Open University Innovating Pedagogy Report, 2019

Jenny Connected

2019). Innovating Pedagogy 2019: Open University Innovation Report 7. Pedagogies that provide ways of addressing challenges. Pedagogies that provide ways of addressing challenges. Linear ways of thinking are challenged, and uncertainty is embraced through practice.

2019 155

The Meaning of ‘Flow’ in Education

Jenny Connected

There is a balance between challenge and skills. The challenge for educators is how to reconcile the need to fix and test within a flow mindset.

2019 193

Using personas in design of online and blended learning

Joitske Hulsebosch

Why I believe in the power of personas The main design challenge is to make sure your design suits the needs and practices of the participants. Why would you work with personas when designing online or blended learning? In this blog I will share my enthusiasm about working with personas.

2019 130

Visiting Kolkata with a Wheelchair User

Jenny Connected

Visiting Kolkata with a wheelchair user is a challenge and certainly not for the faint-hearted. You can see them here – Kolkata, 2019. Hand-pulled rickshaws are being phased out, but there is little sign that facilities for wheelchair users are being phased in.

2019 130

Walking away from facebook

Chris Corrigan

And I wonder half-heartedly why I never get stuff from in my news feed that challenges my biases and my ideas. . Through my “fake” twitter account, I am meeting conservatives that are also opposed to these far right echo chambers, and I am having my own ideas challenged.

2019 93

Collaboration is the Hallmark of Community

How to Save the World

I ‘ve spent many hours over the past four months rehearsing for a choir performance, a benefit for our local food bank. The world premiere concert was last night and played to a sold-out crowd, and it was a huge success for the works’ composer, my friend Brian Hoover.

2019 63

Teams, communities and networks: a case of our homeschooling group


The challenge that we are facing now is about creating a network of families with enough autonomy to go on with their individual educational trajectories and social life, while at the same time with enough overlap to do projects in different constillation of members on a regular basis.

2019 116

My personal year of learning about evaluation

Chris Corrigan

While were out there trying to create new things, innovate and respond to novel challenges, build relationships and community, and experiment and fail, evaluation loomed over us like a dark spectre, scolding us for being flakey or demanding that we be more grown up and more responsible.

2019 75

“But what if our people dominate?”

Chris Corrigan

So the challenge is to mitigate them. The trickiest challenges we face aren’t solved by listening quietly to someone else in the hopes that they will provide you the answer you are looking for. Over the years I’ve noticed a trend in consultative facilitations that goes something like this: a client calls wanting to consult with the community about something. Sometimes this takes the form of a leader wanting to engage employees.

2019 61

“But what about naysayers?”

Chris Corrigan

Disagreement between experts can help you solve the problem better, but don’t pretend you know enough to challenge an expert. Perhaps I need to curate a series of posts called “The Whatabout Chronicles.” ” When I’m teaching participatory leadership or sharing complexity tools, folks who are wedded to traditional linear mind and tool sets often raise objections. “Complexity would be nice, but we haven’t got the time.

2019 55

From the feed

Chris Corrigan

A solid challenge to the ubiquitous application of design thinking to solve complex problems. . Yet, design-thinking approaches, adopted with much fanfare to deal with the challenge, have offered formulaic and rigid solutions. Five links that caught my eye over the holiday.

2019 56

Senior Social Media Professional Training – August 2018

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

This 3 Day Social Media course is a mix of lecture, group challenges and computer based exercises (bring your own laptop or use ours). Will be run again in 2019 when I clear the backlog of client social media strategy contracts and inhouse corporate workshops and conference thingies.

2018 130

Wikinomics» Blog Archive » Is your Organization Talent Ready?

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Microsoft’s Vision for 2019 The Boss fuels lawsuit against Ticket Master Profiling the powers that be on the un-facebook Aerosmith makes more money on Guitar Hero game than any individual album. These changes are challenging people to behave in different ways. No way to conduct ad-hoc external benchmarking, obtain external views, or flexible attract the best of breeds for specific challenges.