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Forrester on Enterprise Search Trends

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Here is a new report on 2011 enterprise search trends from Forrester, Enterprise Search: Six Key Trends to Watch by Leslie Owens with Stephen Powers and Anjali Yakkundi. The report indicates that despite the fact that only 10% of IT leaders will upgrade or expand their information access implementations this year, search experts are optimistic about their ability to deliver search solutions that are both usable and useful. What is the source of optimism? 

Forrester's Five Stages of Social Media Maturity

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Forrester has released a new report,  Accelerating Your Social Maturity: How To Move From Social Experimentation To Business Transformation. Forrester estimates that 20% of companies are currently not using any social media. Forrester writes that only a few companies, such as Zappos, have even just entered this stage but they expect many more to follow over the course of the next year.

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Forrester on Enterprise Content Management Suites, Q4 2011

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Forrester has release their report, The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management Suites, Q4 2011 , by Alan Weintraub with Stephen Powers and Anjali Yakkundi. Forrester uses 66-criteria to evaluate enterprise content management (ECM) vendors. Forrester now divides ECM products into four types: foundational, business, transactional, and persuasive.

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Forrester's Leslie Owens Covers Enterprise Search

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Last month I attended Forrester's Content & Collaboration Forum 2011. She spoke at this event the next day and here are my session notes ( Forrester's Leslie Owens on Harnessing the Voice of the Employee ).  (Leslie’s expertise includes: enterprise search, semantic tools, information classification, and taxonomies and I have covered her work before (see for example, Forrester on Enterprise Search Trends ).

Forrester: Enterprise Search is Maturing and Becoming More Social

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Forrester has provided an interesting new report, Enterprise Search: Six Key Trends to Watch by Leslie Owens with Stephen Powers and Anjali Yakkundi, and social is more positive here. Yesterday I wrote about social search and the Web. Enterprise search used to be difficult and often unproductive. Now knowledge workers expect role-specific, contextual search everywhere they work and this is becoming more possible.

Forrester Groundswell 2011 Awards: AT&T – Proving the ROI of Social Media for Customer Service

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To vote for AT&T: Proving the ROI of Social Media for Customer Service, here’s a link to our official submission on the Forrester Groundswell Awards site. AEV Blog AT&T Customer Support forrester groundswell Social Media for Customer Service

Forrester Covers Top 15 Enterprise Technology Trends for 2011 To 2013

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Forrester has released its research on top technology trends for enterprises to watch from 2011-2013 and I was pleased to get a review copy. Gene Leganza led the excellent research. As he wrote in the summary, “For this year’s list of top trends, we’ve used the same criteria — impact, newness, and complexity — but we’ve modified the categories, merged related topics, added five new trends, and updated all the entries with this year’s perspective.”

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Global Tech Spending on the Rise According to Forrester

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According to a new forecast from Forrester , global tech spending will rise 7.1 trillion, according to new forecast data from Forrester. There is much more detail in the 38 page report which is available at the Forrester site. This is good news. percent in 2011 to $1.7 Analyst Andrew Bartels writes that while the 2011 global tech market will be similar to the 7.2

USAA hearing member’s “authentic voice”

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Additionally, Tom and USAA are the subject of recent Forrester case study: USAA Uses Social Media to Drive Sales, Product and Service Strategies. Tags: AEV Blog Bazaarvoice financial services Forrester ratings&reviews USAA Disclosure: I am a USAA member (customer).

My Notes: Forrester Forrester's Content & Collaboration Forum 2011

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Last week I attended Forrester's Content & Collaboration Forum 2011 and was pleased, but not surprised, to find it to be a great event. Forrester notes that in five years, almost half of US workers, about 63 million people, will be working virtually. Forrester's Leslie Owens on Harnessing the Voice of the Employee. Forrester on Benchmarking Your Mobile Readiness.

Forrester on Real-Time Collaboration

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Forrester's Ted Schadier, with Matthew Brown and Sara Burnes, adds to the discussion on why enterprise collaboration tool use will grow in his report, Distributed Teams Need Real-Time Collaboration Tools. He summaries the report as follows, "To get work done, distributed and B2B teams need real-time collaboration tools that replicate the power and experience of face-to-face meetings and support "pervasive" interactions. Fortunately, real-time tools are getting better.

Forrester on Enterprise 2.0 for KM Professionals

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Forrester recently sent me a review copy of their 30 page report - Forrester TechRadar™ For I&KM Pros: Enterprise Web 2.0 - Wikis And Social Networks Are Ready To Deliver High Value To Your Enterprise, Q4 2008 by Gil Yehuda with Kyle McNabb, G. The major areas of focus and conclusions are similar to Forrester TechRadar For Vendor Strategists: Enterprise Web 2.0 - How Product Strategists Should Approach A Maturing Web 2.0

Forrester’s Guidance to CIOs on Establishing Social Media Policy

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I recently received a review copy of the Forrester report, The CIO’s Guide to Establishing a Social Media Policy.   While Forrester’s Nigel Fenwick does explicitly take a position on this, his report does not use the words “best practices” or any similar term. As part of the effort, Forrester conducted a survey of social media users. At the same time Forrester found that if a policy is in place, employees will read it.

