Blog>> Developing a KM Maturity Assessment that Supports Action Planning

Green Chameleon

They often have features that get in the way of action planning that really matches the need of the organisation concerned. I have always been very cautious about KM Maturity Assessments. They carry a lot of assumptions about how KM should be implemented, that may not always be true for everybody. They can just be paper exercises to support a check-box mentality rather than supporting a real capability development.

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Inappropriate action planning makes me sad

Chris Corrigan

And no action plans, no next steps, no commitments, no necessary reports. And sometimes, there are gatherings where next steps and action plans are important and necessary and are the reason why we are gathering. I have begun to notice that when I see conference agendas with “next steps and action plans” attached to them (and especially attached to the end of the last day when everyone is tired and most people have left), I become sad.

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Our we20 Meeting Report & Action Plan

Viv Mcwaters

Our Action Plan is all about CONNECTION and RESILIENCE. You can vote on our plan and read other plans at the we20 web site. Our discussion about these actions raised the following: · We need to all take personal responsibility – just go out and do it! · Need both face-to-face connection and on-line. · Rapid change is happening now. Riding the GFC Wave – we20 Surf Coast Meeting, Victoria, Australia.

Sample Action Plan for Business Blogging

Portals and KM

In this post I will share a sample high-level action plan from these efforts. I work together with clients to refine these actions to best support their individual goals. Sample initial action steps are listed under each main step. My day job is to help companies with their market facing blogs. I have not talked much about these services on this blog. So this is one of the few promotional pieces I will provide.

Announcing a New Online Workshop: The Collaborative Economy Kickstart

Online Community Strategy

hours, participants will get a briefing on the Collaborative Economy, a facilitated exercise to guide ideation and action planning and 30 minutes of group coaching to begin their journey in the Collaborative Economy.

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Facilitating the transition from online to face-to-face conversations and vice versa

Joitske Hulsebosch

Two examples of a blended design Nancy Settle- Murphy offered a nice example asked for help in creating a new strategic plan for a 70- person department. This was used to create detailed plans. Photo by sparkzy I participated in the online facilitation course by Nancy White (long ago!)

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Simple meeting design

Chris Corrigan

First we design the bookends: Purpose on the one hand and harvest/action on the other hand. The meeting itself therefore become the vehicle by which a group of people reach a harvest and wise action ground in a purpose and a deep need. Wise action.

Limiting beliefs

Chris Corrigan

there is no action plan. in most of our leadership training work and our strategic work with Harvest Moon , we devote at least a half day to working with limiting beleifs using a process developed by Byron Katie called simply The Work.

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Blog>> Practitioner Guidelines for Knowledge Audits

Green Chameleon

KM assessment, KM evaluation, knowledge audit, KM audit, knowledge mapping, KM needs analysis, KM planning exercise, etc.). b)Planning: Define what outcomes you want from each step in the knowledge audit process, and identify risks to the outcomes, and mitigation strategies for those risks. Identify constraints that could impact the project plan – e.g. other organisational initiatives, annual cycles of events, holiday periods etc.

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Businesses can be community hubs, says RSA report

Social Reporter

Increasingly the “social bumping places”** where we might come across other local residents in our communities are stores and supermarkets … and the RSA believes that this could be turned to greater advantage for both shops and shoppers.

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Businesses can be community hubs, says RSA report

Social Reporter

Increasingly the “social bumping places”** where we might come across other local residents in our communities are stores and supermarkets … and the RSA believes that this could be turned to greater advantage for both shops and shoppers.

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Improv and action

Chris Corrigan

Action comes from a accepting offers. Blocking it kills the action. When we are working in complexity, waiting for the failsafe plan leads to inaction because there are more blocks than acceptances. In contast diving into a safe fail mindset means committing to action and refining it as you go. A simple four stage cycle for action planning. When an offer comes to you you can accept it or block it. Accepting it moves it forward.

Collaborative Economy Roundup for the Week Ending November 6th

Online Community Strategy

hours, participants will get a briefing on the Collaborative Economy, a facilitated exercise to guide ideation and action planning and 30 minutes of group coaching to begin their journey in the Collaborative Economy.” – [link].

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Is social housing (still) sleepwalking into a digital nightmare?

