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Obama on traditional media and social media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

It wasn’t traditional media in the US that put Barack Obama in office, if I’m not mistaken: Mr. Obama said he noted the trend. Obama on traditional media and social media is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy.

Brandy Agerbeck’s Obama Speach Visual Capture

Nancy White

Brandy was inspired to do a visual capture of Obama’s inaguration speech - something quite different than she normally does. . And as I scribbled notes, I realized that it was critical to quote Obamas words. Clearly in this case there was a sole focus on Obama.

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Photographs from the Obama Inauguration

Portals and KM

Here is a personal set of impressions of the Obama inauguration by Tim Rosa. Here are more Obama inauguration photos from Flickr. Here is the last in a series of posts I did during the campaign, Update from the Obama Answer Center - Web 2.0 The New York Times provided a nice collection of photographs from the inauguration. I taped a lot of the events, as I was unable to attend in person. But this collection of photographs makes a welcomed documentary of the event.

Has Obama failed the leadership test?

Ken Carroll

I think it’s true that Obama didn’t confront (or at least, not effectively) the widespread anxieties about the deficit, the bailouts, the job situation, or deep and prolonged uncertainty in the economy. It seems the US election results are partly a referendum on the President.

Obama is a KM expert

Michelle Laurie

It’s a week after the US elections and I am still impressed by the speech given by Obama on November 5th as well as the campaign that surpassed anyone’s imagination. Obama is no doubt brilliant but what I find so interesting is his use of many tools and tactics we work with in the field of Knowledge Management. In future courses I give on social softwares and their uses, I will definitely focus on how Obama used these tools to have a winning campaign.

Barack Obama’s Lessons For Blogging

Portals and KM

This is actually taken from a post on Obama’s Lesson’s For Marketing by Marktd but I think it applies to blogging, as well. This is especially true for a company’s market facing blog. But since we are all trying to get acceptance for the ideas we blog about, even if we are not selling anything, I feel the coverage goes further.

Collaborative Thinking: YouTube + Digg + Obama = YouBama

Collaborative Thinking

so what if employees where to create a "place" on a corporate intranet and upload user-generated content that they captured (through inexpensive tools) related to some internal strategy, project, idea, etc., and explain why such an

Story Week Monday: How did Obama do?

Engineers without Fears

How did Obama compare with the others? Tags: obama story week Some of you have been asking about Story Week. Well, our team of researchers have been combing the data and here are some initial results.

storytelling (1): obama gets fired up

Engineers without Fears

Barack Obama tells a story. It's told in the first person, Obama (our narrator) is a character in the story. It's also quite a long story (8 mins approx) and it takes place near the end of Obama's speech after he's built up some rapport with the audience.

Vision Makes Policy Collaboration in the Obama Administration

Evolving Web

For the Obama administration, it is transparency, collaboration and participation. The Obama Transparency and Open Government memo defines the benefits as: Transparency: Promotes Accountability Participatory: Improves effectiveness and decision making Collaborative: Engages the general public in public sector work I will add a few outcomes I can see here: Introspection: Government and the public will become less hostile because information and respect is now a currency.

Is Obama’s Puppy (Bo) similiar to Online Community?

Ant's Eyeview Blog

Bo Obama. Puppies are cute and the Obama girls are getting a Portuguese Water Dog, to be named Bo . Tags: Community Development General Community Discussion online communities Bo Obama Obama Online Community Portuguese water dog President Puppy

Obama's use of social media: what can we learn from it?

Joitske Hulsebosch

I have followed the campaigns of Obama and McCain filtered through the Dutch news. But it's a nice opportunity to find out more about how Obama leveraged the social media- I have heard it was a great campaign and his team made good use of the media in general and social media in particular.

Update from the Obama Answer Center - Web 2.0 and US Elections

Portals and KM

I have written about the Obama Answer center before (see Barack Obama's Answer Center - Campaign CRM from RightNow and this update, More on the Obama Campaign's Use of the Web with RightNow ). I made sure that the Obama campaign has approved sharing this information before sharing it. As a discloser, I am a supporter of Barack Obama and have done canvassing for him in my neighboring state of New Hampshire.

