Open University Innovating Pedagogy Report, 2019

Jenny Connected

2019). Innovating Pedagogy 2019: Open University Innovation Report 7. The aim is to support learning through inquiry and dialogue. Ferguson, R., Coughlan, T., Egelandsdal, K., Gaved, M., Herodotou, C., Hillaire, G., Jones, D., Jowers, I., Kukulska-Hulme, A., McAndrew, P.,

2019 153

The Value and Limits of Intuition

Jenny Connected

Bias is the action of supporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way, because of allowing personal opinions to influence judgement. Pattern recognition is an important element in becoming an expert.

2019 178

Links of the Quarter: June 2019

How to Save the World

Radical activist groups, usually quick to criticize new movements as naive, seem to be begrudgingly supportive. The Art of Colourizing Old Photos: See how the experts do it , step-by-step instructions to DIY , and how colourizing can fool you.

2019 58

Mapping the social innovation ecosystems around public libraries together: the Czech connection(s)

Making CommunitySense

Because of my relevant expertise, I was asked to participate as an external expert in the CIDES project. Public libraries are cornerstones of civil society.

2019 207

The Wisdom in the No: A New Approach to Conflict

Partnering Resources

Says Rick Maurer , expert on organizational change and resistance, there aren’t “resistors out there just waiting to ruin our otherwise perfect intervention. Perhaps it’s unpopular to talk about being overworked in the organization; the culture supports burnout.

2019 130

Collaboration is the Hallmark of Community

How to Save the World

We were, including Brian, Alison and the others who contributed to making this happen, a substantially self-organized group, participating and supporting each other for no other reason than because it gave us joy.

2019 78

The Value of Community Ecosystems

Online Community Strategy

The focus of the community was to support customer onboarding and product usage. In my opinion, ground zero for community analytics has historically been measuring the value of knowledge generated in online communities, particularly in the context of customer support.

2019 46

A decade of living and learning, hosting and harvesting

Chris Corrigan

I have mostly survived by holding questions, opening myself to learning, and reminding myself that I don’t have to be the expert all the time. I have met and worked with literally tens of thousands of people over the past ten years and as I sit here and picture many of them, I feel immense gratitude for their patience, trust, support and deep friendship.