Open University Innovating Pedagogy Report, 2019

Jenny Connected

2019). Innovating Pedagogy 2019: Open University Innovation Report 7. In the Introduction the authors group these into: Pedagogies which have a long history, have proved to be powerful and engaging, and are now being developed further. Ferguson, R., Coughlan, T., Egelandsdal, K.,

2019 153

The Value and Limits of Intuition

Jenny Connected

Pattern recognition is an important element in becoming an expert. The right hemisphere is better at regulating and inhibiting emotion as well as engaging with emotion. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

2019 178

“But what if our people dominate?”

Chris Corrigan

Sometimes this takes the form of a leader wanting to engage employees. I get that, and I honour it, but truthfully the best way to do engagement is to, well, engage. It’s entirely possible to design engagement to maximize what you want and minimize what you don;t want all the while not create. If you are facing a truly sticky issue and you have no answers, getting as many people as possible fully engaged in exploring it is critical.

2019 61