Monetization: Social Network Advertising

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The challenge is not that Facebook and other social networking sites are underpricing advertising, it’s that the context is different in online communities. How do you advertise to an audience that is busy doing something contextually irrelevant to your keywords?

List of 8 Social Media Anti Advertising Ads

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

What happens when the consumer fights back against the advertiser (using social media channels)? If you want more information try: Wikipedia – Parody Advertisements. Warning: May Make Advertising Agencies Cry. This type of anti-advertising has no redeeming virtues.

How 2nd Screen Apps killed off Television Advertising – Social Media TV

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As viewers use Twitter, Facebook and apps like Zeebox to continue to drive attention to TV Shows, these social tools paradoxically kill off TV Advertising. Do you advertise on the TV or the iPad?

Networking or Marketing: How to Escape the Advertising Trap and Get Real

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Walking the Line between Networking & Advertising. The problem is that there is a big difference between developing genuine networks and advertising. When I send out a tweet about a new report I’ve created, I’m advertising.

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Big Lottery Fund soft launches online community – and advertises an interesting job

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I haven’t spotted any formal announcement of the online community , although BIG is advertising the post of Digital Community Manager.

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Organising Knowledge>> Taxonomies, Porn and Online Advertising

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The digital advertising contract was outsourced to.Fox Networks, with strict instructions on the categories of website for the ads to be placed on.Fox Networks relies on third party providers to supply websites to advertise on, and one of its outsourced providers had apparently misclassified an adult website, leading.Fox to assume that it was worthy of SingTel’s money. Categorisation mistakes can be embarrassing.

Bad Blog Advertising

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Is anyone else as irritated by the bouncing belly fat ads that seem to have taken over every blog ad network?

The Future of Advertising [Slidecast]

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The Future of Advertising, APA, 17/02/09. View more presentations from John v Willshire.

Bars, Pickups, Advertising, and the Return to Conversation

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I thought I'd toss in a quick comment about advertising and conversation while I work on kind of a '12 step' list about implementing conversation-centric organization using social media tools. There's a lot of discussion about why it is that social media is challenging advertising and on the roles of each in the future. And when I think about it, that's the traditional advertising model. Doing that limits your cost of advertising, and makes every ad you run more effective. Worthwhile Online Advertising Marketplace for Online Communities

Managing Communities (BSA) is an online advertising marketplace. Their publicly searchable database of publishers includes over 2,300 manually approved websites of a generally high quality. The sites primarily fall somewhere in the technology and design categories, but they do have some sites that fall into other categories, such as music, gaming and more. Some might consider them [.].

What Not to Do When I Ask You to Consider Advertising on Our Community

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I am looking for advertisers. photo credit: Miala Role playing time! I manage a good sized community around a particular niche. So, I identify some online stores that sell products to the people who comprise my community’s audience. The online store that you work for is one of those I find and I contact you. I [.]. Humor

Facebook for Marketing Research: Political Polls #auspol

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Facebook Advertising and Sentiment. It’s not huge stretch to see that companies will want (most of the time) to advertise to people who are positive and beaming about their products, or neutral and enquiring about their products. Facebook Advertising as a Free Marketing Tool.

How to Write Facebook Sponsored Posts And Dodge the Haters

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They don’t care that Businesses are allowed to advertise to them. Facebook Online Communities social media social networks ads Advertising btbmedia harvey norman hated newsfeed social ads sponsored posts walmart

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KFC Potholes and Social Network Spotlights

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Kentucky Fried Chicken offer to fix potholes in exchange for graffiti - err sorry - advertising on the hole covers. There is a danger on social networks that sell spotlight advertising of the same kind of backlash. Advertising is branding and expression of the company.

Stark realisation: I no longer depend on Google to find stuff - Alex Campbell's advertising, culture and politics blog

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ALEXS CULTURE//ADVERTISING BLOG Stark realisation: I no longer depend on Google to find stuff Today I had a stark realisation: I no longer depend on Google to find stuff. Im Alex and I work in advertising in Sydney, Australia.

Kodanikuteadus koolis

Taming the spaces

AdvertisementsTäna räägin reaalkoolis kodanikuteadusest. Kodanikuteadus Mida tasub kodanikuteaduses uurida?

