Accelerating the Business Digitization Processes - McKinsey

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McKinsey recently issued a useful report - Accelerating the digitization of business processes. They go on to add that, “To meet these high customer expectations, companies must accelerate the digitization of their business processes.

Twitter's Golden Egg

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It’s a shift that started with websites, accelerated with blogs, and has reached a 140-character fevered pitch on Twitter. Twitter has been particularly adept at designing the service to give information networkers what they want most – and that’s more influence.

Openness or How Do You Design for the Loss of Control? | Blog | design mind

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business / technology / design Magazine Articles Video Audio Blogs Events Subscribe frog design | about | contact | privacy policy | terms of use Elektroniker Tim Leberecht Digital lifestyle at the intersection of attention, beauty, productivity, and the social web. Openness or How Do You Design for the Loss of Control? conference: “Design for the loss of control.” If you design ways out of the system, they might as well serve as ways into the system.

The FASTForward Blog " More on War as the accelerant for Social Software: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

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More on War as the accelerant for Social Software by Rob Paterson November 29, 2007 at 7:44 am · Filed under 2.0 War has been the agency that accelerates the development of key new technology. The big money is all based in an advertising model. Business Model 2.0

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Lessons on the hard job of designing communities in the organization | Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

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Links for this week (weekly) Links for this week (weekly) Lessons on the hard job of designing communities in the organization Jun 14 2011 Share Tweet Summary : If communities have a real value for organizations, there are still few certainties about their positioning and management.

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F-Suites for C-Suites: 4 Futures Thinking Toolkits To Help C-Suite Leaders Thrive in a World of Change « emergent by design

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emergent by design. Imagine your mind as a construct – a series of models, assumptions, biases, values, beliefs, memories, past hurts and joys, experiences, expectations, and blind spots. It’s easy to get trapped in our most comfortable assumptions and models.

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Core Principles for the New Economy: Human Agency & Enlightened Self-Interest « emergent by design

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emergent by design. The problem with the kinds of ad hoc, project-based, one off relationships Boyd described is that they leave the individual isolated without a safety net, and thus leave the project-based model of p2p collaboration open to cooptation (as free agents become a precariat) by capitalist business firms. 93+ Superhero Schools, Collaboratories, Incubators, Accelerators & Hubs for Social & Tech Innovation. What is Design Thinking, Really?

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IBM SJ 46-4 | A model for CIO-led innovation

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This new model of innovation has become an important component of the IBM product and service strategy, as it has generated new solutions that have met quick market success. In this paper we describe this model of innovation and illustrate our experience in four case studies. 3 The goal is to accelerate the adoption of internal innovations by providing a proving ground and a means to quantify the business value of innovations.

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An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks « emergent by design

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emergent by design Home who’s the architect? It seems like the wealth of the entire nation is being funneled right to a couple thousand fortunate people, and all of us are still working pretty damn hard to make ends meet, yet ultimately supporting that model. The trends are: Accelerating change Increasing complexity of information Growth of social technology I explained what each of those means in the post, and added some nice graphics too. Enter accelerating change.

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Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Here Comes ItalianPod

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New definitions of mobile learning » Here Comes ItalianPod Harold Jarche writes about how the traditional ‘business model’ of the universities is under pressure. But the business model of the University is as young as ever.

Collaborative Thinking: LiquidTalk - Filling In The Daily Gaps

Collaborative Thinking

Spy » January 31, 2008 LiquidTalk - Filling In The Daily Gaps Intriguing idea but not sure theres a long-term business model here - technically, the barrier to entry seems small (re: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle or some other best of breed vendor). With top performers and subject matter experts able to efficiently, instantly share best practices and insights, your organization will accelerate new hire ramp-up and replicate winning techniques across the organization.

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Visions of Business Ecosystems

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With designer Becky Clarkson , Sechrest developed a one-page visual to describe the Corvallis start-up business ecosystem. Chambers seeded the diagram with Corvallis landmarks, like the Business Enterprise Center (depicted just below Acceleration). Incredible complexity.

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Sonoa ServiceNet Enhances Security, Interoperability, and Performance in Enterprise Cloud Computing

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Sonoa is designed to address these potential road blocks to enterprise cloud computing. You can implement a flexible, access control policy model that can be applied on global operations down to individual users or clients.