What President Obama Teaches Us For Leading Virtually

Leading Virtually

I watched in awe from early this morning as the world got ready for the inauguration of Barack Obama as President. And I was inspired by Obama’s speech–a mixture of the stark reality of our time and determination for a bright future. Obama is an historical president in other aspects, too. Obama’s use of technology offers some insights and lessons to leading virtually, both in teams and organizations.

Week in Review: May 14, 2012

Alchemy of Change

Four mini-posts on: Google's new 'knowledge graph" and the semantic web, the sad story of Flickr (and CarPoint), why Justin Bieber has a higher Klout score than President Obama, and the future of market research. Engagement & Collaboration Permeability & Networks Social Media & Information Technology Stakeholder Ownership and Accountability CarPoint Flickr Google Klout knowledge graph market research semantic web

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Inaugurate: to make a formal beginning

Endless Knots

Tags: Transition Obama Transparency Politics Courage

Mapping the president's org chart: Old post gets new life

Endless Knots

I suppose it's no surprise why this post, written a month after the 2008 election, would be popular right now: "For Pres-elect Obama: Governance Government Jeff Stamps Leadership Obama Office of Financial Stability OrgScope Reorganization TransparencyOther long-time bloggers will recognize the phenom: a post written years ago suddenly gets lots of hits.

Medal of Freedom for the Freedom Fighters 50 years later

Endless Knots

  Next Monday, November 24, the three young men murdered by the KKK in Mississippi on June 21, 1964, will receive the Medal of Freedom from President Obama at The White House. Friends Goodman Family Inspiration Obama

Building Online Support Strategically: Lessons From the Obama Campaign


Last week at the InterAction Forum I had the pleasure of hearing Sam Graham-Felson , former director of blogging for the Obama Campaign talk about their strategy and success. They helped explain Obama's 10 major policy positions by breaking them into Blueprint for Change videos on each one. Admittedly, what made the Obama campaign so so successful was what many organizations don?t

10 Things About Social Media Marketing You Can Learn From Barack Obama

Web Community Forum

L et’s face it, the Obama Presidential campaign was one of the most successful social media marketing efforts in the history of the internet. I can count on my fingers the number of major US companies that understand new media the way the Obama campaign did. Incidentally, how long do you think it will take Firefox to put “Obama&# in their spell-check dictionary?). It also explains why Obama’s web site looks freakishly close to Facebook in design.

Online Strategies for Open-Government / Ideas from the Obama Team


The incoming Obama administration is pledging to use some innovative internet strategies to expand citizen access to government information and processes. A few of the things the Obama technology plan calls for (see the whole plan ), and some of the related examples and opportunities we see, are: Making government data available online in universally accessible formats to allow citizens to make use of that data to comment, derive value, and take action in their own communities.

Obamicon-me: This is fun

Endless Knots

Obama Photography Me Web 2.0So long as I'm having such a me-centered day, how about you? Try it.

Obama continues to bridge the gap between online networking and physical reality

Web Community Forum

I t’s been very cool to see innovative social media strategies emanating from the head of the US government. Looks like that’s not going to stop yet. I just got an e-mail from David Plouffe—and I’m guessing most people who read this blog probably got the same one—talking about a really cool initiative to boost civic engagement that, and here is the key component, utilizes online tools to coordinate offline interactions.

Obama continues to bridge the gap between online networking and physical reality

Web Community Forum

I t’s been very cool to see innovative social media strategies emanating from the head of the US government. Looks like that’s not going to stop yet. I just got an e-mail from David Plouffe—and I’m guessing most people who read this blog probably got the same one—talking about a really cool initiative to boost civic engagement that, and here is the key component, utilizes online tools to coordinate offline interactions.

