Grimly Letting Go of the Old Story

How to Save the World

I’ve also noticed a gradual increase in the general level of non-specific anxiety, pessimism, guilt, shame, premonition and overwhelm of my friends and acquaintances (it’s even worse now, I think, than it was right after 9/11). cartoon by David Sipress from the New Yorker.

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Goodbye Dave: Letting Go of the Story of Me

How to Save the World

What I’m doing is looking critically at the Story of Me, and acknowledging that it is just that — a story, a creative fiction, an invention. I’m doing so because I realize that over the decades I’ve become pretty attached to, and pretty invested in, this story.

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Enterprise 2.0: Two Success Stories on Connecting People with People to Make a Difference!


It’s all about accelerating your knowledge workers’ productivity and efficiency, which, in return, will result in helping accelerate the execution of the specific business processes in place.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

May 17, 2008 Saturday Links for the Week -- May 17, 2008 All Over But the Shouting: A new and exhaustive joint scientific study shows that species biodiversity on Earth has plummeted almost a third in the past 35 years , and the pace of extinction is accelerating. Understanding and Caring for Our Animal Friends Working Smarter · Knowledge Management & the Cost of Not Knowing. Conversation, Language, Narrative & Story-Telling · The Arts · Science & Health.

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The Inside Scoop on the International Association of Business Communicators Conference

Partnering Resources

Multiple speakers drove home the point: stories capture hearts and minds while facts fail. Gabrielle Dolan , a keynote presenter, explained that a story needs to have only one message. More than one message muddles the story and confuses people.

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Knowledge Management, Scientology and Top Trumps…

Chris Collison

A sneak preview of my up-coming column in the next edition of Inside Knowledge … During my childhood, I wiled away many an hour with school friends and a pack of Top Trumps cards. All because he was smart enough to choose fuel consumption as his category, rather than acceleration!

The Knowledge Management Impact Challenge

Net-Map Toolbox

“It’s not easy-o&# as my Ghanaian friends would say. I’m looking forward to the results of USAID’s KM Impact Challenge and maybe I will find your project among the stories they collect. The Knowledge Management Impact Challenge aims to accelerate this discovery process by gathering and exchanging stories of what works and what doesn’t. We invite you to share your story by January 30, 2011!

Consumer No More: How the Web Changes Us

Alchemy of Change

You can experience the story of a lion cub through a book, a stage, an IMAX mega-screen, or an iPad – and in each case, it will feel quite different. Many of us have re-connected with long-lost friends on Facebook or made important new acquaintances on Twitter.

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Journalism that Matters – Day 3 | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

A friend of mine who plays fantasy football was telling me how the growth of this sort of thing had completely changed the way sports networks were reporting on games. The story is always independent of the people in the story and the storyteller.

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Journalism that Matters – Day 3 | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

A friend of mine who plays fantasy football was telling me how the growth of this sort of thing had completely changed the way sports networks were reporting on games. The story is always independent of the people in the story and the storyteller.

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Journalism that Matters – Day 3 | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

A friend of mine who plays fantasy football was telling me how the growth of this sort of thing had completely changed the way sports networks were reporting on games. The story is always independent of the people in the story and the storyteller.

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Journalism that Matters – Day 3 | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

A friend of mine who plays fantasy football was telling me how the growth of this sort of thing had completely changed the way sports networks were reporting on games. The story is always independent of the people in the story and the storyteller.

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What Will It Take?

How to Save the World

I arranged it, since the film profiles Ken Ward, who is a friend of Tree’s and who I’ve met a couple of times myself. L ast evening a group of about 30 Bowen Islanders watched a documentary called The Reluctant Radical.

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Why Do I Share My Knowledge?


Share out stories. We love telling stories, we heart learning from stories (whether our very own, or stories from those who we trust the most), we rejoice from learning what other people are doing to leave a mark behind that would help us remember them when they are gone.