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Consumer No More: How the Web Changes Us

Alchemy of Change

The word “medium&# can mean a “material used by an artist or designer to create a work “, or it can mean “the storage and transmission channels or tools used to store and deliver information or data.&#.

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Google Plus – One50, Two50 and TheRest


I actually copied the same model I have been cultivating and nurturing with my Twitter Lists for over the last few months.

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Forrester: Mobile Apps Will Change the IT Market and Drive Software Innovation

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As innovation continues and services vendors help IT pick up the slack, the app Internet will also accelerate the evolution of the enterprise desktop and business applications markets. Second, task-oriented experience will drive modular design. Third, the consumerization of IT will promote a freemium model. Fourth, a range of different revenue models will emerge.

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Boston E 20 Notes: Interview with Cisco’s Raj Gossain

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They are also offering flexible deployment models: With this release, customers will have a choice of deployment models. WebEx Social is designed to support this transformation in how enterprises operate. Hierarchy helps to manage certain business processed but can be a real impediment to the demands of market acceleration and globally engaged work group. Accelerating innovation is where collaboration can really add value.

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Making a rough and ready pattern language as a creativity tool

Chris Corrigan

We are blending an Art of Hosting workshop with content and process from some recent research in neuroscience, epigenetics, and adverse childhood experiences and with wellness and leadership models from our Navajo colleagues with whom we have a ten year relationship.

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Big Lottery funds £1.89 million of citizen journalism. Is that what communities most need?

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The Big Lottery chief executive Peter Wanless was quick to post a long response to Ricahard’s post, saying this sort of grant is exceptional: In a very small number of cases, BIG has judged that there could be a case for a rapid injections of investment into the supporting infrastructure, to sit around the vast bulk of our funding, that could help accelerate and develop people powered change at a local level (our ultimate desire and passion). It’s a professional model.

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KM World Session Notes: KM for the Future

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You need to accelerate innovation. Patrick said that Dave seems to imply the KM is staking claims in other areas such as HR, IT and organizational design. Value networks priced the need flexibility to come beyond the tangible to model role based collaboration.    Patrick said we are moving beyond metrics to modeling. Patrick asked who does the modeling and Verna said it is the people who do they work, not outside experts.

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A Theory of No-Mind

How to Save the World

Because reality is far too staggeringly complex for something as simple as a bodily organ to understand, the brain evolves to invent a drastically simplified but still-useful representation (model) of reality — a dream world.

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Pinning to tell our stories

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Naturally people are hungry for answers to this question, given the accelerated growth Pinterest has seen and it's enviable ability to cultivate attention.

Work Stream #4 – Speaking at Client Events


Online Community Building: ‘ Why should we invest in designing, creating, cultivating and nurturing an online community building programme to help accelerate the adaptation rates around our Enterprise Social Networking platform?

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Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Opening Session

Collaborative Thinking

betted ID management, opening up Domino Directory, new data store (reduce mail file store, attachments, etc), Lotus Protector for e-mail security, Domino Design for Web 2.0 applications, reskin existing applications Demo: Designer improvements, new design elements, etc. Larry Bowden Added accelerators for portal (collaboration, learning, content, etc) Now focusing on industry accelerators (vs.

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Requiem for a Species

How to Save the World

large-scale collapse of human infrastructure not designed for such extreme and frequent weather events. conception of post-civilization all-weather wear by mary mattingly.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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Small World Labs “Small World Labs provides the design, implementation, and hosting services for your online social or professional network.&#

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Thinking about the Big Shift and the Social Enterprise – confused of calcutta

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This accelerates change and intensifies competition, moving the source of economic value of companies from knowledge “stocks” to learning “flows”; static, codified knowledge is replaced by distributed tacit knowledge and collective intelligence, and, more importantly, the ability of the firm to generate new knowledge, to disperse that knowledge, to iterate it and learn from the iterations. Skip to content. confused of calcutta. a blog about information. About me.

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The Power Of Pull: Joi Ito And Yossi Vardi Have Pull, And So Can You (Book Excerpt)

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This small visual design alteration instantly made the integrity of Google’s search results visible and apparent by separating free results from those for which advertisers had paid.

