Two kinds of knowing

Jenny Connected

He tells us that both the right and left hemispheres of the brain are involved in almost everything we do, but they are each involved differently. This means that they are both involved in ‘knowing’ but have different perspectives on knowing.

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Links of the Quarter: March 2019

How to Save the World

Speaking Shetlandic: Let your ear accustom itself to Scottish poet laureate Christine De Luca’s conversation and it will teach you much about language in general. in a thousand different ways; picked up the grammar of polemic. dialect in language –. is baith languages.

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Differences are real; divisiveness is a choice

Chris Corrigan

It was a timely gathering for 70 people from government, civil society, and social enterprise to come and learn how to work with differences. In Canada’s only bilingual province, language is a massive difference between people, and New Brunswick has a multitude of language cultures.

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Meet Beau, a reflection chatbot

Joitske Hulsebosch

It gave me a different insight: that I have to think more about the role of goals in a certain process and to communicate more clearly about this. Beau was tested by 51 people and these are the results Our conclusions: Most people are positive about the use of Beau, the tone and the language used in the conversation. We see different possibilities to use a chatbot for reflection. Working in a small group to design a blended training I felt very annoyed.

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Engaged Customer definitions: Super Users, Influencers, Advocates

Community Guy

Language matters. . Each one of these terms define a very different type of Engaged Customer, so it’s important not to use them interchangeably. And while there’s a great many similarities, especially in some of the methods of reward, the two function very differently. . Definitions are important. We know that all community have stratifications amongst their members. Some members are very active, some very passive…a plenty of shades in between.

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The Value of Community Ecosystems

Online Community Strategy

A version of this post appeared on LinkedIn in February of 2019. I’ve worked with some form of community my entire career.

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The politics of translation and the role of staff in Sudbury schools


So I asked about existing translations of terminology and got into a chat with Russian-speaking people doing a lot of translations of SDE materials and putting those ideas into practice locally in different forms. One thing that makes it easier for me it’s triangulation between the languages. Differences Between Self-Directed and Progressive Education by Peter Grey.

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Stuck, (un)schooling and social, writing


differences between Russian and Dutch educational environments and their implications for homeschooling. I’m a bit lost in which language and where to write about that thinking: I don’t like FB for it, have no idea where to put a text in Russian here and my Russian LJ blog is well, a journal where I enjoy a small secluded space. Also because I do not know how to do so in all three languages that I use on FB and to all those communities that I can reach via FB.

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