Publishing in open access journals

Jenny Connected

They can only know how many time the article has been clicked on or downloaded. My experience suggests that extending a paper’s reach depends at least in part on whether or not the paper can be openly accessed.

2019 177

Meet Beau, a reflection chatbot

Joitske Hulsebosch

Or download Meet Beau the reflection chatbot Curious about the chatbot design process? I have learned and read a lot about the design process, including experiences and got training with IBM Watson. Working in a small group to design a blended training I felt very annoyed. I had the feeling we were investing too much energy in defining the goals and was worried that the team was not going in the right direction.

2019 122

From the feed

Chris Corrigan

It downloads and it captures. It’s about entertaining the possibility that you may be wrong and being open to learning from the experience of others. Five links that caught my eye over the holiday. New Power: How it’s Changing the 21st Century and Why you need to Know.

2019 58