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Copyright – Social Media SAVES your IP from plagiarists

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User generated advertising: Facebook stalker and Social Media consultants (1). I get asked all the time “if you blog, tweet, slideshare, podcast, can’t someone just TAKE your intellectual property?&#

COI: Cost of Inaction United Breaks Guitars

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Tags: Anti Marketing Online Communities anti advertising anti-PR anti-branding coi cost of inaction social media social networks anti community apple vs engadget dave carroll steak and shake United breaks guitars

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Australia Toyota Yaris social media campaign Downfall

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Or put it this way: social media becomes social advertising, a completely different kind of relationship. Toyota has been a fairly traditional advertiser, but we pride ourselves on being the first to market with new innovations and opportunities,” he said.

auDA misuse of power?

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is a bust – Advertising doesn’t work (5). Tags: Anti Marketing Australia Online Communities anti advertising anti-PR anti-branding social media social networks auDA Vanessa Stanford I registered

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Conference Schtick: How to do a public presentation

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I hate it when I see that an audience has paid a truckload of $$$ to attend a conference and what they get is advertisements from the speaker on the podium. Technorati Tags: Advertising , conferences , howto , presentation , public , speaking , tedtalks , tim longhurst , tips.

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AdAge and the new world of computers

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This is a searing indictment on the advertising industry. Besides the stupid intro ad everytime you go to their site - well, duh,they are an ADVERTISING content provider -the site is quite good, blogs, comments etc. . Welcome to Advertising Age Digital Edition!

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Ad:Tech Sydney - Twitter presentation

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Technorati Tags: adtech , Advertising , atsyd , business , business models , Monetization , relevance , revenue , Twitter. Tags: Online Communities social media social networks Twitter relevance adtech revenue business Event Australia Advertising atsyd Monetization Money business models My rogueish sense of humour. Before the whole shmozzle starts, I thought I’d put the “social media assets&# up online (video to youtube, Powerpoint to slideshare and so on).

AFL: Fans help not hinder!

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Tags: Anti Marketing Australia Online Communities Sport anti advertising anti-PR anti-branding blogs social media social networks afl contestedfooty deakin james rose monash the age the real footy

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At War: It’s the little things

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Up until now they haven’t done any TV advertising at all so I have no idea if this is the kind of thing they would like. Tags: at war social media Online Communities social networks trader joes anti advertising brandjacking anti-PR Anti Marketing anti-branding It’s the little things that set off customers into becoming anti -brand vigilantes. laughs* This guy was taking a video outside Trader Joes, an American assorted goods store, by the look of it. :

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Facebook Has Its Cake and Eats It

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Consider this: When you advertise, you’re paying for the privilege of increasing Facebook activity. You’ll even bid against other advertisers for that privilege. Please prepare, dear reader, for a small dose of cynicism.

Reputation Annihilation in Social Media

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Tags: social media Online Communities social networks vizedu AIG company karma anti advertising anti-PR blogs Anti Marketing anti-branding

Green Chameleon » Stories, Spin and the Loss of Intellect

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Stories, Spin and the Loss of Intellect I was watching this advertisement for Adidas in the cinema the other day and reflected on how pervasive storytelling has become.

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Freeview Fiasco and Robin Parkes interview

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Tags: Anti Marketing Australia Media Online Communities TV anti advertising anti-PR anti-branding social networks

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Website Widgets and Ads Raise Privacy Issues

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Once an advertiser obtains an IP address, they may obtain more sensitive information as well. Website widgets are commonplace in the world of social media. They tend to make interacting, marketing and web site tracking easier and more fun. About 16 web widgets are currently used on this blog.

Collaborative Thinking: Social Media: Sometimes Its All About The Contest

Collaborative Thinking

Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Decentralized Co-Creation of Value | Main | SproutBuilder: Making Widget Creation Easy » January 31, 2008 Social Media: Sometimes Its All About The Contest Interesting to see where this blend of brand, advertising, community and gaming annd converge via social media: Votigo is an Oakland, Calif.

