Mapping the social innovation ecosystems around public libraries together: the Czech connection(s)

Making CommunitySense

A Czech connection: the CIDES project. As we are using the same mapping language for all library maps, it also becomes easier to do cross-case analysis, integrate maps, and even see connections at the national level. Public libraries are cornerstones of civil society.

2019 207

Tinkering with the system won’t help reinvent the purpose of education

Jenny Connected

The arts are not only important because of creativity; through the arts we can express deep issues of cultural value, the fabric of our relationship with other people, and connections with the world around us.

2019 208

The Meaning of Depth and Breadth in Education

Jenny Connected

In Times Higher Education (March 7, 2019) Anna McKie asks: In a rapidly changing world, is a broader approach to the university curriculum needed to develop the critical thinking and creativity increasingly sought after by employers.

2019 174

The Meaning of ‘Flow’ in Education

Jenny Connected

McGilchrist suggests that seeing the world as in a state of flow, is to understand it as ‘ live, complex, embodied’, a ‘world of individual, always unique beings, forever in flux, a net of interdependencies, forming and reforming wholes, a world with which we are deeply connected’ (p.30).

2019 193

Two kinds of knowing

Jenny Connected

In the one, that of the right hemisphere, we experience the live, complex, embodied world of individual, unique, beings, forever in flux, a net of interdependencies, forming and reforming wholes, a world with which we are deeply connected.

2019 155

What is the point of it all?

Jenny Connected

At the age of 97 this is a new experience, which connects him to life. I subscribe to Aeon digital magazine – an online magazine of ideas, philosophy and culture. A recent video bearing the title ‘An ageing philosopher returns to the essential question: ‘What is the point of it all?’

2019 139

Attending to the invisible ‘Other’

Jenny Connected

Does the invisible actually connect the nodes in some way? Kochi Biennale 2019. Attention is how we relate to the world and what we attend to determines what we see.

2019 148

The death and the expensive rebirth of Flickr

Community Guy

Flickr was a marvel of social sharing, collaboration, and connection. My name is Jake and I… was a Flickr fanboy. . I can’t remember exactly when I uploaded my first photo to Flickr, but it was in its early days.

2019 116

Engaged Customer definitions: Super Users, Influencers, Advocates

Community Guy

They are Engaged Customers, not unlike Super Users, but their activity is driven more by a desire to share their feedback on product usage experiences, than on social connection to like minded fans of a product/brand/service/idea. . Definitions are important. Language matters. . We know that all community have stratifications amongst their members. Some members are very active, some very passive…a plenty of shades in between.

2019 89

Walking away from facebook

Chris Corrigan

It took time and effort to do it, but you could build a life, connect with others, find community in far flung corners of the globe, and make a contribution. . All the while, someone other than you is getting rich every time you connect to a friend.

2019 93

Planning in pure dialogue

Chris Corrigan

The program has built collaboration, trust, and connection between the Ministry of Children and Family Development, indigenous communities and organizations and people working in the social services sector.

2019 74

My personal year of learning about evaluation

Chris Corrigan

I’ve connected with Art of Hosting practitioners like Rita Fierro (with whom I’m developing a course) and Nancy Fritsche-Eagan who are really curious about how to do deep participatory facilitation work in the service of good evaluation.

2019 75


How to Save the World

If this is a glimpse, it is not my first, though this one seemed to connect me, through those suddenly recalled memories, to past glimpses.

2019 63

Why it’s hard to talk about dialogic containers in English

Chris Corrigan

In Diné there is a word – “ k’e ” – which describes the quality of connection between an individual and their clan and family that is critical for survival and sustainability. In Nuu-Chah-Nulth, the word “ tsawalk ” meaning “oneness” really is a word that points to the presence of a texture in a container that helps us see the connection between things (people, animals, land…) and the relationship between the spiritual and physical world.

2019 52

Open web, newcomers and community tools


To the tribe of people connected by the intricate network of invisible stories and traces of digital artefacts. I am still far from getting all the routines needed for connectivity in place, but it is a question of time. The human network has evolved, but it is there, I am part of it and activating dormant connections is way easier than building up from scratch.

2019 89

“But what if our people dominate?”

Chris Corrigan

It could also mean that time, space, power, connections, and many other resources can be put at the behest of the group to move to action. Over the years I’ve noticed a trend in consultative facilitations that goes something like this: a client calls wanting to consult with the community about something. Sometimes this takes the form of a leader wanting to engage employees.

2019 61

Growing ideas and PKMastery workshop


Changing the world, also through art, was a particularly interesting discussion, since it touched on “start from yourself” point, where I’ve learned a lot in the last years, and on creating attractors for convening, which connects to my interests in creating spaces where interaction emerges. When I stopped working the most difficult part was to leave that space where ideas are grown and to leave seeds of new insights to be there without helping them to grow.

2019 89

The Value of Community Ecosystems

Online Community Strategy

As we enter into an increasingly digital & connected era, future-state communities will be key locations where tangible value is co-created and exchanged between companies and customers. A version of this post appeared on LinkedIn in February of 2019.

2019 46

The politics of translation and the role of staff in Sudbury schools


While discussing the choices for a Russian translation different arguments were put forward: Enabling strong connection with an international audience by using an English term literally or choosing the one in Russian that is most likely to be translated back into English as staff , so there is no “lost in translation” discrepancies. At the end all of those come to two issues: audience to connect to and the message to convey with the translation.

2019 89

Capacity building and scaling a participatory approach

Chris Corrigan

Beautiful workshop experiences are only useful for systems change if they are connected to power. On the Art of Hosting email list last month, there was an inquiry posted by Monica Nissén asking about scaling the Art of Hosting as a leadership practice through levels of engagement.

2019 68

Helping kids learning to move around confidently


A phone gives not only an opportunity to coordinate for unxpected, but also gives some reassurance of feeling connected to home that some kids need to dare to do things without having us around. Being able to move around without an adult is part of growing up. As the kids grow, their space also grows, from house and garden, to familiar spaces and parks, and then to the town, the country and the world.

2019 89

Stuck, (un)schooling and social, writing


And in the middle of it comes Walking away from facebook post by Chris Corrigan, which makes me thinking once again ( comment ): I am sitting on the fence with this one for a very long time – I hardly post anything meanigful on my own FB, but contribute to group discussions and those do matter for building connections and getting somewhere with conversations. I was trying to write some end-of-the-year posts, but everything that I’d like to summarise changes very fast.

2019 89

From the feed

Chris Corrigan

I am fascinated by the connection between how we learn in complex systems and how we strategize in complexity. Five links that caught my eye over the holiday. New Power: How it’s Changing the 21st Century and Why you need to Know.

2019 56

Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Michael Sampson - Currents

– the Hub 2 will be tested with selected commercial customers this year, and will be available for purchase in 2019. It will be interesting to see pricing come 2019. Microsoft announced the Surface Hub 2 today (May 15, US time).

2018 116

BlueJeans Huddle

Michael Sampson - Currents

Currently an average of eight to 15 minutes of every video meeting is wasted getting participants connected. Group video conferencing usage throughout the enterprise will increase 400 percent by 2019, with huddle rooms showing particular momentum, already doubling in market share since 2015, according to leading research firm Gartner.

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