Unflattening: text, drawing and alternative perspectives

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This week there has been a flurry of activity on the #gridsgestures hash tag on Twitter as many people have responded to Nick Sousanis ’ invitation to draw the shape of your day each day for a week, i.e. to take part in his Grids and Gestures- A Comics Making Exercise.

Changing the Meme of Constant Growth

Networking Action

She describes how growth has become a “meme,” a core value, and she identifies diverse alternatives, from “thrivability” to “enough.” Constant growth is driving humanity off an ecological cliff, writes Dr. Sandra Waddock (Boston College). Dr. Waddock is active with … Net Dev

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The 10 Key Principles of Change Management

The Bumble Bee

Over the last 6 months I have been designing, testing and piloting an exciting new Change Management Game for leaders and teams which lets them experience what it is like to lead a complete 9-month change management project over the course of a single day.

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Literature Review: Improving Work Practices in Times of Change

Collaborative Thinking

Hopefully, the Review is somewhat related to an eventual Thesis so I've tried to pull together some thoughts on how to improve work practices in times of change (explained below). Improving Work Practices in Times of Change.

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Dave Snowden’s reflections on a theory of change

Chris Corrigan

Dave is working on a theory of change, which I think is a good thing. In this latest post he has a nice summation of the way to move to action in complex situations (like cultures): So where we are looking at culture change (to take an example), we first map the narrative landscape to see what the current dispositional state is. That allows us to look at where we have the potential to change, and where change would be near impossible to achieve.

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F-Suites for C-Suites: 4 Futures Thinking Toolkits To Help C-Suite Leaders Thrive in a World of Change « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

F-Suites for C-Suites: 4 Futures Thinking Toolkits To Help C-Suite Leaders Thrive in a World of Change. The world is changing. Power is the chief means to social change. I love the idea of “viewing the future through the lens of alternatives rather than linear outcomes.”

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Free Alternatives to Ning


" He continues: "So, we are going to change our strategy to devote 100% of our resources to building the winning product to capture this big opportunity. " Where does that leave those of us who need a free-for-use Ning alternative? The following were both collaboratively edited by dozens of people across the internet: Alternatives to Ning Spreadsheet. Alternatives to Ning Document.

Changing the Way People Find Experts at CEMEX, Luis Garza (Social Connections V, Zurich)

Michael Sampson - Currents

A couple of the innovation initiatives - ready-mix products, alternative fuels. For Alternative Fuels, were able to identify ways of moving away from fossil fuels. Luis Garza from CEMEX is talking about how people now find experts at CEMEX. Some notes: 1. Luis started by showing a video about how bringing ideas together improves current practices at CEMEX. CEMEX is a global building company. More than 50 countries. About 44,000 employees.


Constraints and Change in ChangeMooc

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There needs to be a balance between the Red Queen Regime, where there is not enough structure, people are always running to stay in the same place, everything happens too fast, there is no creativity or emergence – and the Stalinist Regime where nothing changes because there is too much structure. Alternative persepctives from Matthias Melcher – [link].

A Journey In Social Media: Clearspace Alternatives

John Tropea - Delicious Community

« Here Come The Big Communities | Main | We Are Now Corporate Legit » January 10, 2008 Clearspace Alternatives I dont know if all of you know how blogs work on TypePad, but we all get a stats panel, and we can see where people are coming in. Weve continued to look at alternative environments, and -- so far -- we havent found anything that we wished we would have done instead. It is a viable alternative to Jive for on-demand online community. View an alternate.

About Hootsuite's Costly 'Freemium' Plans and Free Twitter Alternatives


To help sort through your options, here are the most important changes: The "Basic" package is still free, but there are now four paid packages ranging from $5 to $100/month. In our trials, we did find it a worthwhile alternative, but ultimately stuck with Hootsuite because it is not as full-featured or easy to use. However, Twitter is the only supported social network, there is no mobile alternative, and there is no team collaboration.

Tips for Chat/Talk Show hosts | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

What I’m talking about is an alternative method to boring presentations.