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Enterprise Collaboration Requires Critical New Skills

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Collaboration is a different model. The power of process and command and control mechanisms work well for well-defined, stable environments — but when we're in a time where the pace of change and complexity are constantly accelerating. Collaboration is a different model.

Links of the Quarter: December 2016

How to Save the World

” Our understanding of what was, is a model pieced together by the brain, not something experienced directly. The simplified, artificial model of reality that the brain constructs is attuned to fitness (survival), not to truth.

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Links of the Month: March 21, 2012

How to Save the World

V era over at Leaving Babylon has written an interesting series of articles on the hazards of planning and on permaculture design. Here is what I wrote: It seems to me that it is anthropomorphizing to say that nature ‘designs’ or to say that nature even cares. This works as a model.

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How This Culture Makes Addicts of Us All (and Why That’s OK)

How to Save the World

So, for example, owners of fuel-efficient vehicles tend to drive them proportionally much more than owners of other vehicles, undoing any advantage of improving fuel efficiency in the hope of slowing the acceleration of oil consumption.

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Productivity in a Networked Era – Assessing ROII (Return on Investment in Interaction)

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We are witnessing the death throes of management models that have outlived their usefulness. Intangible assets — a skilled workforce, patents and know-how, software, strong customer relationships, brands, unique organizational designs and processes, and the like — generate most of corporate growth and shareholder value,” wrote NYU Professor Baruch Lev in Harvard Business Review in June 2004. The impacts of collaboration-based knowledge work are accelerating.

Seed Salon: Albert-Laszlo Barabasi + James Fowler § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM

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For a really long time, we’ve thought about individuals as though they were islands — a Robinson Crusoe model of social science. We developed quantum theory, built huge accelerators, went to the Moon.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Community 2.0

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We all know the story about customers gaining more power and how the Internet is enhancing and accelerating this. It is regrettable that people are still pursuing this patently obsolete mental model.

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Community as Curriculum – vol 2. The Guild/Distributed Continuum


It is a comforting model. The model implies that there is a way to know what the answer might be, and that a person (our plastics expert) could have this knowledge, and that the knowledge can then be acquired by a learner. It is a simple model. The promise of the twentieth-century model of knowledge is an empty one today. Most of us have, in spite of ourselves adjusted—at least incrementally—to this transmission-focused military model of education.

Using social software to reinvent the customer relationship | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

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In particular, Social CRM has recently come into its own as a leading model for this transformation. My sense is that Social CRM will be a more predictable, reliable model for applying Web 2.0 to customer relationships using many of the strengths of the community model.

Twelve best practices for online customer communities | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

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Many communities struggle for a while until they catch their stride when they reach the right participants, or offer the right means of engagement such as using a different model such as a social network instead of discussion forums (or vice versa.) Designed for bold living.

Drupal Commons: Interview with Jason Batson of Acquia

Online Community Report

This was holding back Drupal adoption, and I knew we could solve that problem by creating an enterprise subscription support business along the model of RedHat, MySQL, etc. We figured if we did the bulk of the heavy-lifting once, and pulled together all the plug-ins, created the IA, page types, content types, interaction models, etc., You guys know communities, and you have people dedicated to use experience design.

Links of the Month: November 8, 2013

How to Save the World

An example is how greater human numbers lead to greater production of human foods and vice versa, in an accelerating loop that has led to an utterly unsustainable 7.3 I ‘ve just been interviewed by Janaia and Robyn at Peak Moment TV (video will be up soon).

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Giving Up on Environmentalism

How to Save the World

We will ensure that the ever-accelerating demand for energy is fed, one way or another, until it can no longer be.

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On Collaboration – confused of calcutta

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As a result, barriers to entry have fallen away sharply, competition has intensified, the pace of change has accelerated. Experience curves were about the past; they containerised historical experience and explicitness and sought to extract value by repeating that experience in military fashion; and, in consequence, marginal utility diminished over time while marginal costs increased, and a classic diminishing-returns model ensued. Designed to facilitate learning and memory.

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Traction Software, Inc. | Borders, Spaces and Places

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software doesnt support these patterns of collaboration with a user model thats simple and secure youre limited to internal or public collaboration. Six months later, Alan in Marketing is asked why particular approach was chosen in designing the new feature.