Forrester on Using Social Computing To Boost IT Productivity

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Forrester’s Nigel Fenwick presents a nice twist to this view by offering research on how social computing can boost IT productivity.   The Forrester reports backs this up as 92% percent of IT employees cite social media as helpful in getting answers to their questions, and 85% reported that social media is helpful for letting others know how they can help them. IT is sometimes portrayed as the bad guy or the obstacle in the enterprise 2.0

Forrester's Bernoff and Schadler Provide Prescriptions for Empowered Employees

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The new book, Empowered, by Forrester’s Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler , provides a path for companies to response to the newly empowered customers who operate in the Web 2.0 world and to take advantage of the opportunities this transformation offers. The sub title is: “unleash your employees, energize your customers, and transform your business.” That is the proper sequence although your employees need to first listen to their customers as an initial step.

Forrester's Top 15 Technology Trends for Enterprise Architects

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Forrester’s Alex Cullen recently released, The Top 15 Technology Trends EA Should Watch and they were nice to share with me. The summary states, “Forrester has identified 15 technologies with the greatest potential for business impact, and we’ve grouped these technologies into five themes: social computing for enterprises, process-centric information, restructured IT service platforms, Agile applications, and mobile as the new desktop.

Forrester: MS Office Still Strong in the Enterprise

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CIO Magazine reported that Forrester recently released new research that indicates that despite the advent of heaper alternatives to Microsoft Office , Office remains strong. The Forrester results found that nearly 92 percent are supporting either Office 2007 or Office 2003 or earlier. It continues to mostly shut the alternatives out of the enterprises despite reduced budgets and a struggling economy.

Forrester Says Firms to Increase Marketing Investment in Blogs

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ReadWriteWeb recently covered a Forrester report, Despite The Recession, More Than 50% Of Marketers Will Pursue Social Applications , by Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester. Here is more good news for business blogs. Jeremiah surveyed 145 global interactive marketers in both B2B and B2C companies with more than 250 employees on their social media marketing plans.

Forrester Wave Report: The Leaders in Community Platforms for Marketers (Part 4/4)

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Fortunately, the Forrester Wave reports are designed to segment crowded industries. To validate product and vendor qualifications, Forrester also conducted reference calls with up to three of each vendor’s current customers for a total of up to 27 customer calls.

More from Forrester on the Future of Enterprise 2.0 Technologies

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I recently received a review copy of Forrester TechRadar For Vendor Strategists: Enterprise Web 2.0 - How Product Strategists Should Approach A Maturing Web 2.0 One of the most interesting parts was a chart that conveyed the current status and predicted success for the Forrester 11. In fairness to the Forrester group, they did say that some tools such as microblogging will make it as a feature rather than as a standalone tool.

Forrester’s Online Community Best Practices | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

very very inviting and collegial site. martin. thanks

Forrester Discusses Barriers to Intranet Use and Suggestions to Get Better

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Forrester recently released a report on What’s Holding Back Your Intranet? They found that 93% of employee respondents said they use an intranet or company portal (Forrester uses the terms interchangeably) at least weekly, and more than half reported daily use. In fact, Forrester reports, “Most enterprises at least try to offer usable online experiences to their prospects and customers — but continue to inflict user-hostile internal systems upon their employees.”

My Reviews of the Collaboration Platforms on the Recent Forrester Wave™

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The Q3 2009 Forrester Wave™: Collaboration Platforms by Rob Koplowitz is out. MindTouch, the only open source option in this Forrester Wave, landed as a Strong Performer. It found that “Microsoft and IBM Lotus led the pack based on the breadth of functionality in their offerings. Novell edged into the Leaders’ quadrant with its Teaming product. Open Text represented a strong option, particularly for current Open Text ECM Suite customers.

Forrester put someone else's money where their mouth is

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It slipped my attention that Forrester are saying the US corporate social software market is worth $300M and is set to increase 5-fold over the next 5 years - remaining equally split between internal & external applications. market sizing forrester e2.0Points of interest: - $300 million is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. But given the prevalence of open-source software in this area, is it worthwhile comparing spending on web 2.0

Enterprise Social Software Will be Pervasive by 2016 - Perhaps

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The Forrester report, Social Enterprise Apps Redefine Collaboration , predicts that enterprise social software twill become a $6.4 Juan Carlos Perez provides a nice summary of the Forrester report.  He notes that according to Forrester, will grow strongly in the coming years, surpassing the demand for more traditional communications and collaboration products, The latter point is an interesting one.  First, there is a major assumption in the Forrester statement.

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How Big is the Cloud?

