My Enterprise 2.0 Toolkit Q1 2010

Evolving Web

In a hyper connected world, one has little choice but to participate in Facebook - it's the 800 pound social media site. Things I Am Missing or Seldom Use Feedreader - I have been using Twitter as my defacto aggregator, but it is proving to be less than optimal.

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Enterprise RSS - RRW Readers Speak Out

Collaborative Thinking

In two of our projects with large law firms we included an RSS feedreader in the social software mix (among wiki, blogs, social bookmarking). Some of the lawyers picked up that concept, too and started using an feedreader. Nevertheless, RSS does play a vital role in the ' Social Stack 'enabling a free flow of information. A lot of great comments over at the main article: R.I.P Enterprise RSS. I thought a few deserved additional feedback: #8.

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