Tinkering with the system won’t help reinvent the purpose of education

Jenny Connected

I am recently retired, so a bit out of the loop, but from my perspective not a lot has changed between 2006 and 2019, in the sense that education has not been ‘reinvented’ – notably there hasn’t been, at government and policy-making level, a change in philosophy.

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The Meaning of Depth and Breadth in Education

Jenny Connected

In Times Higher Education (March 7, 2019) Anna McKie asks: In a rapidly changing world, is a broader approach to the university curriculum needed to develop the critical thinking and creativity increasingly sought after by employers.

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Using personas in design of online and blended learning

Joitske Hulsebosch

Designing jointly with the target group versus working with personas An alternative to working with personas is inviting the target group to participate in your design process. Why would you work with personas when designing online or blended learning?

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Attending to the invisible ‘Other’

Jenny Connected

I’m not sure how this can be achieved, other than to be aware that there is probably an alternative perspective and there may be things I am missing. Kochi Biennale 2019. Attention is how we relate to the world and what we attend to determines what we see.

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Tool of the month: do-it-yourself animation videos

Joitske Hulsebosch

An alternative is to work with drawings. Anyone can now create an animation video using handy do-it-yourself tools. In this blog you will find a number of tools and tips to start with. In every Ennuonline course there is someone who proudly shows a self-made animation video.

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How to Save the World

Like everyone, I am merely a reaction, with no control over what is apparently happening or how I apparently respond; on an endless roller-coaster alternatively laughing, and (uselessly gripping tightly) cringing in fear.

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Open web, newcomers and community tools


As much as I would love to leave it, there are reasons not to , at least as long as there are no alternatives. Over last years I made many attempts to return to blogging, but couldn’t quite get the feeling of how it was before. That feeling of belonging. To the idea space. To the tribe of people connected by the intricate network of invisible stories and traces of digital artefacts.

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From the feed

Chris Corrigan

One illustration is in the ideal of the scientific method, where a scientist actively works against her own hypothesis, attempting to rule out any other alternative explanations for a phenomenon before settling on a conclusion. Five links that caught my eye over the holiday.

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