using Australian Vodafone iPhone in Singapore

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Being a cheap kinda gal, I thought I’d blog some key points of setting up my Vodafone iPhone on free wifi and using services in Singapore. If you would like to use your voicemail overseas, just call us on 1555^ to activate it. SETTINGS If you go for free wifi – and why not?

Mobile Learning #5: A Case Study

e-Moderation Station

Make the entire school building WiFi, and forget website blocking software — the kids will find a way around it. Ensure constant free access to the WiFi in your building — kids will then use their mobile devices e.g. during lunch and their free time.

The New Flight Mode? Bluetooth Only? @flyairnz

Michael Sampson - Currents

You can’t state the conditions as above, unless there is a new flight mode from the device vendors that disables cellular and WiFi but still allows Bluetooth. Instead flyers will have to turn off cellular and WiFi separately, keeping Bluetooth on. This is not the activation of flight mode.

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Feedback from the Cascadia R Conference participants

Learning Alliances

Here are the histograms from the new R skimr package, which suggests that everybody thought the location was great, a few people had problems with WIFI, and keynote topics and overall talk quality was very (but not completely) positive. Satisfaction with Quality of the wifi/internet access.

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My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #3


It’s my favourite exercise and fitness app by far, more than anything else, because its main premise is not to put too much strain in your body with the exercise you do, but to remind you, kindly, you need to remain active and a minimum of 30 minutes of activity may well do.

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Teaching with mobile devices: FAQs [part 1]

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There are the purely technical issues such as devices not working or not connecting to the school wifi. A few suggestions: Your school needs someone tech-savvy enough to deal with things like the wifi routers, or general tech issues.

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SharePoint on the iPad - SouthLabs Acquired by Infragistics

Michael Sampson - Currents

With more-and-more professionals carrying and actively using the Apple iPad, SouthLabs offered a good solution - called SharePlus - for gaining access to Microsoft SharePoint. SharePlus Pro builds on SharePlus Lite with added features of read and write to shared documents on SharePoint, auto-sync of offline documents when a connected environment is restored, Passcode Lock, WiFi sharing and management of local files.

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San Francisco

Michael Sampson - Currents

We had some teething problems over the days, mostly due to poor WiFi in the hotel, but on the whole it did actually work. The hotel didn’t have a swimming pool, but Active Sports Club Union Square was a 10-minute walk up the road. The facilities at Active Sports Club Union Square were top rate, and I’ll be back whenever I’m in town. Last month I flew to San Francisco for a week of meetings.

Reading List for a Greek Island

Portals and KM

  The key to make this work for me is the presence of good wifi in the house. He is one of my favorite singers whose active careers I wish had been longer. Here is a break from my SXSW notes before going on to music starting this Friday. There will be more.

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Listening is a Key Component of Social Media Success

Portals and KM

Joe supports this activity but wonders if in a “ era when markets and workplaces are conversations, every manager should be a chief listening officer.” Regardless of the title, there is strong listening component to any social media activities and those responsible for them need to monitor what is being said about their companies to understand the context and issues prior to starting social media activities.

#Movistar Killed the Web Star


Yes, I do, but that’s not been very helpful, either, as I currently have got a 6GB quota allowance per month that, given the kind of work I do, I pretty much basically burn it all out in about 2 to 3 days and, once again, here I am, back to stealing friends’ wifi connections at their own homes.

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The Trials and Tribulations of a Mobile Knowledge Worker in a Social Business World


As you may well know by now, Swisscom is the provider of the wifi services to all NH Hotels, and it has been a few years since the last time I stayed at one of those hotels, after some disappointing experiences. for a wifi service that even at our very own homes is much much better!

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Do You Have A Twitter Addiction? Do You Have A Connection Addiction?

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The activity is very fast and real time so you want to stay connected and it is easy to make a quick check. Sameer Patel aka @sameerpatel pointed to an interesting article in the Guardian through Twitter. The title was: Twitter is harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol, study finds.

