Feedback from the Cascadia R Conference participants

Learning Alliances

The week after the conference, the organizing committee (which included Chester Ismay, Jessica Minnier, Lilly Winfree, Oliver Keyes, Scott Chamberlain, Ted Laderas, and me) chatted about the open-ended responses and discussed how things went in our Slack channel.

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The dangers of social media for youth

Joitske Hulsebosch

And there was no wifi so live-blogging was not even an option. Main use is YouTube (videos), MSN messenger (chat), browsing (surfing), social media (contacts and new contacts), Word (word processing) and games (gaming) 87% had a bad experience through the internet.

UC And ROI: IBM's Truth And Fiction Example

Collaborative Thinking

By using IM or voice chatting, we have found that users can, on average, eliminate 5 telephone calls per day. Thumbs-Up: It's important to note here the different between channel switching (from telephone to IM or VoIP chat) vs. time-saved by reducing phone calls. The more structured and directed the activity is (e.g., But the more discretionary the work, there a greater chance that the person will just chat with a co-worker, go grab a coffee, etc.

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Conference networking at Online Information 2008: report and lessons learned

Platform Neutral

We put together a ‘facilitation plan’ with Incisive, outlining the different platforms and activities in the run up to the event. Each of the first two was made possible - or certainly easier - by having a wifi connection. Approaching and chatting to people is critical for success.

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I collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate - Untitled Article

I collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate

We were each positioned behind a laptop with wifi access, browser open and she suggested we open a shared "gably", which allows you to create a shared chat interface, on the fly, based on simply filling in a similar domain name. Take any domain name and insert before it and voila, you can chat with anyone else who follows the same steps. It is also a handy tool when giving feedback on a website as you both inherently have the same webpage and chat window open.

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How to: 5 Steps for hosting a successful online event


My colleague Colleen and I spent weeks working closely with the three convening organizations, helping them identify key ways to share their messages and summit activities in a virtual space. During the event we took full advantage of the Summit's virtual presence to post session notes, encourage ongoing collaboration and discussion with discussion boards, blog entries, and live chat, and to feature conference media such as podcasts, video montages, and photos.

Events - value from sharing online | Learning with the Fang


After a brief chat we identified some flickr images and blog posts that might be useful, I explained that he did not need to ask my permission to use them because by licensing them creative commons:attribution I had already granted permission in advance - all he need do is give me attribution. I learned that some colleagues who are very active in on-line social networking would be attending and marked my diary to check in with them while the event was on.

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