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User Adoption Strategies (2nd Edition): Now Available as Digital Book

Michael Sampson - Currents

My book on user adoption strategies is finally available as a digital book. Focusing on User Adoption is Critical. Table of Contents.

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Interview with Cirrus Insight on User Adoption – for Salesforce

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Salesforce adoption is one of the biggest issues facing orgs today. Adoption & Effective UseIt’s costing you money.

2016 61

Insights on Adoption (March 2015)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Insights on Adoption provides updates, socializes new ideas, and shares the latest thinking and approaches for being effective with user adoption. – Going Beyond Adoption 101. – The Adoption Challenge for IBM Connections. – Adoption Strategies for Unified Communications. Adoption Reports

2015 44

Adoption Strategies for Unified Communications

Michael Sampson - Currents

During 2014 I expanded the scope of my adoption research to the unified communications (UC) area. First, that the term “adoption” is generally used to refer to the purchase or acquisition decision for UC, not the use of strategies to drive the effective use of UC tools. Your Adoption Strategies for UC?

2015 42

Becoming an Adoption Superhero – My Session at Ignite 2016

Michael Sampson - Currents

Here’s what I’ll be presenting: Transitioning to Office 365: Becoming the Adoption Superhero for Your Firm. Are you coming?

2016 49

Enabling Early Adopters to Lead Your Change Initiatives


You are now ready then to execute on enabling your early adopters to help you transform your business…. My dear fellow BlueIQ Ambassadors ?

2016 51

Open Business – From Adoption into Adaptation


At the same time, it has allowed me to witness how over the course of time those waves of adopters are getting narrower and narrower. Whoahhh?

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Adoption Strategy for Office 365 at Merck

Michael Sampson - Currents

Here’s the paragraphs in the announcement about the user adoption approach: Merck is using Office 365 to replace a group of disconnected technologies including Lotus Notes, Sametime, and WebEx, that we had deployed over the years. Adoption Microsoft Office 365 IBM, WebEx). All three strategies from the book are noted.

2015 48

Make or Break User Adoption Strategies – my talk at Collabosphere 2015

Michael Sampson - Currents

The video from the first – on strategies for user adoption – has just been published. Adoption Michael's Conference Presentations User AdoptionIn late September I had the privilege of attending and speaking at the Collabosphere 2015 conference in Austin TX, hosted by Central Desktop. It was great to be there.

2015 52

Social Business Adoption – The Laggards, The Critics and The Skeptics


Adoption: Does It Have To Be So Hard? Well, it should well be. If not, what is the point? What’s the challenge? Where is your vision?

2013 92

Growing Adoption of Office 365

Michael Sampson - Currents

It has been interesting to watch a stream of research reports this year on the growing adoption of Office 365. Here’s some of the findings I’ve seen and tracked: – (Early 2015) Office 365 has been adopted by more than 30 million users and organisations ( Barracuda ). of enterprises in 2014 to 25.2%

2015 40

Adoption Strategies at Firms Using Central Desktop

Michael Sampson - Currents

In advance of my two sessions I spoke with some Central Desktop customers about their adoption framework, and it was heartening to hear the strategies employed. Adoption Conference NotesIn a month I’ll be attending and speaking at Collabosphere 2015 , the PGi / Central Desktop user conference in Austin TX.

Angela on Adoption: Strategies for Building a Collaborative Culture

Michael Sampson - Currents

Earlier in the year Angela presented a talk on adoption strategies for new collaboration tools. Adoption So what next?

2014 49

Use and Adoption of IBM Connections – A Survey

Michael Sampson - Currents

I am running a research survey on how organizations are using IBM Connections. The survey has 17 questions, spread across four pages: – Demographics and Current State of Connections. – Current and Forecasted Use of IBM Connections. – Upgrading to Connections 5.0. – Satisfaction, Value, and Next Steps. Thanks. IBM Connection

2014 86

Blog>> User Adoption and Valuating Performance

Green Chameleon

In this sense, we need to valuate the overall performance; how has the target audience adopted the new tool, how do they benefit from it.