The 10 basic online tools every trainer and online facilitator should know

Joitske Hulsebosch

I therefore completely understand that facilitators of learning and change processes and trainers/teachers can''t see the wood for the trees. The bad news is that for every tool also is another alternative. An alternative to this bookmark tool is delicious. There are many alternative brainstorming walls like stormboard or spiderscribe. One alternative is present.me.

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Is our Education System in Crisis?

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But a key question in his presentation was: “Can universities or colleges change from within, or do we need new institutions for 21st century learning?”. So I thought I would add my own perspective and respond to the first part of the question– Can universities or colleges change from within – based on my own ‘personal’ experience, so probably not very objective. My experience is that change has to be from within and without.

Creating a whole kit (and caboodle) for community enablers and agents of change

Social Reporter

Discussion at a strategy group about the new Lobbi initiative prompted me to write yesterday about an online/offline kit for local change agents, with references to my previous work with colleagues on kits and the use of social tech for social impact. Exploration for Big Lottery Fund of People Powered Change. The many models for People Powered Change.

Wanderings of a Liberating Structures Practitioner – Part 2 the practice

Full Circle Associates

What is happening around us that demands change? Dealing with this up front in the context of the subquestion makes it more stark: What happens if we don’t change? ” Paradoxes are not things to defeat us, but to change how we view a problem.

Culture: subject to change

Social Abacus

It's hard to change. I'm reacting late, but vehemently to the idea that " there is no such thing as culture change." I readily acknowledge the subtleties clarified in the ensuing commentary , but I feel strongly that talking about " the people " and the complementary or, in my mind, superordinate class of change that accompanies shifts toward social technology in the enterprise is tangible and important to address systematically. But not impossible.

‘The New World’. Fact and Truth in 2017

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This is a series of programmes examining the major forces that are changing the world around us. It pulled together and tried to explain society’s changing relationship with truth. Events went on to show that when facts are coloured by ideology it is difficult to change people’s minds.

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Your World-Changing Story

How to Save the World

BLOG Your World-Changing Story. I learned that we have already surpassed the level of atmospheric pollution that will inevitably create almost unimaginable climate change -- disappearance of all the world's forests, huge sea level rise, constant storms that will dwarf Katrina in ferocity and decimate vital human infrastructure, global-scale drought, flooding, and desertification. This doesn't entail changing myself to be what I'm not, just learning some new skills and abilities.

Four World-Changing Questions

How to Save the World

BLOG World-Changing Questions. The revisions depicted in the chart above reflect my recent disenchantment with idealism (which too often makes us inconsolable, inflexible, inattentive and intolerant), my realization that the world can't be saved, only made better than what it is, and my recently-acquired preference for collective action over personal self-change. Be a Model: Ghandi famously said that we should be the change we want to see in the world, to model that behaviour.

Think culture change, not brainwashing.

Social Abacus

You might laugh, but as I’ve been thinking about the culture change associated with social business design, I’m reminded of the literature on coercive persuasion, aka brainwashing, in its ugliest form. The part I’m thinking about, the systematic methodology to get people to change their attitudes to drastically different ones, is not necessarily evil. A loose adaptation: simplified steps to "induce" culture change:?? Offer alternatives.

The Inside Scoop on the International Association of Business Communicators Conference

Partnering Resources

When alternative facts and fake news grab headlines, ethics are more important than ever. IABC took a stand earlier this year by opposing alternative facts. If not, it’s time to make a change.

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Social Media Monitoring Bookmarks and RSS

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

When monitoring social media, don’t forget to monitor social media platforms (changes at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc) as well as stuff specific to YOUR industry. Readers (Alternative).

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Half-a-Call More Per Hour

Michael Sampson - Currents

The workers with standing desks alternated between standing and sitting, and on average, sat down for 1.6 Standing for part of the day changed something in the body so mental functioning was better, fatigue was less, and the drive to continue was still in place at the end of the hour.

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What’s Your Purpose?