Social Reporter

If housing associations do not take action, it seems unlikely other solutions will readily emerge without new partnerships. This workshop will explore the different elements of digital inclusion, describe effective practice implemented in a range of settings, encourage delegates to come up with their own ideas, and develop actions plans to increase the numbers of their residents and staff who are comfortable using the internet.

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Community Goals and Measurements

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Define, maintain, and execute the community plan. Define, maintain, and execute the communities program implementation plan for the organization. Implement action plans, including. Skip to main content. LinkedIn Home. What is LinkedIn? Join Today. Sign In.

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Academic BEtreat (#betreat12) pre-conference call

Jenny Connected

At the end of the week, we will create an action plan to take our work forward and post it on this page. The Academic BEtreat is underway. We have had our first conference call, to prepare for next week. Screenshot from the Pre-Conference Call.

Action, complexity and a centre

Chris Corrigan

Something Tenneson said on our last day as we were hunkering down to do some action planning, has stayed with me. He said something like “it is easy to create actions that go off in a million different directions, but much more sensible to create actions that come from a common centre. A lot of the work I do in hosting conversations is about both discerning what is our shared purpose as well as generating action that can come from that shared purpose.

Traction Team Page 5.1 Integrates Project Management Capabilities

Portals and KM

Release they are adding action tracking, calendaring, milestones, and projects using the term “observable work.”. The action tracking concept is not old school project management with Gantt charts and resource allocation.   Below is a sample screen for action planning.

Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators


I spent Saturday 30 April in Sheffield, at the Purpos/ed Summit for Investigators , along with 50 delegates from across the UK who had given up their Saturday to take part in a day of discussion and action planning around Purpos/ed. . Josie Fraser introduces #Purposedpsi.

Hanging out with walrus hunters in Oregon

Chris Corrigan

As we were wrapping up our action planning session this morning, a young man walked into the room who I hadn’t yet met. I’m at an Open Space conference in Grande Ronde, Oregon which is a summit of Tribal leaders and federal government agencies from around the Pacific Northwest of the USA, and Alaska. The subject of the meeting is improving relations around environmental issues.

Ten Steps to Better Negotiation Success

The Bumble Bee

When planning and negotiating, the end results are what everyone focuses on. Most times, you will receive a number of reasons as to why your plans cannot be undertaken at this point in time. Follow The Action Plan. In a perfect world, negotiation would be unnecessary.

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How Many Circles Does it Take to Make a Community?

How to Save the World

I have read some of the “energy descent plans” of some of the leading Transition communities, and they strike me as being long on ideals and objectives and short on credible strategy — how to get there from here.

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Catching Up

Viv Mcwaters

Johnnie Moore writes about ‘commitment ceremonies’ , that rutual at the end of workshops usually called ‘action planning’ Here’s some of what Johnnie says: “…in the real world, these action planning sessions often feel pretty deadly and inauthentic. Ewan McIntosh on political action via twitter by teens. I’m catching up. Here’s a few gems I’ve found.

Is a copyrighted pdf report really a toolkit?

Social Reporter

It’s highly relevant when the Conservatives are promoting their Big Society volunteering and social enterprise approach to tackle some of the issues identified here … so let’s share good ideas and action plans based on in-depth research on three estates. The Young Foundation does brilliant work, and there’s lots to interest in their latest The End of Regeneration? Small Estates toolkit.

Disruptive facilitation #6 – Lessons from maths

Viv Mcwaters

While issues may develop over months or years, there’s often an expectation that a single facilitated workshop will resolve everything and come up with action plans a la a sitcom resolution. I really enjoyed this talk by Dan Meyer.

Getting out of the way

Viv Mcwaters

Andrew Rixon shared this quote with facilitators in response to a discussion about the failure of action planning. It is aimless action, because if there was a goal that you need to aim at and hit, then you will develop anxiety about this goal. This sums up my own frustrations with goals, targets, action planning and what Johnnie Moore calls “commitment ceremonies”. I had no idea this might happen and certainly hadn’t planned for it!

Evaluating online tutors

e-Moderation Station

2 Virtual teaching action plan. Areas identified as needing work in the self-assessment stage are prioritised and structured so as to form an action plan for ongoing professional development. Tutors can work on their action plans with colleagues.