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Notes on “Office 365, User Adoption, and What’s In It For Me?” (Darrell Webster)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Darrell Webster is talking about Office 365, user adoption, and WIIFM. Conference Notes Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft SharePoint User Adoptio

2014 56

Use and Adoption of IBM Connections: State of the Market 4Q2014

Michael Sampson - Currents

A couple of months ago I kicked off a global survey on the use and adoption of IBM Connections. The report contents includes: - Use and Adoption of IBM Connections: About the Survey. Download Use and Adoption of IBM Connections: State of the Market 4Q2014 (November 2014) (PDF, 28 pages, 3.8 Published November 2014.

2014 90

IBM Connect 2013 Conference Highlights – Adoption, Adoption, Adoption! #ibmconnect


On Sunday. Yikes! Oh, well, next time around then, I guess, right? Yes, of course, and the good lessons learned here and there, too! . Game ON! .

2013 21

Social Connections VI – From Adoption to Adaptation, from Enablement into Engagement, while #WOLWeek Kicks Off


The good fun continues on Wednesday, June 18th, as well, where I will have the pleasure of hosting a one day masterclass around Social Business Adoption & Enablement under the heading “ From Adoption to Adaptation, from Enablement into Engagement ”. My goodness! Yes, I know, me neither! June 16th – 17th, 2014. Prague. D .

2014 78

IBF24 on User Adoption

Michael Sampson - Currents

I spoke on IBF24 this afternoon (my time) on user adoption for social tools. A few key points from my 20 minutes: - User adoption requires intentional effort. For more, see my book, User Adoption Strategies: Shifting Second Wave People to New Collaboration Technology , and the User Adoption Resource Center.

Changing IT Mindsets From Deployment To Adoption

Collaborative Thinking

strategists need to think of their projects in terms of adoption not deployment. I’ve always found it interesting why the various tools we’ve previously thoughts as the “right answer” are continually replace by tools we believe to be “the next right answer”. We used to love e-mail back in the nineties – now we know hold it in disregard.

"I Use SharePoint" - a New User Adoption Resource Site from Microsoft

Michael Sampson - Currents

In my book, User Adoption Strategies , I show a four stage approach to gaining adoption of new approaches and new ways of working.

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Blog>> Driving User Adoption for Enterprise Applications

Green Chameleon

From my side, I was curious to see what experiences we can exchange with them, as since 3 years I am strongly involved to drive user adoption for our knowledge sharing platform. Early Adopters : validate the solution; engage the enthusiasts and super users. How do you drive user adoption Creating the Guiding Coalition.

Notes on “Measuring Employee Engagement and User Adoption” (Mark Allison, Webtrends APAC)

Michael Sampson - Currents

To increase adoption, to understand investment in SharePoint, aligning SharePoint usage to business goals. The original web analytics firm.

2014 42

Executive Briefing: Why an Adoption Approach is Required

Michael Sampson - Currents

Many collaboration tools, business intelligence initiatives, and social business strategies have been wrecked on the rocks of poor adoption. An adoption approach translates the vision of improved ways of collaborating into relevant business terms that resonate with business users. - Sample Adoption Program. Getting Started.

2013 32

SharePoint: #1 Challenge is User Adoption

Michael Sampson - Currents

From early results (as above), the #1 challenge facing organizations with SharePoint is user adoption. SharePoint User Adoption

Why is New Technology Not Adopted?

Michael Sampson - Currents

On The Smarter Office, I posted on why new technology is not adopted : ". part of the approach for being successful with user adoption of new ways of working – usually powered by new technology – is figuring out why earlier attempts have been unsuccessful. Read the other four roadblocks: Why is New Technology Not Adopted?

Business Engagement and Adoption Problems in SAP Land

Michael Sampson - Currents

There is something else that is missing from the “simple” answer, and that’s an intentional focus on user adoption. Business engagement – which Les talks about – is a precursor to the system being made available, but once it has gone live, project teams need to take an intentional approach to adoption.

