Integrating a 1-to-1 tablet initiative at primary level

e-Moderation Station

In this guest blog post Dimitris shares his experience from Doukas school in Athens which integrated ICT into the syllabus (one tablet PC per student) in 2009 and has become a Microsoft Case Study for adopting this approach. ICT educators: Dimitris Primalis. Image by gterez.

Notes on BP304 Become a Social Business: Leverage User Adoption Through Gamification

Michael Sampson - Currents

Sasja Beerendonk, a collaboration consultant at e-office , is talking about the role of gamification in achieving user adoption. Focus is on how to use gamification to drive user adoption of IBM Connections. Sasja's work is about helping companies with user adoption.

2013 185

Notes on CCS105 Bayer MaterialScience - Integrating IBM Connections and Microsoft Technologies

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Bert Oberholz and Cindy Schlebusch from BMS are talking about BMS's implementation of Connections, and the integration with Microsoft technologies. in 2010, more focused approach - to introduce Connections with the new personalized work place (a new standard laptop image). -. In Q4, had an adoption and positioning strategy around Connections. plan for 2012 - Bayer-wide availability, integration with SharePoint, and Connections 4 late in 2012. adoption strategies: -.

2012 120

Integrating Transactions and Interactions: A Fable

Portals and KM

In the last two days, I wrote about: Integrating the Interactions with the Transactions, and Maybe Enterprise 2.0 I this post I want to share an example of an early success with this type of integration using old school tools. We then adopted this term for what we did but it was really an early example enterprise 2.0. This approach was new, as the people had never been asked this question. Provides Social Email to Push Enterprise Collaboration Adoption

Portals and KM

has now released a cross-platform suite of enterprise collaboration products designed to boost user adoption of the dominant enterprise collaboration tools. The goal is to increase user adoption of the broader collaboration platforms now available and stop sharing docs as attachments to email.

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Notes on CUST119 Prudential: Thinking about Social Business Adoption? Don't Forget Enterprise Social Governance

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Approach: - feedback workshops with the Law, Compliance, and Business Ethics organization. Developed an Adoption and Governance Strategy. develop a governance structure and approach. Integration into current tools helped a lot. Jean Balbo from Prudential Financial is talking about enterprise social governance. Jean is the Director of Process Management. Some notes: 1. Prudential is 137 years old, has $1 trillion in assets under management.

2013 132

Enterprise Micro-Messaging: Standalone or Integrated with Comprehensive Collaboration Platform? Or Both?

Portals and KM

Here is a post on the collaboration platforms that are integrating micro-messaging. Is there a role of both approaches in parallel with different functions? Are there different adoption challenges? There is a population that sees integration of microblogging with other collaboration tools as necessary for far reaching adoption.”. Most IM systems are no longer standalone but integrated with email and other communications systems.

2014, The Year That Was


Finally , I got to discover and fully experience what, till today, have been my two main sources of income as an independent advisor: 1) Client work and 2) Hosting face to face workshops around Social Business Adoption & Digital Transformation.

2014 206

Presentation: Highlights from my dissertation


Most of what I was talking about is in the weblog: Slides 2-3: An overview of the PhD approach. Slides 9-12: Facilitating adoption of weblogs in knowledge-intensive environments with PhD cover art story as an metaphor for slide 9 (the photo on it is A Topography of Woman by Arlee Barr ). Integration PhD process blogs in business Knowledge work PhD technology adoption Tags: blogs in business , Knowledge work , PhD , technology adoption.

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Telligent Releases an Integrated Suite of Collaboration Tools with High Powered Metrics | The AppGap

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s products also includes enhancements that address the issues that have impeded the adoption of community-driven collaboration technologies in the enterprise, such as integration with existing business applications, manageability, ease-of-use, measurability and ROI.

BT Web 2.0 adoption case study " Inside out

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Having calmed ourselves, we took a different and probably more realistic approach. The balance was finally tipped by Ben Verwaayan, BT’s chief executive, who expressed publicly his support for the more liberal approach. Let users dictate the direction and speed of adoption.

Notes on “Deployment of SharePoint 2013 document, records and collaboration solution at AUT” (Alan Marshall, Stephen McWilliams, Shelley Tasele)

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Plus various AUT wide information, events, and processes. - … … governance included decisions around authentication, integration with other systems at AUT, etc. - … … using RecordPoint for records management. Conference Notes Microsoft SharePoint User Adoption

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5 Reasons Why Corporate Social Tools Fail - I Agree with Some, Question Others

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Adoption of collaboration tools and approaches is key part of my work , so it's good to see Aliza address this issue. You need more than that - as my book on user adoption says. The real task, though, is to make the new tools an integral part of the new way that teams and groups get their work done, not an extra way of telling people you're going out for coffee. User Adoption User Adoption Strategies

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Reflections from 2011 – And Health It Is!


Not necessarily a new set of resolutions per se, year in year out, but thinking more along the lines of being pragmatic and focus instead on those little things that one could embrace and adopt rather easily and yet have a greater impact altogether.

