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Tool of the month: interactive video

Joitske Hulsebosch

Hence it gives more room for engagement and personalization. Then from 19 euros / month Difficulty: * Basic layer: from YouTube, Vimeo, JWPlayer or Kaltura but also Media site, Blue Billywig and own upload Hosting: Your video remains hosted at the location of the base layer.

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My personal year of learning about evaluation

Chris Corrigan

More than that, I had many experiences of evaluation being used as a weapon of power to exert control over the way projects were unfolding. For a number of years I have been studying and learning about evaluation.

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Capacity building and scaling a participatory approach

Chris Corrigan

On the Art of Hosting email list last month, there was an inquiry posted by Monica Nissén asking about scaling the Art of Hosting as a leadership practice through levels of engagement. And no one person or team can do it alone.

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A decade of living and learning, hosting and harvesting

Chris Corrigan

As summer begins to close here on the west coast of Canada, I’m starting to head back to work, digging into to 20 or so projects that will unfold in the next nine months, which will take me across Canada, the US, Hawaii, Estonia, Denmark and Australia. Since then, I have facilitated literally hundreds of gatherings from two person retreats to international conferences using a variety of participatory methodologies.