Ten Reasons to Keep Writing

Jenny Connected

Joanne Harris’s ten tweets response would probably be of interest to anyone who writes in any capacity, including a blogger like myself. TenReasonsToKeepWriting 3:35pm · 26 Oct 2018. One of the people I enjoy following on Twitter is the author Joanne Harris.

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Truth in a Post-Truth Age

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In the first podcast we were told that an analysis of Trump’s tweets have shown that he misleads the public 7.6 Could a tweet act like an aphorism? Last week BBC Radio 4 broadcast a series of 15 minute podcasts over five days on the topic of Truth.

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Access to E-Learning 3.0 and the Distributed Web

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He has tweeted: Downes @Downes. stephen@downes.ca , Nov 25, 2018. Stephen Downes has once again written an excellent summary for the work we did last week on open educational resources. Friday’s #el30 newsletter is now available. el30.mooc.ca/archive/18/11_…

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The Quantified, Qualified and Connected Self

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Like Geoff Cain (see his tweet below), I am happier with two or three in depth interactions and I am even happier if these happen in private rather than public. This week the topic on the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC has been Identity.

2018 148

Computing on R

Learning Alliances

You can observe a lot just by gathering tweets. Wanting to add detail, I downloaded Tweets with the rstudioconf hashtag. When I looked at all the rstudioconf Tweets I had downloaded, I found many gems that had URLs in them and had been retweeted 10 times or more.

2018 169

Curbing Crap From Your Mental Diet

Evolving Web

Use the posts as primary sources, let people know where you got your information, don’t just recklessly tweet, but listen to the last Republican president we had. It takes 72 hours to fix your feed. Your Facebook feed feeds your brain.

2018 173

You can use Twitter to get new ideas to do your work in a better way

Joitske Hulsebosch

I may hence miss Tweets from the people in my network, therefore I use Hootsuite to be able to follow my warmer networks via lists. Would you like to show off at work with great ideas?

2018 151

Social Media Strategist Jobs: Twitter Sydney Australia

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

We’re looking for a skilled editorial manager to lead the Tokyo and Sydney Moments teams, which are responsible for identifying the best Tweets, photos, and videos around the biggest real-world events and high-profile opportunities for English-speaking and Japanese-speaking markets. I used to do “social media job of the week” but haven’t for years. Anywhos. Want to work for Twitter? Head of Curation, APAC (Tokyo & Sydney) .

2018 109

More Human Moments from Microsoft

Michael Sampson - Currents

At 1.13pm Texas time on September 4, the @Office365Status twitter account posted this update : When I look through the responses to the tweet, I see the following: disagreement, uncertainty, and perplexity.

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Publishing in open access journals

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And, yes, sharing the article on social media (as we did when it was first published on Feb 28 2018 ) may well increase the article’s reach. In 2018, this blog post was clicked on 4,070 times.

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