I mean, look at the alternative(s) of not diving in to the Digital Transformation journey. It’s ugly and it will become uglier over the course of time even more so if we keep ignoring the inevitable: change. . Change for the sake of changing: It’s not a good idea.

cMOOCs and xMOOCs – key differences

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So if we take these as two of the best Coursera MOOCs, then what are the differences between these and the original cMOOCs such as CCK08, PLENK, Critical Literacies and Change 11? Presentation to Change 11 MOOC.

Not bloging, identities and Happy New Year :)


What I didn’t realise is that identities change or, to be more specific, some of those many identities in each of us take leading role for a while. All things “green” and local, sewing, house and kids, as well as alternative educational modes.

(almost) Everything about video for learning professionals

Joitske Hulsebosch

On the other hand, there is a strategic perspective on the changes in learning initiative launched by the fact that there are so many videos are available to learn from / to imitate and the fact that everyone can now film. Does video change the way we learn and facilitate learning?

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Shaping the Future of Higher Education – standing still is not an option

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This was an enjoyable and thought provoking session, in which Ale Armellini shared the work that is being done at the University of Northampton to prepare for the future in Higher Education – or at least to try and anticipate the changes that might need to be made.

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The leader casts a long shadow – further reflections on group work

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In my cMOOC experience there has usually been an unwritten, if not explicit, expectation of a code of behaviour that respects alternative perspectives. (Source of image: [link] ).

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Making the Change: How to Dismantle Industrial Civilization

How to Save the World

BLOG Making the Change: How to Dismantle Industrial Civilization. Unless we work actively to undermine and dismantle industrial civilization, it will just keep destroying and exhausting our planet until we've passed the point of no return on climate change, and exhausted the planet's resources. Influencing others: Part of any change initiative is to engage others and get them involved in the change activities as well.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

BIO, SIGNATURE ESSAYS How to Save the World What You Can Do The Only Life We Know Save the World Reading List The End of Philosophy No Noble Savage Too Far Ahead Theory of Knowledge Natural Enterprise Business Innovation The Gift Economy Personal Knowledge Management Personal Productivity The Blogging Process The Wal-Mart Dilemma The Job of the Media Let-Self-Change: Learning from Indigenous Cultures Poem: Driving in Neutral Poem: And Where Will We Hide.

Edinburgh University’s updated Manifesto for Teaching Online – 2015

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In June of this year I published a blogpost about the changing role of the online teacher , following an invitation from Lisa Lane to write a post for her open Program for Online Teaching. Comment: Agreed – so what are the alternatives?

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Why We Can't 'Afford' to Prevent Climate Change

How to Save the World

BLOG Why We Can't Afford to Prevent Climate Change. Two other things economists don't seem to get: There are healthy alternatives to a growth economy. They also produce an addiction to debt (for most of us, total assets have doubled in the last forty years, but that increase has been totally financed by debt -- net worth hasn't changed at all, so the 'wealth' is all illusory). The way we are, and always have been, we cannot 'afford' to combat climate change.

PhD by Publication and Collaboration

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As I explained in my viva (I was challenged on this), a contribution might range from coming up with the one key idea or identifying the key research paper that changes the direction of the research, to hours of data analysis. A PhD is always (as far as I know) an individual piece of work.

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#SOCRMx: Week 3 – Working with images

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Does knowing this change how the photo is perceived? Alternatively it may concern them greatly. I have found the working with images resources in the Introduction to Social Research Methods MOOC very stimulating.

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rPath Supports the New Dynamic and Cloud-based Vision for IT

Portals and KM

I recently spoke with Jake Sorofman, CMO at rPath , to get his perspective on these changes. Their internal customers were forced to accept poor service levels because they had no alternative. Now the Cloud is fast becoming and alternative channel. The times are changing

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Caught in Our Own Words

How to Save the World

One of the ideas they presented that I found particularly inspiring was this: Much of what we believe, and much of what we are trying to change, is rooted in the terminology, the language we use to discuss it.

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. The purpose of education is to enable people to understand, navigate, contribute to, challenge and change the world. Change is, of course, not always positive. But the alternatives to change, if there are any, are entropy, denial and death.

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2013 – The Year of Social HR


An alternative? Alternatives for HR?

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