What did Socrates ever do for us?

Jenny Connected

Jesus said: “What will a man gain by winning the whole world, at the cost of his true self?” ‘What did the Greeks ever do for us?’

2019 139

The death and the expensive rebirth of Flickr

Community Guy

And if they ever can get that moment in time back, it’s going to cost Yahoo an arm and a leg. My name is Jake and I am.er… was a Flickr fanboy. . I can’t remember exactly when I uploaded my first photo to Flickr, but it was in its early days.

2019 116

My personal year of learning about evaluation

Chris Corrigan

And it’s costly and frustrating for people in small organizations to feel like your strategic vision is always subservient to the evaluation framework. For a number of years I have been studying and learning about evaluation.

2019 75

The Value of Community Ecosystems

Online Community Strategy

When most Executives think about customer communities, there is an unfortunate tendency to view them as “cost saving” vs “value producing”. A version of this post appeared on LinkedIn in February of 2019. I’ve worked with some form of community my entire career.

2019 46

Capacity building and scaling a participatory approach

Chris Corrigan

It is costly, politically, emotionally and materially, and it is not easy work. On the Art of Hosting email list last month, there was an inquiry posted by Monica Nissén asking about scaling the Art of Hosting as a leadership practice through levels of engagement.

2019 68

Helping kids learning to move around confidently


This helps to teach the kids to watch the costs and balance on the card and to learn the logistics of adding money to it. Once they start using public transport on a regular basis we look for abonements that help to reduce the costs. One that I like the most is a possibility for automatic bank transfers to the kids accounts for the reccuring costs and getting me out of the loop when the only thing that is actually needed from me is a payment on the spot.

2019 89

BlueJeans Huddle

Michael Sampson - Currents

BlueJeans Network announced the introduction of BlueJeans Huddle, a new way of setting up meeting rooms for video conferencing: The BlueJeans Huddle system is a combination of standard hardware and BlueJeans proprietary software that can turn any room into an interactive meeting space for a fraction of the cost of legacy in-room systems.

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