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BT Web 2.0 adoption case study « Inside out

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Having calmed ourselves, we took a different and probably more realistic approach. The balance was finally tipped by Ben Verwaayan, BT’s chief executive, who expressed publicly his support for the more liberal approach. Let users dictate the direction and speed of adoption.

An adoption strategy for social software in enterprise. Strange Attractor: Picking out patterns in the chaos

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

There are two ways to go about encouraging adoption of social software: fostering grassroots behaviours which develop organically from the bottom-up; or via top-down instruction. How can the software be simply integrated into their existing working processes? to enhance adoption.

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Conference Notes - Day 1 of New Zealand SharePoint Conference 2010

Michael Sampson - Currents

Daniel MacPherson from zevenseans spoke about social computing in SharePoint 2010, and some pointers on adoption. An interesting take on the topic, and some new thinking about how to "drive" adoption (see User Adoption Strategies for why I have "drive"). Milan Gross from Synergy Corporate Technologies (Australia) presented on the integration between Visio and SharePoint. I was interested to listen to the approach they took, and to hear their story on user adoption.

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IBM Drives Enterprise Adoption of Social Networks with New Enterprise Adaptability Practice

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6 March 2008 IBM Drives Enterprise Adoption of Social Networks with New Enterprise Adaptability Practice Enterprise-class Social Networking Is Closer than You Think—Resetting the Adoption Clocks Shades of Web 3.0—The It has learned to integrate these with enterprise infrastructure.

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Overcoming Knowledge Loss: Key Knowledge Retention and Transfer Approaches - KM Edge: Where the best in Knowledge Management come together

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Sign In Home KM Topics KM Overview Case Studies About Us Search Overcoming Knowledge Loss: Key Knowledge Retention and Transfer Approaches Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 In APQCs most recent research on knowledge retention and transfer (KR&T) approaches, the primary lesson is that variety is key. Instead, they leverage an array of KR&T approaches designed to fit specific business situations and the unique cultures of their respective organizations.

The FASTForward Blog » Awareness Makes a Smart Move with Its Facebook Integration: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

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Awareness Makes a Smart Move with Its Facebook Integration by Bill Ives May 5, 2008 at 7:12 am · Filed under Enterprise 2.0 We discussed their recently announced Facebook integration through their Awareness Facebook Application Framework. I have also written about how a number of firms have provided a means to integrate social software (aka enterprise 2.0) You can integrate it with your enterprise environment.

2008 28

Notes from - Day 2 of New Zealand SharePoint Conference 2010

Michael Sampson - Currents

It was neat to hear Helen talk about their approach to business engagement and user adoption. especially since the approach aligns with my recommendations in SharePoint Roadmap and User Adoption Strategies. We talked about SharePoint "15" (particularly what I'd like to see around calendaring integration between SharePoint, Exchange, mobile devices, and Outlook), 7 Pillars, and a few other things. Tags: Conference Notes SharePoint User Adoption

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SIKM community presentation

Digital Habitats

All: Taking a developmental approach – the path to tool usage as important as destination. They can be challenging at first, but once you have mastered them, they are a platform for handling tool adoption. Etienne Wenger: I see two different paths into tool adoption.

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Green Chameleon » Wiki Tricks

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Wiki Tricks There have been some nice practical suggestions lately about how to roll out wikis in a way that supports their usefulness and adoption (and eminently transferable to other enterprise 2.0 Where they offer most promise is where they are integrated “into the flow&# of normal work.

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10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

This is the traditional “someone at the top has said this needs to happen” approach, usually accompanied by a cascade, a change initiative, communications and engagement plan, brown-bag presentations, training programmes, mugs and mouse mats.

Social Connections VI – Prague

Michael Sampson - Currents

It’s always good to hear current case studies, learn about adoption approaches, and how to make IBM Connections work in organizational life. Luis Suarez is presenting From Adoption to Adaptation, From Enablement to Engagement on Wednesday April 18. Here’s the overview of the workshop: What if instead of “driving” adoption within your organisation, you could inspire and facilitate adaptation instead?

2014 132

Change Leadership Challenge 4: Meaningful Employee Participation

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Get advice from this advisory group on specific decisions about implementation and approach. You can use surveys to help gauge how well employees are adopting new behaviors, applying new procedures, integrating change into their daily work, or progressing over time.

Interactions 2012 - Inside the Social Business - Lee Bryant #iic @leebryant

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Key points: - (1) Poor user experience leads to low adoption. (2) Better approach - ambient actions that throw off knowledge in the flow of work. Adoption - changing habits is very hard, what's the incentive to using the intranet? -. approach - working in the open and staying in touch. some practical considerations - build, buy, integrate, governance Lee Bryant from Dachis Group is talking about social business.

2012 117

Notes on SW101 Building a Smarter Workforce

Michael Sampson - Currents

is my company internally integrated, to offer the best value end-to-end for customers. theatres with a good approach here earn more than theatres without on. -. Have now integrated Connections into the internet. See the Executive Support strategy, in User Adoption Strategies (availale at the IBM Connect bookstore). Three speakers are talking about building a smarter workforce: - Denis Brousseau, VP, Global HR Practice Leader, IBM. Josh Bersin, CEO, Bersin & Associates.

