Mapping the social innovation ecosystems around public libraries together: the Czech connection(s)

Making CommunitySense

A Czech connection: the CIDES project. Because of my relevant expertise, I was asked to participate as an external expert in the CIDES project. More Czech connections: mapping public library social innovation ecosystems together.

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The Value and Limits of Intuition

Jenny Connected

It is in the final two stages that intuition comes into play and the learner can see patterns and can make connections between different aspects of the work. Pattern recognition is an important element in becoming an expert.

2019 178

The Wisdom in the No: A New Approach to Conflict

Partnering Resources

Working across differences might just be one of the most important skills humans can learn in our intensely connected, globalized world. Says Rick Maurer , expert on organizational change and resistance, there aren’t “resistors out there just waiting to ruin our otherwise perfect intervention.

2019 130

The Value of Community Ecosystems

Online Community Strategy

Several thoughtful methods have been formalized and documented by platform vendors and industry experts. A version of this post appeared on LinkedIn in February of 2019. I’ve worked with some form of community my entire career.

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“But what if our people dominate?”

Chris Corrigan

Inviting a group into these practices helps them focus on each other as as potential experts. Beyond that, truly open questions make it easy to encourage people to listen to one another and they de-centre expertise, meaning that the group itself can truly become the experts. It could also mean that time, space, power, connections, and many other resources can be put at the behest of the group to move to action.

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