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10 Types of Widgets for Your Blog or Website

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Advertising - Widgets from Google Adwords , ad networks and retailers such as Amazon help you generate income from you blog or other website. Tags: Blogging Networking and Marketing Strategy Widgets advertising Measurement and Tracking social bookmarking social networking How much do you know about website widgets?

8 Great Choices for SPAM Free Promotion

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Legitimate promotion alternatives fall primarily into these basic categories: Advertising - Expect to pay — unless you prefer getting marginal results, running around town, lurking in parking lots and posing for security cameras, all while schlepping around stacks of flyers and carefully avoiding people you know. Online, free advertising attracts people without money and spammers, although you may get good results with Craigslist.

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Twitter Stats Defy Measurement

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One of several areas responsibility at IDT was analyzing advertising tracking data, partly in order to evaluate each advertising purchase, and partly to in order to determine the net value of each customer (after factoring out the cost of acquiring that customer). Tags: News Social Media and Social Networking Sites Twitter Web Analytics Web Marketing tracking advertising Everything defies measurement and tracking. Everything, really. Try recording your food intake.

10 Ways to Promote Ning Networks

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Classified Ads - Craigslist and other advertising sites can drive traffic to your Ning network. Tags: Networking and Marketing Strategy Ning Sites SPAM Search Engines Widgets advertising Marketing Ning Ning social network SEO You’ve created Ning networks or belong to Ning networks started by others. What next? In 10 Ways to Brand and Market on Ning Networks , I examine a variety of Ning network features that are useful for promoting yourself or your business.

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Tips for facilitators in Ning

Joitske Hulsebosch is open source, has a lot of similar functionalities to ning (and more- you can upload files easily) and is also without advertisements (for free!). I've been exploring Ning a little further than I did and compared it to other forums like socialgo, collectivex and

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Webinar - Online Communities: Surviving & Thriving in the Economic Downturn

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While working at America Online, Scott helped create the first Web-based online advertisement and commercial Web site. Tags: Advertising Community 101 Community Management Marketing Metrics Online Community Report Online Community Roundtable social media online commnity community roi social marketing social media roi Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar. A FREE webinar sponsored by Forum One Networks. May 7, 2009 @ 11:00 am PDT. Register here: [link].

should ewf sell out to the man?

Engineers without Fears

And it says: We have reviewed your blog on behalf of one of our clients that would be interested in placing advertising with you. Alternatively, we may be interested in text-only advertising. And I have to give you free advertising? Sorry guys, no free advertising for you. advertising bloggingSo I get this email from (despite their domain name being registered in Miami, their website seems oddly, er, Romanian).

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List Building Using Twitter

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Reach and frequency are basic advertising metrics. Advertising without frequency is hardly ever effective. Tags: Affiliate University SPAM List Building free social media training Social Media and Social Networking Sites Twitter free social media marketing training Twitter tools advertising Importance of List Building. Reach refers to the quantity of people your message reaches, while frequency refers to the number of times on average each person is reached.

Cambridge Analytica vs Beacon – Facebook Australia Quantium

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From Wikipedia “Beacon formed part of Facebook’s advertisement system that sent data from external websites to Facebook, for the purpose of allowing targeted advertisements and allowing users to share their activities with their friends. Ancient history?

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sand banks and e-banks

Engineers without Fears

Well funny you thought that - coz I thought that you were applying for the 'toilet cleaner' job I had advertised at the back of my medicine cabinet - here's the brush, get cracking." advertising ubank queenslandUnlike lots of people, I didn't mind the Ubank videos and I hope that with time they get funnier (sharper cutting guys). I'm still miffed that their agency ( Loaded Technologies ) never got back to me about selling the domain name.

Meta-design framework for open learning ecosystems at MUP/PLE Lecture Series

Taming the spaces

Here is an advertisement to my lecture at MUP/PLE Lecture series, 14th of June at Open University of London. Mash-UP Personal Learning Environments (MUP/PLE) group on TELeurope: [link]. affordance designs hybrid ecology self-directed learning web2.0 mupple11

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

It is not good enough, you say, it doesnot work the way it was supposed to, the way it was advertised to work.It Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays. In search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding of how the world really works. Tuesday, January 27, 2009 Conjurer BLOG Conjurer cartoonby charles barsotti; purchase his remarkable work here Y ousay you want it fixed.

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