2013 139

Tech steward meet tech mentor

Digital Habitats

A couple long quotes describes the techne-mentor concept: “In conceptualizing the media and information ecologies in the lives of University of California at Berkeley freshmen, classical adoption and diffusion models (e.g., (Cross-posted from my Learning Alliances blog.).

BlueIQ at IBM Finally Goes External!


So, as I am ramping up the last few hours of my holidays, yesterday afternoon I found out, through my colleagues, that, after a long while, our IBM Social Software Internal Adoption Program is now ready to transcend the firewall and go external. ( Note: You see?

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Notes from the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

Releasing a new adoption model - with top 10 strategies. communities - an integrated meeting room. -. Foresee in Germany, have integrated Connections with a full touch capable table. -. Notes 9 Social Edition - integrates social capabilities into the inbox. -. FileSync capability for integrating / synchronizing across multiple devices. decided to go for a holistic approach, bringing people together internally and externally.

2013 141

Ten Design Principles for Social Intranets (Vernon Meyer, AMP) @webdynamo #intranets2012

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group a) design harmony - (1) adopt a user-centric approach, (2) identify, understand and work with project drivers, and (3) understand how your technology integrates. -. After lunch on day 2 of Intranets2012, Vernon Meyer is talking about his work at AMP. Key ideas: - Intranets need to become more fun, more modern. - the audience has changed from consuming information. to participating. We need to change our intranets to allow this. - 10 design principles: -.

2012 129

Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All


Like I have mentioned yesterday, it’s been a few days already since I jumped the shark and joined the bunch of early adopters who have been hammering down, and taking for a spin, the latest iteration of Google to get social with Google Plus , right after Google Wave and Google Buzz.

2011 274

Blog>> IKO Conference - Conference Guide

Green Chameleon

This has given me an idea of how I would adopt some of them for my institution.” ” “Good overview of KM related topics and current trends and how to integrate these into more balanced and holistic approaches.” Here is the pdf version of the full Conference Guide provided to participants. The guide contains the complete agenda, the speaker profiles, the content of the case study outlines, and the knowledge organisation competency framework.

2015 100

Jive Engage Platform: Collaboration Inside and Outside of the Enterprise

Michael Sampson - Currents

This morning I spent a few hours trawling around the Jive Software web site , getting an update on current thinking and approaches coming out of Jive. The bi-directional integration between Jive and SharePoint looks clean. From a user adoption perspective, I loved this quote in Jive's adoption white paper: " Keep in mind that not every business goal or challenge can be solved with Social Business Software.

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Notes from INV301 IBM's Social Business Strategy

Michael Sampson - Currents

driven by process integration - process efficiecy, process accelation, accelerated engagement, business culture of innovation. -. adoption approach - for rich profiles. -. for more on adoption strategies, see my book, User Adoption Strategies (2010). - there are a large number of technologies and services that need to be integrated. -. technology plus consulting services - including envisioning, and adoption. -.

2012 122

Should Companies Block Access to Digital Tools?


And that reluctance can surely undermine whatever efforts you put in place to help drive that adoption.

2013 264

Tech steward meet tech mentor

Learning Alliances

A couple long quotes describes the techne-mentor concept: “In conceptualizing the media and information ecologies in the lives of University of California at Berkeley freshmen, classical adoption and diffusion models (e.g., Recently I finished a remarkably useful book: Mizuko Ito, et al.

Your Future with SharePoint? Looking Forward

Michael Sampson - Currents

The other six letters in the roadmap are about organisational things, like vision, governance, business engagement, and user adoption. Earlier in this series: 1 – Your Future with SharePoint? Looking Back. Looking Forward.

2016 148

How to Strengthen Your Organization’s Influence Mapping

Alchemy of Change

Doing so is an integral aspect of their ability to exert influence and change the world around them. The hard part comes with adopting new organizational processes for gathering and managing intelligence that feed these influence maps.

2011 191

Enterprise Social Software Will be Pervasive by 2016 - Perhaps

Portals and KM

  To quote Forrester directly, “By creating a social layer between information workers and the applications and communications infrastructure, social enterprise apps will overcome the adoption malaise that has affected UC&C. If social software is outside the workflow and not integrated with traditional apps then it is facilitating coffee room conversations. You have to integrate the new social tools with the traditional apps.

2016 169

Notes on "Social Business: Moving the Business Needle Forward" at AusLUG 2013 - Chris Crummey, IBM

Michael Sampson - Currents

For social areas - social networking, social analytics, social content, and social integration. It's integrated and seamless by design. -. How do you increase adoption? integrating Connections into Notes 9 Social Edition, Microsoft Outlook and Office, and Mobile Clients. Various Microsoft customers say, "IBM integrates better with Outlook and Internet Explorer than Microsoft does." Want to integrate other applications into there.

2013 146

Avoid Profile Potpourri

Collaborative Thinking

There are of course other vendors that have social networking capabilities - some focus on more vertical applications while others have more of a suite or take on an overlay approach. You might avoid some messy integration and user adoption issues down the road. .

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