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My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #4


if I recall correctly) and I happen to be lucky enough to be connected either via mobile data or WiFi, CityMapper is one of the main traveling & map apps I use on a regular basis, specially, when I may need to resort to public transport to get out and about in the city.

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The dangers of social media for youth

Joitske Hulsebosch

And there was no wifi so live-blogging was not even an option. Information sharing Importantly, a lot of information is shared by children, which the parents don't want to be shared, such as holiday dates (burglars are actively using the internet for information too!).

#Movistar – The Only Boss You Need to Pay Attention To


Here I am, once again, incredibly frustrated and very irritated I got disconnected from the Internet last week Friday, as I blew up my monthly data allowance on my mobile phone for the zillionth time over the course of last few weeks.

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Conference networking at Online Information 2008: report and lessons learned

Platform Neutral

We put together a ‘facilitation plan’ with Incisive, outlining the different platforms and activities in the run up to the event. Each of the first two was made possible - or certainly easier - by having a wifi connection.

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Education Technology Action Group consultation


My recommendations here are for areas that need to be addressed at national level, rather than left to luck, so should be supported through central government policy or activity, or partnership/endorsement. Central government has been active in terms of Open Data and Open Government, but has yet to show the same level of appreciation or support for the benefits of Open Education.

Connected Libraries: project summary and recommendations


Most young people expect the library spaces to offer both digital and physical resources i.e. computers should be available with wifi access. Picture shared under Creative Commons Licence by Skokie Public Library.

UC And ROI: IBM's Truth And Fiction Example

Collaborative Thinking

The more structured and directed the activity is (e.g., If instead you use Sametime to make your calls over your WiFi connection, you can avoid these international fees. I caught a couple of blog posts on the IBM Keynote for UC ( Lotusphere Message: Yes There Is a UC ROI ) and then one on the Sametime blog (see below). A few good tips and examples but also some "buyer beware" tactics that folks should be aware of.

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Online Educa Berlin 2010 Keynote: Building Networked Learning Environments


For me, the three most significant features of the current social landscape within post-industrial countries is the increase in connectivity, the mainstreaming of collaborative online practices and the rise of real time and location based activity. While we have cheap or free network access in the UK through local libraries, UK online Centres, schools, public wifi provision and internet cafes, personal device ownership and any time access are still salient points.

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Education Technology Action Group consultation


My recommendations here are for areas that need to be addressed at national level, rather than left to luck, so should be supported through central government policy or activity, or partnership/endorsement. Central government has been active in terms of Open Data and Open Government, but has yet to show the same level of appreciation or support for the benefits of Open Education.

I collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate - Untitled Article

I collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate

We were each positioned behind a laptop with wifi access, browser open and she suggested we open a shared "gably", which allows you to create a shared chat interface, on the fly, based on simply filling in a similar domain name. Groupware / eLearning Moodle I wasn't active in the moodle group, but as my computer was located next to the group, I couldn't help but eavesdrop a bit.

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How to: 5 Steps for hosting a successful online event


My colleague Colleen and I spent weeks working closely with the three convening organizations, helping them identify key ways to share their messages and summit activities in a virtual space. Some users are more savvy with Twitter and wikis, while others need help just accessing the conference wifi network. All of these tactics are great incentives for participants to share and engage online, and their activity ultimately bolsters everyone's experience.

CleverWorkarounds » The facets of collaboration Part 2–Enter the matrix!

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

It would be great if you could come up with selective questions that could be used to take any collaborative activity and determine (based on the answers) where in the model they seem to be aiming for… That way it would help determine which tool, construct, or methodology should be applied.

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Events - value from sharing online | Learning with the Fang


I learned that some colleagues who are very active in on-line social networking would be attending and marked my diary to check in with them while the event was on. The best laid plans of man and mice… Turns out that even the network administrators could not help me configure my nokia N80 or my iPod touch to connect via the wifi in the auditorium.

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