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With proven design and technology, we help you define (and refine) your strategy with our community growth model, ensuring you get the most from your community investment. A cornerstone of successful aggregation of the various different people, knowledge and conversations in community is thematic based navigation. By aggregating them intuitively in our community taxonomy, users are able to work with the tools they prefer.

Community Building: How To Create Your Own Social Media Network With Ning - Robin Good's Latest News

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If you can think of a hobby, demographic or special interest chances are that there is a social network dedicated to it - whether you are an aspiring model , a young Muslim , a mother , or even a Japanese animation addict. Print this article | Read this article in: | IT | ES | March 6, 2007 ?

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Column 2 : Enterprise 2.0: Group Intelligence Panel

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Rolling this together with the email traffic that went around for the same project, they were able to look at the total communication model and correlations between face-to-face/email traffic and factors such as the quality of the group interactions; the final result is that face-to-face communication communication is better than email. ESB Links mashups off topic open source outsourcing Rant SaaS Six Sigma SOA Software design torcamp Vendors Web 2.0 Column 2 BPM, Enterprise 2.0

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Zude May Be A Better Netvibes

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The company’s business model is straight-forward – with a free account, your page will have advertising, but if you pay an annual fee (likely $25), it will not. 11 Marcus Says: April 19th, 2007 at 10:44 am Arghh, this is not like netvibes - netvibes is a personal homepage application and aggregator. We designed Zude to be the ultimate consolidator. I have been using zcubes to introduce my students to web designing.

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34 More Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

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They provide information sessions at the beginning of their relationships, collaborate during the design process, and may even help market the social networks and provide ongoing content moderation support. ThePort, which has been around since 1999 and focuses on creating niche communities, differentiates itself by integrating its social networks with its own news aggregation and start page services.

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