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Social Business Adoption – The Laggards, The Critics and The Skeptics


My good friend, the always rather insightful and smart Ana Silva , captured this shift rather nicely at her #e20s highlights blog post. A couple of years back, Giovanni Rodriguez put together a guest blog post over a ReadWriteWeb on the topic of Enterprise 2.0

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Cognitive Surplus and the Hippie 2.0 Connection


After you watch that video clip a couple of times you realise how good Clay is at telling stories in general.

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Enterprise Microblogging Use Cases: Help Reduce Your Inbox Clutter!


Lucky enough, that’s changing rather rapidly, in fact, at a much rampant pace, with amazingly inspiring stories permeating throughout as the one my good friend, and “twin&# brother, Luis Benitez , shared over at this blog post just recently titled “?

[Podcast] This Week in Lotus 018: A World Without Email? Or Blackberries?


Julian Robichaux , interview two of my favourite IBM people, and really good friends, Sacha Chua and Luis Benitez (Yes, my twin brother!), You gotta listen to that story to realise the true power of enterprise microblogging behind the firewall.

Google Plus – One50, Two50 and TheRest


To add further up, my good friends Dave Pollard , Alan Lepofsky and Stuart Henshall , amongst several others, have put together a couple of rather interesting and equally revealing posts, respectively, that describe for themselves what the actual main benefits are from using Circles in G+.

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IBM’s Lotusphere 2010: Will You Be There?


Basically, a couple of minutes explaining what it is that I have been doing helping facilitate, and accelerate, the adoption of social software for fellow IBM colleagues both inside and outside of the firewall.

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Big Lottery funds £1.89 million of citizen journalism. Is that what communities most need?

Social Reporter

Beyond that it is also about what sort of communications is community-friendly, and whether we can hope professional journalists will develop it. What the Media Trust is offering, as I understand it, is a way to gather and promote community-level stories through “news hubs&#. They are mainly telling stories, promoting conversations, and campaigning within their communities. I can well understand why Gary Copitch is very cross about the Big Lottery grant of £1.89

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Links of the Quarter: December 2018

How to Save the World

All that our selves think of as real is just invention, story, the brain’s feverish patterning. Like the friends of Godot, I am waiting, hopelessly, for the impossible. The story of climate change hangs on human behavior, not geophysics. A moving story.

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Crowdopolis Covers Comprehensive Range of Opportunities

Portals and KM

It presented new business models, around creating high impact relationships with customers, widening and accelerating innovation opportunities, and streamlining business processes.  I wanted to share a story about micro-work efforts over widely disperse populations that I participated in a few years ago. After hurricane Karina hit my home town of New Orleans many people were out of touch with their family and friends and had no way to know if they survived or where they were.

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X Seminario Compartim – Las Organizaciones en la Epoca de la Participacion y las Redes Sociales por Luis Suarez


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Community management: The 'essential' capability of successful Enterprise 2.0 efforts | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

John Tropea - Delicious Community

practitioners So a couple of weeks ago I reached out to my good friend Susan Scrupski , a maven of all things social computing in the enterprise and — not coincidentally — founder of The 2.0 Mgr, KM and Enterprise Social Software Strategy, CSC There were also more general statements of affirmation like: I can’t imagine a success story without some manner of engagement/governance/particpation.

McAfee’s Hypothesis and The Adventures of Molly Discovering Social Software


Like my good friend David Gurteen would say Molly would be that knowledge worker that " continually strives to understand the world about her and modify her work practices and behaviors to better meet her personal and organizational objectives.

2014, The Year That Was


It’s that kind of a rather personal podcasting episode where plenty of the nuggets I talked about may not well be known, if only, but a few rather close friends. My Way Podcast is “ committed to telling people’s stories ” and I guess that’s just what we did: narrate my story.

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A Complex Predicament: How Our Energy, Economic and Ecological Systems are Connected (repost)

How to Save the World

I believe the key to doing that – to understanding what we are facing and what is possible – is through the use of story. The Great Migration, and beyond it the new and smaller role of our species aboard Spaceship Earth, is our new human story.