Martha Lane Fox to be digital champion

Social Reporter

Update : says : Paul Murphy, the former minister for digital inclusion who proposed the role of Champion in his Digital Inclusion Action Plan in October, would have unveiled the appointment, but his involvement in the expenses scandal led to his subsequent disentitlement. Computer Weekly is reporting that Martha Lane Fox is to be the digital champion.

Preparing for the Unimaginable

How to Save the World

I have often said that that I believe the key to resilience in the coming decades will be our ability, in the moment, to imagine ways around the crises we cannot prevent, predict or plan for, and then navigate them. image from FlaSunshine on Flickriver.

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The Darwin Trend Analysis Offering

Portals and KM

Step Four: The refined hypotheses are further tested and shared with appropriate members of your organization and/or community for their reaction and the development of actions plans that align with the results. Step Five: The actions plans are put in place and Darwin is used to determine the effectiveness of these actions and to provide input for their ongoing refinement. Here is a post about a new service offering at Darwin Ecosystems.

Open Space musings

Viv Mcwaters

After reviewing the session reports, I asked each person to write on an A4 sheet of paper one action that really resonated for them. It could be a big, life-changing action or a small one or anything inbetween. Find others with a similar action, reminding them that there could be a tribe of one, or two, or many. Once they had found their tribes I invited them to develop an action plan including a champion, helpers and the first step.


Viv Mcwaters

I think ultimately, my main concern is that these approaches don’t necessarily lead to any change or action – a whole process of action planning at the end of the workshop is a cop out. I think action plans are just lists at a larger scale. Related posts: Action storming for tackling difficult people The question comes up sooner or later: “How do you. It’s been a while – blogging that is.

Your Favorite Portals and KM Posts for Last Quarter and Last Year

Portals and KM

Sample Action Plan for Business Blogging - 2008. A few days ago this blog passed the 500,000 page view mark. It took almost five years to get there and I know some bloggers do this in a month but it does feel like a milestone. I never thought I would still be blogging five years later when I started in May 2004. Now I do not see stopping. Last year at about this time I started using Google Analytics.

Making space

Viv Mcwaters

by using sociometry more, by using the Story of Your Name with an intact group; and I went against the conventional wisdom and suggested that if I’d done my job well and they had passion and commitment then no action plans were needed - it would happen (thanks to Johnnie Moore for this inspiration). I’m all tuckered out after a fortnight of travelling, facilitating workshops - big and small, short and long. I’m embracing my inner hermit.

Powerful new tools for Value Network Analysis

Portals and KM

Value Network Analysis (VNA) is one of the sense-making tools that I emphasize in my book, Net Work. I have had the privilege of working with and learning from its inventor, Verna Allee , and have internalized the mapping of value exchanges into my consulting practice.

Blog>> An Open Enterprise Directive?

Green Chameleon

Which is why I think the OMB directive is worth watching, because it comes with a timeline for action planning and compliance, as well as a dashboard for agencies to report into. Should we be thinking of our knowledge management plans and strategies more along the lines of an “Open Enterprise Directive&# Just over a month ago, Barack Obama’s Office of Management and Budget issued an Open Government Directive by Presidential order.

Practical examples: The community empowerment network in Central Asia

Joitske Hulsebosch

The modalities used are for national-regional interaction: a local NGO from each country manages each national network by facilitating annual action plans, managing funds, reporting, chairing meetings, etc.

Share2011 - SharePoint Governance and Analysis - You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure (Andrew Jolly, OBS)

Michael Sampson - Currents

In order to plan what to do in the future, you need to know what's going on today. Andrew related governance to a GPS - the map shows you the big picture, plus a range of specific things (time to destination, next action, estimated time of arrival). -

How about celebrating the 20 year history of community networking and hyperlocal

Social Reporter

Creating a manifesto with the long version and manifesto action plan. The annual Talk About Local unconference #TAL15 on Saturday was a great opportunity to catch up with the world of local blogging, online communities and community journalism that’s now collectively known as hyperlocal.

RSA offers support to community websites

Social Reporter

Last month the RSA ran a fascinating if inevitably rather theoretical seminar on digital inclusion and social capital … now the 250-year-old organisation is taking practical action to support community activists who want to develop websites, following up an idea first floated by chief executive Matthew Taylor. Action planning for how participants can continue this work and share it with others in their areas.