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billion in 2011 to more than $241 billion in 2020, according to new Forrester forecast data reported in Sizing The Cloud by Stefan Ried, Ph.D. Based on Forrester’s cloud market taxonomy, this new report outlines the different market dynamics for the three core layers of cloud computing - the public cloud, the virtual private cloud, and the private cloud. You can find it at t he Forrester site.  The global cloud computing market will grow from $40.7

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My App Gap Posts for August 2011

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Forrester on Mobile Collaboration Providers. Here are my AppGap posts for August. The AppGap posts began toward the end of January 2008.    Here, I am primarily doing product commentaries with a few other things thrown in. Below are the ones for August. There will be more in September. Endeca Moves Beyond Deterministic BI Reporting. Interact Provides Robust Intranet 2.0. The Social Marketing Funnel – A Review. The Rise of Tablets in the Enterprise.

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Virtual Teams spreading but not tipping yet - new research

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The latest report (September 2011) on Virtual Teams, Virtual Work Environments in the Post-Recession Era , from Brandman University , includes very interesting results of a survey commissioned from Forrester in 2010 on Virtual Teams. Virtual Teams

My Fast Forward Posts for August 2011

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Forrester on Designing Mobile Apps. Here is the monthly listing of my Fast Forward blog posts. I find it helps me with an archive and hopefully is also useful to you. There is a separate category for these summaries in my right side column on this blog. This isi the last month for the FastForward blog. I have greatly enjoyed the past four plus years writing for it. We are looking into ways to archive the content.    Does Twitter Slide Between Text and Speech?

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The Evolution of Site Search

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Now 40% of content and collaboration professionals see the feature primarily as a tool to improve customer self-service, according to a new Forrester report, Site Search Evolves from Technical Feature to Customer Touchpoint , by Leslie Owens with Stephen Powers and Anjali Yakkundi. Forrester sees site search as a key area for investment. You can see the report at the Forrester site. Site search is becoming more than a means to increase website traffic.

Designing for Mobile Collaboration

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Mobile collaboration is an increasingly important topic as two-thirds of the information workforce already work remotely, according to Forrester data. The new Forrester Wave™: Mobile Collaboration, Q3 2011 by Ted Schadler for Content & Collaboration Professionals offers some useful advice on how mobile collaboration requires a new app approach. Forrester notes that your most productive employees m now use four devices to get work done.

Forrester’s Social Technographics Shows Decline in Online Social (and Forum) Activity in 2010

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Jackie Rousseau-Anderson of Forrester has a run down of the 2010 update of their Social Technographics data. In short, they poll U.S. conumers based on their online social activity and then place them into categories. These categories are: Creators: Publish a blog, publish your own web pages, upload video you created, upload audio/music you created and/or [.].

Aligning Collaboration with Business Processes

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Forrester recently issued a new report, The State Of Collaboration Software Implementations: 2011 by TJ Keitt with Matthew Brown and Joseph Dang. Forrester report author TJ Keitt offered this explanation.

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Full Circle Associates " Forrester's Online Community Best Practices

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One Response to “Forrester’s Online Community Best Practices&# # martin on 27 Sep 2008 at 4:02 am Very very inviting and collegial site.

Measuring Economic Impact of Using Cloud-Based Services: Google Apps

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In May 2010, Google commissioned Forrester to examine the total economic impact and expected return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by switching from legacy email and productivity solutions to Google Apps. This post picks up on the theme from yesterday's post.

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My Favorite Tweets for December 1 – 15 2011

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Social networking's salad days are ending, Forrester says [link]. RT @GautamGhosh : RT @amcafee : @Forrester sez #e20 #socbiz to be $6.4 Here is another in a series of posts that provide access to my favorite tweets that contain links to useful information.    Some of these I did to link to things I found useful and others are RTs that I want to save for the same reason.

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The Connectbeam Social Computing Blog: Forrester Reports that Corporate Social Networks will Augment Strategic HR Strategies

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This has been a theme at Connectbeam and we are pleased to see these conclusions from Forrester. It is nice to see Forrester continue to cover enterprise 2.0

IBF on How ConocoPhillips Saved Hundreds of Millions Through Knowledge Sharing

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I am honored to be invited to serve as a guest commenter on the ConocoPhillips story and offer a broader perspective on knowledge sharing, I was very pleased to do this as I heard Dan at the Forrester’s Content & Collaboration Forum last September and had a chance to talk with him at a break. The International Benchmarking Forum (IBF) Live on March 6 at 11AM EST will feature Dan Ranta, Director of Knowledge Sharing (KS) at ConocoPhillips.

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What is the Value of a Tweet or Facebook Fan?

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

is industry avg, Forrester]. 4) $132 = average value of ecommerce sale (Forrester). What is the value of a Facebook Like? What is the $$ figure for a Facebook Fan? What is a Twitter Follower worth? What is the value of a Tweet or reTweet?

Is the CIOs More Important Than CEOs in Driving Business Transformation?

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Forrester recently concluded that the CIO was more important. As we read this news, we should keep in mind that Forrester is a primarily a technology analyst firm whose major buyers are CIOs and those in their staff.

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