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Links of the Month: January 29, 2015

How to Save the World

T he enormous cognitive dissonance between our growing awareness of our civilization’s accelerating collapse, and the ‘news’ in the media and the subjects of most public discourse, continues to baffle me. Fortunately, at least one record of his story remains.

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The Trials and Tribulations of an Independent Freelancer – The Path to Self-Discovery


A very good friend of mine once told me (right after I was moving on from my former employer) that when she moved on from her previous working experience, it took her a few months to readjust to the new reality. Why leave it behind for good when I can use it extensively to help other businesses accelerate their own digital transformation through embarking on that so-called social business journey?

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Why you should come to an Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

This is my home based offering, which I have been doing for nearly ten years with friends Tenneson Woolf, Teresa Posakony and Caitlin Frost, and lately with our new colleague Amanda Fenton. My buddy Tenneson deep in a Rivendell World Cafe.

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Justin Bieber, Social Networks and How Numbers Can Lie | Digital Tonto

John Tropea - Delicious Network

The Justin Bieber Story I’ve been living outside of the US since 1997, when Pearl Jam was still cool. He says he feels like he won the lotto, but actually his story is far less likely than that. Technologies like the Web and Social Media accelerate the process.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

The E-Friends software allows members to connect to people in their personal networks and community, creating a new online interactive resource that is based on a trusted network of friends and associates on the internet.&#

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Links of the Quarter: September 2017

How to Save the World

As Michael Greger explains (37 minute mark of video), when doctors explain their appreciation of this connection their story almost invariably starts with “I had a patient…” Learn to self-manage your health, starting with finding the diet that works for you. (Be

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Green Chameleon » Obituary: David Eusebius Vaine, 1959-2009

Green Chameleon

In private remarks to friends, Dr Vaine had also expressed some despondency about the moribund state of KM in general and the lack of vitality and interest in KM conferences in particular.

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Links of the Quarter: May 28, 2015

How to Save the World

This can only continue with the assumption of perpetual and accelerating growth, and the assumption that interest rates can be kept far below real inflation rates through the complicity of banks, governments, corporations, media and regulators, indefinitely.

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The Power Of Pull: Joi Ito And Yossi Vardi Have Pull, And So Can You (Book Excerpt)

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

One of us has a friend from childhood named Jonathan Smith. Then to Milan for a public debate with a distinguished lawyer who’d recently called him a “pirate” in an Italian newspaper—and who will be a friend by the time Joi leaves town two days later for Tokyo.

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Now isn’t the Time

How to Save the World

That unfortunate consequence has produced the accelerating sixth great extinction of life on Earth.

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See No Evil: The Morality of Collapse (repost)

How to Save the World

Others will argue that the 1% don’t have nearly the power that is commonly presumed, and certainly not enough that their conversion or demise can prevent the juggernaut of industrial civilization from its acceleration off the collapse cliff.

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Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Are podcasts inferior to text?

Ken Carroll

Podcasts also allow for sound effects, stories, guesswork, cognitive depth, humor, and more. Why not concentrate on figuring out how one can accelerate and amplify the other instead of looking at this as an either or proposition? I fully expect to establish a friendly discussion with her.) You’re fun and friendly and intelligent and right there in my ear when I’m taking the bus to the university in the morning.

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Links of the Month: October 23, 2014

How to Save the World

Leaving the Planet Gracefully: Robert Jensen writes about a friend who knew exactly what was happening to our world, and what is likely to happen, and lived a calm, conscious, purposeful, exemplary life despite his knowledge. Thanks to my friend Don Marshall for the link.

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Why We Cannot Save the World

How to Save the World

The challenges we face are overwhelming, and they’ve been accelerating in size and complexity for millennia. And with growth our resources will run out faster and climate change will accelerate, precipitating both energy and ecological collapse globally.

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Seed Salon: Albert-Laszlo Barabasi + James Fowler § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM

John Tropea - Delicious Network

So if we asked them, “Who are your friends?&# You say to your friends, “I gave money to the Obama campaign.&# I’m sure that as we read the tea leaves, we’re going to find that social networks were a big part of the story. Now he’s a friend.