".so that all our children could fly"

Endless Knots

Jeff Stamps on today: From polarity to complementarity

Endless Knots

Barack Obama becomes the Chief Hierarch today. What is uniquely different about President Barack Hussein Obama is that he is the Chief Complement as well. From the beginning of his quest, Obama has been the voice of complementarity amid the din of dualism.

Reorganizing the Executive Office of the President

Endless Knots

While he has not used the word, President Obama's very first act, even before being sworn in, was to reorganize. President Obama's first appointment was Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff to the President, who now runs the Executive Office.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

US electoral college votes, 2004; 2008 might be even worse It now appears that Barack Obama has enough delegates to win the Democratic Party nomination for this November's election. He will be running against the heir apparent to the

NetAge Report #4: Organizing at the edge of chaos

Endless Knots

In our post yesterday, we pointed out that Obama is "complexifying" government by creating more layers, adding cross-links, and multiplying leadership. " Not surprisingly, Rove has it exactly wrong, calling Obama's reorganization centralizing moves.

No IM for WH Staff?

Endless Knots

Great headline, by the way, Politico for Ben Smith's article: " Obama staff will say cu l8r 2 IM." Here are a few choice paragraphs from Ben Smith's piece: Barack Obama may get to keep his BlackBerry, but David Axelrod is losing his IM. From Axelrod, the chief campaign strategist, down to junior staffers in the press office, Obama's campaign relied heavily on software many of them began using in high school — AOL Instant Messager and Google Chat.

Kamensky: "Using czars and commissions to govern"

Endless Knots

Tags: Transition Obama Government Economy

Reorganization fever at the White House

Endless Knots

" The Baker piece and those that we're adding here are not just about the Obama administration but also point to valuable insights for any organization facing redesign themselves in uncertain times, meaning now. Mr. Obama concluded that new high-powered figures are needed to force change but they pose a delicate management challenge." Tags: Transition Complexity Obama Government Leadership Reorganization Collaboration

The day after: Who's responsible for what?

Endless Knots

Tags: OrgScope Obama Transparency Government Networks and Networking

Green Chameleon » An Open Enterprise Directive?

Green Chameleon

Just over a month ago, Barack Obama's Office of Management and Budget issued an Open Government Directive by Presidential order. The principles of this directive are pretty interesting from a knowledge management point of view

Accounting for trillions through OMB

Endless Knots

When President Obama receives his first report on "open government" this coming May, we're wondering what it will include. Obama's early and deep interest is indicated by his co-authorship of the “Google for Government” law. This bipartisan Coburn-Obama Bill, officially the “Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006,” directed OMB to create a searchable database of almost $3 trillion (in 2007 dollars) in federal grants.

Bailout plan fails to instill trust

Endless Knots

The Obama plan needs to restore trust for private investors, for the American public, and for a Congress that will be asked to come up with billions and probably trillions more before this is over. Tags: Obama Transparency Government Leadership Economy Office of Financial Stability Where is the new thinking? With all due respect, I (Jeff speaking) don't think Tim Geithner gets it.

Why Barack won't break our hearts

Endless Knots

Tags: Transition Obama Government Politics Courage Collaboration

Green Chameleon » Concession

Green Chameleon

A very generous concession speech from John McCain just now, asking his supporters to reach out and work with President-Elect Barack Obama to reach common ground and fix America's problems. Hope indeed

Financial Services and Social Media The Australian

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

WHEN the Twitter account of Associated Press was hacked last week, a single tweet was sent out: “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.” If your financial services/advisor is not using social media, sack them. The Cost of Inaction is too high.

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An Ant’s Eye Point-of-View: Tips for Brands on Facebook Timeline

Ant's Eyeview Blog

A few examples: Barack Obama Page – Uses humor for the president’s birth controversy. By now, most community managers, agencies and brand managers know that Facebook will make big changes to the way brand pages work and how fans interact with brands. It includes major changes to visual identity with timeline as the centerpiece of content. There are even major changes to the admin panel.

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