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Collective 2014 in Sydney: Re-Imagining Effective Work and User Adoption Strategies

Michael Sampson - Currents

I will be presenting a full day post-conference workshop on User Adoption Strategies. The public seminar is based on Michael Sampson’s book, User Adoption Strategies 2nd Ed. Adoption Collaboration Upcoming Events featured Sitrion is hosting its annual user conference in three cities during May: Orlando, Amsterdam, and Sydney.

2014 34

An Anti-Creativity Checklist - User Adoption Implications

Michael Sampson - Currents

User AdoptionGreat video from Youngme Moon on how to kill creativity.

Adoption Doesn't Exist

Michael Sampson - Currents

Sadie argues that adoption is like the color white - it doesn't exist : "Adoption" doesn’t exist. This is adoption. Sadie then outlines a number of "critical colors" that have to be in place for adoption to be white. I'd say it a different way - adoption does exist - it is something that you want to work towards. Provides Social Email to Push Enterprise Collaboration Adoption

Portals and KM

The goal is to increase user adoption of the broader collaboration platforms now available and stop sharing docs as attachments to email.

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Easy First Steps – a User Adoption Strategy (and what IBM is doing in IBM Connections with Touchpoint)

Michael Sampson - Currents

In my User Adoption Strategies book I write about many strategies that can be used to encourage user adoption of new collaborative tools and approaches. Adoption IBM Connections One of those strategies is called “Easy First Steps,” a Stage 3 (Enlivening Applicability) strategy. Description. How to Use It.

2013 35

User Adoption Activities Should Start Before Go-Live: I Agree

Michael Sampson - Currents

Jason, who is quoted a few times in my User Adoption Strategies book, has recently commented that user adoption activities should start before go-live. However, clients often have too little knowledge of end-user needs and barriers which leads directly to inaccurate usage and/or less than full adoption.

Three Requirements for Broad Adoption of Collaboration Tools

Michael Sampson - Currents

Culture can only get you so far in driving adoption. For this group, you need to view cultural transformation as an OUTPUT of adoption, not an INPUT. To get the most out of any networked collaboration platform, you need broad, pervasive adoption. User AdoptionMy Comments. Starting with Joe's second driver, I fully agree.

On the Increasing Rate of Adoption (Acquisition) of Office 365, and the Challenge of Getting to Effective Use

Michael Sampson - Currents

On LinkedIn last week: By any current measure that I have seen, the adoption rates of Office 365 are going more than well. Read more: On the Increasing Rate of Adoption (Acquisition) of Office 365, and the Challenge of Getting to Effective Use. Adoption & Effective Use Microsoft Office 365

2016 14

Coveo: An "Intentional Approach" to Technology Adoption

Michael Sampson - Currents

Trent at Coveo blogged that slow adoption for technologies has been the leading cause of underperformance, and wonders whether a more intentional approach is required: " However, despite this acceleration, broad adoption of new technologies often takes years. Read more: Coveo: The "Intentional Approach to Technology Adoption - Part 1.

A Call to Organizations with IBM Connections - How Are You Approaching User Adoption? #connections #useradoption

Michael Sampson - Currents

I am currently running a survey on how organizations approach user adoption for collaboration tools. The webinar will report on what organizations with IBM Connections are doing from an adoption perspective. please take the user adoption survey now. Lotus User AdoptionI know there are a lot more of you out there.

2012 27

User Adoption Strategies (2nd Edition) - Now Available for Pre-Order

Michael Sampson - Currents

For more, see User Adoption Strategies (2nd Edition). User Adoption User Adoption Strategies

"Driving Adoption" vs. "Driving Sense and Benefit"

Michael Sampson - Currents

Betrand eloquently discussed the problem with driving adoption , AND gives a better way to think about it: " Adopt what ? The adoption ! If adoption must be a personal and deliberate act, conditioned by sense, real and understandble benefits, that’s not adoption that has to be driven but sense and benefits.