two services. Though very different in the way they’re operated, both services tap networks of people to produce networks of information.

Through the Dark Mountain: A Harvest of Myths

How to Save the World

It might be more accurate to say these are prevalent myths in different circles of power and influence, since there are so many of them — seemingly competing for our attention and belief, some of them directly contradictory to others, and some growing in influence while others are losing their hold.

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Grimly Letting Go of the Old Story

How to Save the World

I have noticed a subtle change over the last year or two in what (and how) both mainstream and alternative media are reporting (worse news, more indifferently, more dishonestly and more under-reporting). Self-colonization and the emergence of “apologism” and mandatory optimism.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

May 18, 2007 Designing for Emergence I n his post today , complexity guru Steve Barth suggests that since it is not in our nature to prepare for emergencies, we should instead try to design for emergence. We need to be ready , which is different from planning. Improving our attention skills: We need to study and learn abouthow nature, and how cultures that deal with emergencies regularly, copewith them. Creating an Alternative, Gift Economy.

Getting Ready for the Fall

How to Save the World

I t seems it is both too early and too late for us to do much to prepare for what James Kunstler calls The Long Emergency — the gradual collapse, over the coming decades, of our global economic/political, energy/resource and ecological/climate systems.

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