The dangers of social media for youth

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And there was no wifi so live-blogging was not even an option. Main use is YouTube (videos), MSN messenger (chat), browsing (surfing), social media (contacts and new contacts), Word (word processing) and games (gaming) 87% had a bad experience through the internet.

UC And ROI: IBM's Truth And Fiction Example

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On average - using suggested retail prices, it would cost approximately $450K to purchase 5000 Sametime licenses including maintenance, two hardware servers, pay someone to plan and install the software and servers, and pay an administrator to maintain the system. By using IM or voice chatting, we have found that users can, on average, eliminate 5 telephone calls per day.

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After a brief chat we identified some flickr images and blog posts that might be useful, I explained that he did not need to ask my permission to use them because by licensing them creative commons:attribution I had already granted permission in advance - all he need do is give me attribution. Rehearsals had worked well and I had even made contact with the network administrators and audiovisual team from the venue to make sure these sites were not blocked by any internet filter.

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Online Community Unconference 2007 / Online Community Unconference 2007

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Conference wifi is found on the open network "workshop" Wiki Index Schedule See the complete Schedule. Socialtext Mobile Settings Help Log in Register Search this workspace: Home People.lists the people you are following. You must register or be logged in to use this feature. Workspaces.lists the workspaces you belong to. You must be logged in to see your list. Workspace: Online Community Unconference 2007 Whats New Weblogs Loading.

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