The Future of Work by 2020


And here we are, still in 2013, and already thinking about what the workplace of the future would be like by 2020. “ So what will “work” look like in 2020 for you? IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Open Business Personal KM

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IBM’s Smart Work Global Jam – Towards the Smarter Enterprise


What will work look like in 2020? General Interest IBM In the News Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing

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Notes from INV301 IBM's Social Business Strategy

Michael Sampson - Currents

At Lotusphere 2012, Douglas Heintzman (Director of Strategy, IBM Collaboration Solutions) and Andrew Warzecha (VP of Strategy, IBM Solutions Group) are presenting on IBM's social business strategy. Here's my notes: - Will be talking about some of the thinking within IBM about the forces that are changing the marketplace, and what IBM should do to help customers succeed. IBM is already working to give insight into the optimal way to staff and form teams.

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IBM’s Smart Work Jam Under Way Already – Are You Jamming?


in order to be able to participate in a number of really cool things that will be happening throughout inside and outside IBM. Smart Work 2020 (Exploring the future of work) " Not bad for a provocative , and engaging!, Goodness!

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Social Business, Where Do You Stand?


Think of it, seriously, picture yourself into 2020, or 2030 even, do you still think you will have a job in your current company without realising the social business dream ? IBM Innovation Knowledge Tools Social Enterprise

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Meet Your New CEO – Your Kid


I surely hope so, because if there is anything that I have learned throughout the years interacting with those younger generations, both inside and outside of IBM, is that they are not going to wait.

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Notes on Wednesday's Keynote at Lotusphere 2012 - The Future of Social Technology

Michael Sampson - Currents

Speaker 2 - Manoj Saxena, GM IBM Watson Group. - Watson was a collection of different technologies from across the IBM portfolio - eg., Customers are calling IBM and seeking possibilities for applying Watson. - IBM is also working with WellPoint and CS to work on beating cancer. -. cloud delivery - $41 billion today, growing to $241 billion by 2020. The session has three individual sessions, then a panel discussion of the three speakers.

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