Visiting Kolkata with a Wheelchair User

Jenny Connected

Not surprisingly the lithium dry cell battery for this attachment caused great concern, despite the fact that we have a certificate showing that it is safe to travel with. You can see them here – Kolkata, 2019.

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A New Model for Transition?

How to Save the World

Population is the denominator in the equation, but it is not the only cause of overshoot, and not the only thing we must reign in to reduce it. I t’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog about a real ‘aha!’ ’ moment. Thanks to Kate Raworth, I just had one.

2019 77

Walking away from facebook

Chris Corrigan

Much of what you see confirms what you know and it is designed to activate your brain in a way that causes you to share information and pass it on, deepening confirmation bias, and spreading rumours and lies.

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Even Simpler and More Hopeless Than That

How to Save the World

image from youtube video by .

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It’s Not That

How to Save the World

we are not the cause of anything. image from pixabay/pexels CC0. it’s not that we’re ungrateful or unappreciative —. we’ve just forgotten; the veil of our selves prevents us from ever seeing, from remembering this.

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