What is the point of it all?

Jenny Connected

Her absence has been a presence’ It was also sad to hear him talk about being afraid of death. I subscribe to Aeon digital magazine – an online magazine of ideas, philosophy and culture.

2019 139

Listening to and Learning from the ‘Other’

Jenny Connected

The presence of the Other calls me to service and responsibility. For a few months now I have been struggling to understand the idea of the ‘Other’, i.e. the capitalised Other. Why is it that so many people write about it and make such a big thing of it?

2019 155

Why it’s hard to talk about dialogic containers in English

Chris Corrigan

In Nuu-Chah-Nulth, the word “ tsawalk ” meaning “oneness” really is a word that points to the presence of a texture in a container that helps us see the connection between things (people, animals, land…) and the relationship between the spiritual and physical world. On the Art of Hosting list today there has been a very interesting conversation about some of the Japanese words that are used to describe space and container.

2019 52

Growing ideas and PKMastery workshop


Technologies and the specifics of dynamics around them do change, but in essence a lot of networking, sense-making and reputation management via presence and activity traces is the same. When I stopped working the most difficult part was to leave that space where ideas are grown and to leave seeds of new insights to be there without helping them to grow.

2019 89

Capacity building and scaling a participatory approach

Chris Corrigan

By “Art of Hosting” Monica means the four fold practice , which is the basic framework for leadership that gives our community a coherent centre of practice, around presence, participation, hosting others, and co-creation.

2019 68