Facebook at Work?

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” If we accept those findings at face value for now – there are other studies to consider too that will have to be left for another day – the question is whether the above effects and recommendations apply to social media-like tools at work – such as Workplace by Facebook, Slack, and Yammer, among many others. This is not to say that enterprise social networks are without their share of drawbacks.

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Open web, newcomers and community tools


Could you share which tools and practices do you use to grow trust, communicate and prepare for actions in small scale groups? Being social Changing workplaceOver last years I made many attempts to return to blogging, but couldn’t quite get the feeling of how it was before. That feeling of belonging. To the idea space. To the tribe of people connected by the intricate network of invisible stories and traces of digital artefacts.

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Where We Are Now: More on the Culture of Fear

How to Save the World

How can we account for such seemingly suboptimal behaviour, which abandons the principles of love, collective sharing and nurturing basic needs, and seems instead driven almost exclusively by the stress and fear that overpopulation and extreme scarcity can easily provoke?

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Wikinomics» Blog Archive » Is your Organization Talent Ready?

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