Benefit of Virtual Teams - the BP Experience (from mid-1990s)

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In Knowing the Drill: Virtual Teamwork at BP , Don Cohen looks at the benefits that accrued to BP from virtual teaming approaches and technology in the 1990s. Deliberate coaching was used to get the benefits of virtual teaming. The team spent 50% of their project budget on coaching. - The members of what was called the Virtual Petrotechnical Team were given VT equipment and essentially left alone to find uses for it.

Open Enterprise 2009 - Charlene Li Interviewed by Stowe Boyd


Head over to Open Enterprise 2009: Charlene Li Interview and hit play (Or watch it directly here with the embedded link shared below) for an entertaining exchange of some of the following ideas: On Leadership.

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A World Without Email - Year 2, Week 7 (Open Enterprise 2009 with Oliver Marks)


Oh, well, let’s move on to sharing with you one interesting link that I hope you would enjoy, just as much as I did, as it touches on a recent videoconference I did with my good friend Oliver Marks on the topic of Enterprise 2.0. Blog , Trust , Flexibility , Knowledge Workers.

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Social Workplace for Government 2.0 by Deb Lavoy


I did watch it in its entirety last Saturday and I thought I would share with you today the impression(s) it left on me. Thus virtual and physical come together as one. Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing

E L S U A ~ A KM Blog Thinking Outside The Inbox by Luis Suarez » Successful Social Networking for Business Collaboration by Ed Brill

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They are both from my good friend, and fellow IBM colleague, Ed Brill , who just recently participated in a couple of different events (One of them virtually, with all of its various challenges).

Collaborative Thinking: Building a Culture of Collaboration

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The opportunity for HR teams to redefine themselves (from an administrative function to a strategic partner for other business units) is immense given shifting employee demographic trends and the battle for talent in the marketplace that will occur over the next decade. Edmondson of Harvard discuss reasons employees are reluctant to share creative ideas to improve products, processes or performance. This link will bring you our team page.

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Implementing the Cisco Collaboration Framework

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review team—which included members from. and expertise is shared among employees, partners, and their communities. technologies such as virtual workspaces, social networking tools, web conferencing. are creating new possibilities for organizations to more quickly and effectively connect people, information, and knowledge communities. other early adopters are now bringing these. Companies that successfully adopt new. The tacit knowledge in a person’s.