Links of the Quarter: June 2019

How to Save the World

The Art of Colourizing Old Photos: See how the experts do it , step-by-step instructions to DIY , and how colourizing can fool you. Did the Last Climate Emergency Create Bipedal Humans?:

2019 58

Mapping the social innovation ecosystems around public libraries together: the Czech connection(s)

Making CommunitySense

Because of my relevant expertise, I was asked to participate as an external expert in the CIDES project. We then all together tried to make sense of the emerging bigger picture in the concluding plenary discussion. Public libraries are cornerstones of civil society.

2019 207

Collaboration is the Hallmark of Community

How to Save the World

We have been collaborative creatures, as much as we have been social creatures, since our prehistoric emergence on this planet. The etymology of director and conductor is substantially about ‘keeping straight’, not about giving expert instruction.

2019 78

“But what about naysayers?”

Chris Corrigan

Complicated problems (knowable problems and predictable solutions, but only with expert help and analysis). There maybe different ways to do and experts may not agree, but they can give you a plan and show you in advance how their solution is a good one. To hire an expert, give them constraints to work with (money, time, and materials) and ask for a proposal. Perhaps I need to curate a series of posts called “The Whatabout Chronicles.”

2019 61